What is VPS hosting ?

VPS Hosting is very affordable for the customers who doesn’t want to go for Shared Hosting. Customers who doesn’t want the server hosting resources to be shared with other websites and cannot afford the dedicated server costs, would go with VPS service. VPS hosting service is provided on Virtualization‎ environment almost similar to that of dedicated server, where in customers would be provided with container access with specific Operating System installed. Using this service, customers can manage the domain name and associated services on his own. Resources allocated with VPS hosting service would be specifically used by the domains/applications hosted on the VPS container provided. Customers can install any applications/software as per his requirement. So, VPS hosting service gives dedicated server features at very affordable price.

We offer VPS hosting service on Windows and Linux environment. With Windows VPS hosting you can get Windows 2008 server OS installed. With Linux VPS hosting, you can opt for operating systems like CentOS, Ubutu, Fedora.

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