SMTP Authentication for Outlook 2007

The below instructions provided are to be assumed that you have already setup the email account and you are not able to send the email.

1.Open Ms Outlook 2007.

2. From the Tools menu select Account Settings. The Account Settings box will appears.

3. Verify that the E-mail tab is selected. Your email account appears, For Instance [email protected]

4. Click on the account to highlight the same, and then  click on the Change icon above it. The Internet E-mail Settings appear.

5.Under the Server Information section, in the box marked Outgoing mail server (SMTP) change the entry to it isn’t already set to this

6. Click the button More Settings… in the lower right-hand corner. The Internet Email Settings box appears.

7. Click on the tab Outgoing Server.

8. Click the tick box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”, and verify that the circle-box “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” is selected.

8b. (optional) You may also want to ensure you are using a secure connection. Click on the “Advanced” tab. Next to outgoing server, change the SMTP port number from “25” to “587” .

9. Click OK to close the Internet Email Settings box.

10. IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the “Test Account setting…” button to test the settings. This will fail.

11. Click the Finish button to close the Internet E-mail Settings box. Click the Close button to close the Account Settings box. SMTP authentication has now been enabled.

12.Restart Outlook 2007

13.Now send email and it must work.