How to find the Primary Domain on my Control Panel?

*Once you log into Control Panel (cPanel), on the left side of the panel, you can find “Stats” section. Within that, you can see “Main Domain”. That is your Hosting Account Primary Domain.

host department cpanel control panel

How to add Domain Names in cPanel ?

1) Once you log into Control Panel (cPanel), check for “Domains” Section.

2) Within that section, you can find “Addon Domains”. Please click on it.

cpanel addon domains

3) In “New Domain Name” field, enter the new domain name you want to add.

4) You can enter the “Subdomain/FTP Username”, as required.

cpanel addons domains list

5) “Document Root” is the location of your domain. The location is taken by default.

Note: We suggest you not to change the location.

6) Enter the password under “Password” and “Password (Again)” field. Make sure that the password strength is Strong.

7) Once done, click on “Add Domain” button.

8) Scroll down the page to find the domain(s) you have added.