Comodo SSL

What is Extended Validation(EV) certificates?

Extended validation SSL certificate is the highest level of SSL certificate, it turns the browser address bar in to green, it is widely considered that it helps in improving trust and more sales. This certificate can only be issued after several level of verifications, certificates issued by a CA (Certificate Authority) under the EV guidelines are not structurally different from Read more

What is the difference between Domain Validated SSL and Organization validated SSL?

SSL certificates are basically divided in to three types which is, domain validated certificates, organization validated and extended validated certificates. SSL certificates are issued after thorough verification of your ownership. Domain Validated SSL Certificate: To obtain domain validated SSL certificate you have to prove your domain ownership to the certificate authority. They will send email to one of the generic Read more

Difference between Comodo PositiveSSL and Comodo EssentialSSL?

Comodo is a popular SSL certificates provider firm, both PositiveSSL and EssentialSSL are provided by  COMODO. The difference between PositiveSSL and EssentialSSL certificates are provided site seals (A free graphical image which can be placed anywhere on your site to show your visitors that your site is secure). Also EssentialSSL has a special chain which is recognized by most of Read more