How to view/add the FTP accounts from cPanel ?

To view/add the FTP accounts:

1) Log into cPanel at:

Note: Replace with the Primary Domain added on your account.


2) Once logged in, find “FTP Accounts” icon under “Files” Section. Click on that icon to find the FTP accounts added on your account.

ftp accounts in cpanel control in host department

3) To add new FTP account for particular domain/file, under “Add FTP Account” section:

add ftp sub accounts in cpanel

a) Enter the username under “Login” field.

b) Enter the password under “Password” and “Password (Again)” fields.

c) Under “Directory” field, enter the path of the directory for which you want FTP account access.

d) Enter the Quota as per your requirement and click on “Create FTP Account”.

Note: Sub FTP login Username would always be associated with Primary Domain name and it cannot be changed.