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7 - Basic Account Management

Step 1: Activating a Moderated Account

In the last step, you registered a paid account. This paid account was not activated immediately. This was so because you had chosen "check" as your billing type and payment for that account hadn't been received for that account immediately. If you had created that account in trial mode, it would have been activated immediately. You could however force Trial accounts to be activated manually by you (called moderation) or have a paid account activated immediately (by integrating a merchant gateway such as authorize.net, paypal, or 2checkout; that send credit card payment confirmations back to the control panel immediately). For more on account moderation, please refer to the Reseller documentation

From the Signup Menu, please select "Moderate". You'll see a screen as follows with the account you just created

Click on the account username. You'll be presented with a screen that would allow you to review the details of this account. You can activate it by scrolling down to the "Create" button

Press the "Create" button to create this account. You'll be presented with a screen to credit payment to this account:

Press the submit button and the account has been credited. You have now registered, activated and credited your first paid account

Any easy way to view all accounts present in the system is by selecting "Generic" from the Search menu so you end up on this screen:

Do not enter any parameters and press the "Search" button. You'll now see a list of all accounts on the system and be presented with options to credit, debit, delete, suspend and login to them:

Congratulations! You now have enough basic knowledge to operate and run your hosting business. If you are still waiting for your DNS zone to propogate, it is recommended you wait for that to be completed before selling any hosting. Once completed, you should revert to Step 3 to test your DNS zone and to change your control panel URL to http://cp.mycompany.net. Currently, you may have noticed that your control panel URL is similar to http://r2768.res.worldispnetwork.com. Once you change your CP url, your customers could login to their accounts from cp.mycompany.net

The information provided in this tutorial is just basic. To understand, learn and control more advanced options and features our reseller packages offer, you should read our Reseller Documentation

We wish you good luck in your new venture!


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