What is the meaning of Catch-All Mailbox, what does it do ?

Meaning of Catch-All Mailbox:

A catch-all mailbox allows you to receive email sent to your domain that might be misaddressed or misspelled (for example, bob@ instead of robert@yourdomain.com). Any email messages addresses to a non-existent @yourdomain.com email address will be sent to the catchall inbox rather than “bouncing” or being returned to the sender.


What are Catch-all Emails?

The Catch-all email functionality has been created largely for facilitating users’ access to a certain mailbox. If activated for a certain mailbox on a domain, the Catch-all option allows for that mailbox to catch all email messages sent to non-existing addresses that contain the domain name in their syntax.

For example, if you set up your mailbox me@my-best-domain.net to be a catch-all one, then any email sent to wrongemail@my-best-domain.net i.e. any mailbox that has not been created for this domain, will be forwarded to me@my-best-domain.net.

Why Catch-all Emails?

Setting up a catch-all option for a mailbox on your domain name has one main advantage. It will help you minimize the amount of lost email messages due to misspelled recipient email addresses. Thus, if a friend of yours, or a colleague, or a customer mistypes your email address he/she will not receive the frustrating Undeliverable or User Unknown messages. Instead, their emails will be forwarded straight to the catch-all mailbox, saving senders’ time in trying to figure out what was the correct email, which might eventually make them give up sending the message.

Catch-all Emails Benefits

There have been some discussions over the usefulness of the catch-all email service lately. The pessimistically disposed users state that catch-all emails are a double-edged sword feature. In their opinion a catch-all email can do as much harm as good to users. They think this option can be used by spammers to make users think that a malicious email they receive is sent from a reputable company.