Third Party Verifications & Awards
Web Host Magazine
Web Host Magazine (Excellent Enterprise Hosting Solutions an Editors' Choice Award)
Host Department is commented as a marriage of customer service, quality hardware, and feature-rich plans for both Web developers and Resellers alike. Utilizing both FreeBSD and Windows based operating systems; Host Department offers multiple Web Hosting solutions to accommodate even the pickiest of Web Developers.
Web Hosting Stuff
Web Hosting Stuff (#1 Verified Gold Member and 99,99% Server Uptime Monitored)
Host Department has earned the highest rating for good and affordable web hosting services from Web Hosting Stuff. Host Department is a verified member of The Hosting Code of Ethics™ Program which promotes service excellence by adopting strict best practices in Web Hosting Stuff business conduct.
Web Hosting Herald
Web Hosting Herald (#1 Reviewed Web Host)
Host Department has been reviewed as the #1 web host by the panel of editors at The Web Hosting Herald, the online publication for web hosting users.
The American Red Cross
The American Red Cross (American Red Cross - Active Donator)
We are proudly to be an active donator for the American Red Cross. We are donating the first month of service of every new customers that signs up for our services on a daily basis. We also list our daily donations to the American Red Cross on our Corporate Social Responsibility page.
American Registry of Internet Numbers
American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN - member)
Being a member of ARIN means we are a provider which already has our own assigned network address space directly from ARIN. We are not using a third party IP Address Space, we operate our own. We take every single abuse report very seriously.
GeoTrust True Business ID
GeoTrust True Business ID (GeoTrust - member)
Being a member of the GeoTrust True Business ID, you can rest assure that you are doing business with a respectable company whose identity has been well verified by a well known security company - GeoTrust.
PayPal Verified US Business Merchant
PayPal Verified US Business Merchant (PayPal - member)
Host Department LLC has been a verified business merchant for more than four years. We have processed tens of thousands of payments worth millions of dollars from thousands of verified and non-verified PayPal members and users. You can rest assure that we are doing best business practices through PayPal.
Official COMODO Partner
Official COMODO Partner (COMODO - partner)
We are an official COMODO partner authorized to resell their 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates to process secured web pages over the internet. Host Department also has its own branded SSL from COMODO under the brand of HDSSL.
Safe Shopping Network
Safe Shopping Network (SSN - member)
Safe Shopping Network is an independent organization who verifies online businesses safety of doing online transactions. They have tested and verified our secured ordering system and how we store sensitive information on our facilities. They rate our safety 100 out of 100.
Positive Software Corporation, Psoft
Positive Software Corporation, Psoft (Psoft - Authorized Distributor)
Host Department LLC is one of the authorized distributors of the H-Sphere system, a web hosting automation system developed by Psoft, a COMODO company.
FindMyHosting.Com (FMH - Hosting Assured Member)
Host Department is constantly monitored by a respectable web hosting watch dog, Hosting Assured. Through Hosting Assured, we are constantly being reminded of the smallest flaws we made towards our customers. We are rated #1 by Hosting Assured with over than 650 "true and honest" customer testimonials (positive and negative). Being watched over by Hosting Assured, we can not afford to have our service level compromised by even a single unsatisfied customer. Click the logo on the left to view our current ratings and testimonials at Hosting Assured.
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Web hosting Geeks different than any other host services review website out there. Since 2004, they strive to become the most trusted source delivering all hosting reviews, both positive and negative. They helped millions of customers to find the best website hosting solutions for their need. They take global leadership by collecting 10250 user reviews up to date.