How to add domains under your H-Sphere control panel ?

This post will show you how to add domains in H-sphere control panel in step by step process

Adding a domain :

To add a domain under your H-sphere control panel please follow the steps below

1. Please login your Hosting account H-sphere Control panel

2. Please click on domains

3.Once you click on domains you can see Domain List and ” Add new domain Add new domain ” Please click on add button.

4. Once you click on Add button you can see the following

– > Domain name registration

– > Host Existing Websites

– > Third Level Domain  Name Registration.

-> Under Host Existing Websites please provide your domain name (for ex : ) and click on Submit button.

5.  Now you can see Domain Internal Lookup Results , Please click on Continue Button

6. Now you can see Options as

– > Web Options with two radio buttons ” Include Web hosting” and “Without Web hosting” , Please check ” Include Web hosting” and uncheck “Without Web hosting” .

– > Mail options with two Radio Buttons ” Include Mail services ” and ” Without Mail services ” , Please check  ” Include Mail services ” and uncheck “Without Mail services ” and click on Submit button.

Then a new message will appear on the panel as “Domain has been added successfully “.


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