Control Panel

What is cPanel Control Panel?

  cPanel is one of the best Linux based Hosting Control Panel using which you can easily manage the hosting services like of adding domains, adding email address, managing backups, etc. One can easily understand the features/options available and can supervise the required tasks very well. With cPanel, one can always throw the opportunity of receiving updated versions of more Read more

How to access File Manager from cPanel ?

1) Once you log into Control Panel (cPanel), check for “Files” Section. 2) Within that section, you can find “File Manager”. Please click on it. 3) Select “Document Root for:” option and from drop down menu, select the domain name to which you want to login. 4) If you want to view hidden files like “.htaccess”, check the box next Read more

Can I access cPanel Control Panel directly?

Yes, you can access the Control Panel directly. For example say your domain name is “”. You can access cPanel using: Note: The above URL would work only if you have updated the following name servers for your domain:

How to manage plan groups in H-Sphere? – Reseller Guide – Host Department

H-sphere allows you to group plans together (It is important to remember plan groups are based on  there server configuration.In other words do not group Unix plans with windows plans ).This tutorial will help reseller customers to manage plan groups in H-sphere control panel with some easy steps After watching this video please don’t forget rate the video.