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Description of skills:
  Sales - All pre-sales inquiries regarding any of our services (web hosting, reseller hosting, domain
   registrations, etc)
  Technical Support - All technical inquiries regarding any of our web hosting services (existing clients)
  Technical Support - Server - All technical inquiries and complaints regarding problems with our servers.
  Reseller Support - All inquiries regarding any problems with your reseller and your clients' account
   (existing reseller clients)
  DNR Support - All inquiries regarding domain problems (failed domain registration, failed domain transfer,
   edit DNS, change of NameServers, etc.)
  Billing - All inquiries regarding billing problems (non-updated payments, unauthorized charges, etc.)
  Quality Assurance - All inquiries regarding the quality of our services. Praises and complaints can be sent
   to this address
  Abuse Department - All inquiries regarding any abusive websites under our network
  Custom Development Service - All inquiries regarding our custom web development services
  Please type in a full description of the problem, including the error message or the steps to get the error message if applicable, so we can trace and solve your problems more efficiently and effectively.

Problem descriptions such as "My website is down" or "I cannot get my oscommerce installation to work" without any details are not very helpful and will take longer to resolve since we will need to reply to you asking for more details of the problem. Please try to add any information that you think would help us solve the problems easier and faster.

Most tickets will be answered within 6 hours from the minute we receive it. Depending on our current job load and/or the complexity of the problem, sometimes a ticket inquiry will need more time to resolve. We will update you in such cases so you will know that your tickets are being attended to.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.
Please type in the full description of your inquiry in the form below to contact any of our departments. Please be as detailed as possible for faster resolution time. We will respond to your inquiry within approximately 6-12 hours depending on the complexity of your inquiry.

Dear Valued Customer,

In our continuing efforts to provide a better customer service and support to you, we will be upgrading our ticket support system beginning January 20th 2007. As part of the programme, our old ticketing system will be replaced by a new and more robust one.

The time frame for this upgrade process will commence on Saturday, January 20th 2007, 8:00PM PST and be completed on Sunday, January 21st 2007, 8:00PM PST. We will still continue to accept support tickets from you between this time frame. However, we can only start replying them on Sunday, January 21st 2007, at 9:00PM PST onwards.

Your tickets that falls within this upgrade time frame will be attended to within 24-72 hours after the changeover has been completed. If you have not received any replies from us yet after the specified time or you are experiencing problems with our new ticketing system, you may want to email [email protected] for assistance.

You can access the new ticketing system directly from or within your hosting control panel (Support Menu > Submit New Tickets).

We would like to thank you for your kind consideration and patience during this upgrade. We are committed to bringing you the best possible products and services to make your online experience successful.