WildCard Certificates

What is Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Wildcard SSL certificates will help you in protecting your main domain along with multiple sub domains. Wildcard certificates are a best fit for the people who have multiple sub-domains on their website. For example:  It protects both  yourdomain.com and *.yourdomain.com as well. You can purchase Cheap Wildcard SSL certificates from us, we provide world class support on all of our Read more

Can I secure subdomains also with a single SSL Certificate?

Yes, you can secure all your sub domains along with your primary domain by purchasing the Wildcard type SSL certificates. To secure multiple sub-domains with single certificate you have to purchase any one of the following certificates: 1) Comodo’s PositiveSSL Wildcard 2) Comodo’s EssentialSSL Wildcard 3) Comodo’s PremiumSSL Wildcard 4) Geotrust’s RapidSSL Wildcard 5) Geotrust’s True BusinessID Wildcard The above certificates Read more