How to Auto Responder from cPanel ?

In cPanel, you can set email forwarding for individual email addresses and also for entire domain email address. Here are the steps to set email forwarding for all email address for a domain:

1) Log into cPanel at:

Note: Replace with the Primary Domain added on your account.


2) Once logged in, you can find “Auto Responders” icon under “Mails” tab. Click on that icon to get into Auto Responders section.

email auto responders in cpanel

3) Click on “Add Auto Responder” button.

how to add auto responder in cpanel

4) Fill up the required columns which includes “Interval”, “Email”, “From”, etc.

Interval: Number of hours that need to wait before resending the Auto Response to the same email address.

Email: Enter the Username for which you want to set the Auto Responder and from the drown menu, select the domain name associated with your email address.

modify or add auto responder using cpanel

From: The name of the sender of the message received by the auto responder, if available.

Body: Enter the auto response text that you want to send.

Start: Date and Time as and when you want to enable Auto Responder.

Stop: Date and Time as and when you want to disable Auto Responder for that email address.

5) Once you fill up the complete fields, click on “Create/Modify” button.