What is the difference between Domain Validated SSL and Organization validated SSL?

SSL securedSSL certificates are basically divided in to three types which is, domain validated certificates, organization validated and extended validated certificates. SSL certificates are issued after thorough verification of your ownership.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate:

To obtain domain validated SSL certificate you have to prove your domain ownership to the certificate authority. They will send email to one of the generic email address like: webmaster@yourdomain.com, admin@yourdomain.com or to the administrator’s email address through who is. If the applicant can able to receive the email and approve it then authority will issue the certificate. Domain validated certificate will have no information about applicant’s company.

Organization Validated SSL Certificate:

To obtain organization validated SSL certificate, applicant has to prove ownership of company as well as domain. Applicant has to prove the proprietorship of your registered business. After verification certificates will be issued.


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