How to set Email Forwarding for all email for a domain from cPanel ?

In cPanel, you can set email forwarding for individual email addresses and also for entire domain email address. Here are the steps to set email forwarding for all email address for a domain:

1) Log into cPanel at:

Note: Replace with the Primary Domain added on your account.


2) Once logged in, you can find “Forwarders” icon under “Mails” tab. Click on that icon to get into Forwarders section.

set email forwarders using cpanel

3) Click on “Add Domain Forwarder” button.

add domain forwarder using cpanel

4) From the drop down menu, select the domain name for which you want to set the email forwarding for all the email addresses associated with that domain.

5) Enter the Forward To email address under “to” section.

domain forwarder using cpanel control panel

6) Click on “Add Domain Forwarder” button.