How to add “A” records using the DNS Manager?


Learn how to add “A” records using DNS manager,  a simple way to add “A” records using our Control Panel. Follow the below procedure to implement it for yourself..

Steps to Add “A” records under DNS Manager:

1) Click on Domains Icon.

how to add A record 1

2)Click on the domain to which you would like to add “A” record.

how to create a record 2.1

3) click on dns configuration button.

how to add a record 2

4)Delete the current A  record to add the new record.

how to add a record 3


5)Click on add dns A  Record.

how to add a record 4


5)Enter the domain name as * and enter the Ip address and click on submit.

how to add A record 5


You have successfully added “A” record.