What to Choose – Linux or Windows Hosting?

Linuh hosting and windows hosting plansTo sign up for the hosting service, we need to identity the platform that would be compatible with our website. Also, we need to understand the hosting platforms that are offered and the difference between both.
We do support hosting on Linux and Windows platforms. So, the next question would be either go with Linux or Windows Hosting.
Linux and Windows are different Operating systems. Based on your requirements like development/programming language used for the designing the website, database; you can choose the platform that is compatible for your website.

Linux Hosting

Mostly, customers who use PHP and any web applications designed using PHP would go for Linux. Also, MySQL database is used by Linux based accounts. If you want to use the applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento as such, then Linux platform is best Preferable.

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Windows Hosting

If your requirement is like ASP, ASP.net, ColdFusion then you need to opt for Windows Platform. Also, Windows based accounts support MSSQL / Access database.

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