Getting Started

How to add “A” records using the DNS Manager?

Learn how to add “A” records using DNS manager,  a simple way to add “A” records using our Control Panel. Follow the below procedure to implement it for yourself.. Steps to Add “A” records under DNS Manager: 1) Click on Domains Icon. 2)Click on the domain to which you would like to add “A” record. 3) click on dns configuration button. Read more


What is Reseller Hosting ?

Web Hosting providers provide different types of hosting services and reseller hosting is one of those. It is mostly for those who want to get into hosting business without major investment or setup. With reseller hosting, account holder resells the allocated disk space, bandwidth and features to his clients by creating multiple plans with own pricing. Host Department offers the Read more

What is VPS hosting ?

VPS Hosting is very affordable for the customers who doesn’t want to go for Shared Hosting. Customers who doesn’t want the server hosting resources to be shared with other websites and cannot afford the dedicated server costs, would go with VPS service. VPS hosting service is provided on Virtualization‎ environment almost similar to that of dedicated server, where in customers would Read more

What is Database Hosting

It’s very difficult to manage/store huge amount of content/data related to any application or software on a hard drive or any storage medium. Also, if we ever want to retrieve the old/any specific content/data then it would be a hectic task. So, here database comes to rescue. We can store huge amount of content in the database and can easily Read more

What to Choose – Linux or Windows Hosting?

To sign up for the hosting service, we need to identity the platform that would be compatible with our website. Also, we need to understand the hosting platforms that are offered and the difference between both. We do support hosting on Linux and Windows platforms. So, the next question would be either go with Linux or Windows Hosting. Linux and Read more

What is the meaning of Catch-All Mailbox, what does it do ?

Meaning of Catch-All Mailbox: A catch-all mailbox allows you to receive email sent to your domain that might be misaddressed or misspelled (for example, [email protected] instead of [email protected]). Any email messages addresses to a non-existent email address will be sent to the catchall inbox rather than “bouncing” or being returned to the sender.   What are Catch-all Emails? The Read more