How to Setup SSL Certificate from Host Department?

Host Department is one of the cheapest SSL certificates provider in the industry, it is very easy to setup your SSL certificate from Host Department, please follow the below instructions in order to setup your SSL certificate to your domain…

Setup SSL Certificate:

1) Select SSL certificate of your choice and add it to the cart, then go ahead with the purchase process normally, please make sure that you enter correct contact information during the setup.

2) Once you finished the order, you will receive an email about the SSL configuration, there is a link available in the email, which will take you to the SSL configuration page.

3) Now you need CSR (Certificate Signing Request) code to get your certificate, to get the CSR code, please follow this instructions.

4) Once you got the CSR code, open the configuration link in the email and paste it in the CSR code filed. Please see the below screenshot..

SSL Certificate Configuration

5) After that you will find “Administrative Contact Details”. make sure that you provide absolutely correct information, because failing to provide correct information may result in to certificate cancellation, also make sure that these contact details are permanent, because you can’t change them once the certificate is issued.

6) Now click on “Click to Continue” button,

7) In the next step, it will ask you to verify one of the website associated email ID. Please refer the below screenshot..

SSL Confirm Email Setup

As you seen in the above screenshot, you need select any one of the emails listed there to which you will get a verification code. If there is no such email box exists, then please create a new one.

8) After selecting the email, just click on continue..

9) Now, immediately it will take you to the “SSL Certificate validation” page, where you have need to enter the verification you received from the Step 7&8. Please refer the below screenshot.

SSL Certificate Validation Process

10) Paste the validation code provided in the email and if it is correct, then you will be redirected to a validation successful page. Please refer the below screenshot..

SSL Validation Successful

11) After getting the successful message like above, you will receive an email with your new SSL certificate files setup and ready also a zip file contains a code to setup the Siteseal. Just provide this certificate file to the support by creating a ticket (in case if you are not a HD hosting customer, please contact your hosting support in this regard) and attach your certificate file, so our support people can install the certificate for you.

You are done. You have successfully setup up your SSL certificate. The above process is almostĀ  similar for other providers too, in case if you find any difficulties in setting up your SSL certificate, please contact our Support.


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