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6 - Domain name and other Resources Configuration

Step 1: Setting up Domain Registration Prices

H-Sphere comes with a domain registration feature that allows your customer to register a domain name during the signup process, the system will be checking the availability of the domain name automatically. Your reseller system can only offer a major Top Level Domain (TLD) which are listed under SETTINGS ==> DOMAIN REGISTRAR of your reseller admin panel. Our domain registration services are handled by Enom.com as the upstream domain registration provider. So you may notice that the domain registrar would be ENOM, INC; instead of Worldispnetwork.com (our main service domain).

Before you start, make sure to have your company info carefully entered, as it will be used as Billing and Tech info for registered domains. With your company info incorrect or incomplete, end users may start encountering problems with domain registration. Company Info is set on the Look&Feel ==> Company Info page.

You can set different domain registration prices in different plans. However, you first need to set default domain registration prices to be applied every time a plan-specific price hasn't been specified.

  1. Log into your admin CP.
  2. Select Domain Registrar in the Settings menu.
  3. Click Define Terms/Prices for the top level domain you'd like to configure.

  4. Set the default prices for various periods, for example, if you set $15 a year:

    These are actual prices for the billing periods, they are not prorated to one year. This means, you need to enter "15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150", not "15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15". For instance, if you set the price for .NET TLD is $12.95 a year or $25.95 for 2 years whereas we charge you a wholesale reseller price of only $8.5 yearly leaving you making a profit. Do not add "0" in this field as this is not the right way to offer a free domain registration service.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each TLD.
  6. Now that you have entered default prices, set domain registration prices for individual plans. Make sure to check the "Domain Registration" option in the plan creation wizard. Warning: If you don't set default or plan-specific prices, end users won't be able to register domains from their control panels.

Step 2: Setting up Signup Guard Feature

New account signups would be activated automatically once the payment is received unless there is a problem with the signup process due to some particular reasons such as if paying with a check payment or a declined transaction from the payment processor. In the event the new registered accounts do not get activated immediately, they need to be activated manually by you as the reseller admin. This procedure is called account moderation. For more on account moderation, please refer to this Reseller documentation

In H-Sphere you can moderate signups using the Signup Guard feature. With Signup guard you can create rules to moderate accounts matching specific criteria and/or blacklist certain parameters that will put the account into moderation. Once configured, this utility decides if the new account will be created right away or will be placed into the awaiting moderation list on the SIGNUP->Moderate page with appropriate comments/warnings.

To configure Signup Guard, do the following:

  1. Select SignupGuard in the Settings menu. You will be presented with the following screen:

  2. On the page that appears, select which rules will be placed in the awaiting moderation list.
    Note: Max Amount - accounts will be moderated if the total price for such signup is bigger than this amount.
  3. You can blacklist accounts by certain parameters: account names, email addresses, domains, IPs, countries, etc., i.e., categories included into the BlackLists section of the Signup Guard page. Accounts with parameters specified in these blacklists will be moderated after the signup. For more info on Setting up Blacklist, please refer to this Reseller documentation.
  4. Click "Submit Query" Button.

Step 3: Managing Debtors

In H-Sphere terms, a user runs into debt when their account negative balance exceeds credit limit. When users run into debts, they are automatically blocked from buying more resources. You can also set the timeframe when the account is going to be suspended or even deleted automatically upon having a negative balance.

  1. Select Managing Debtors in the Settings menu. You'll be taken to the Managing Debtors form:

  2. Check the boxes next to the measures you'd like to apply to debtors.
  3. Enter the number of days to pass since the last measure taken before the enabled option is applied. The notifications and warnings are sent to the customer's e-mail when a cron runs accounting for the user.
    WARNING: the days before the enabled actions are applied are count from the day a customer runs into debs, not from the day the option is enabled. Therefore, if you configure Managing Debtors options for the first time, to avoid undesirable loss, you are highly recommended not to enable Account Deletion.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the form.

Step 4: Setting up User Warnings Feature

With this feature, you can configure the system to automatically suspend customer accounts when they use more resources (in terms of traffic or disk usage) than allowed.

  1. Select User Warnings in the Settings menu ( Settings ==> User warnings).
  2. On the screen that shows up, check option "Suspend account if traffic limit is exceeded" and "Suspend account if disk usage is exceeded", and then set the percentage of user predefined limit, reaching which their accounts will be suspended.

  3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Step 5: Adding E-Mail Notification Recipients

Hsphere also comes with a pre-written auto mailer and notification system. So you do not need to create it yourself. Your customers will be sent a default notification and confirmation email by the Hpshere billing system that's related with their account status on behalf of your hosting company.

H-Sphere also allows you to configure e-mail addresses where copies (the BCC: field) of e-mail notifications - such as, welcome messages to customers upon their signup, billing letters, confirmations of domain registration - will be sent to. Also, you can add e-mail addresses to receive copies of trouble tickets and system notifications about critical errors, etc. Mostly, this option is provided to enable various departments of your company to track and resolve specific issues.

  1. To subscribe e-mail addresses to receive notification copies, select Notification Recipients under the Settings menu.
  2. On the page that appears, add their e-mails to the following mailing lists:

  3. To stop receiving the system email, you may simply remove the email address from the Notification Recipients feature.

Now you have configured the domain registration prices and other H-Sphere features. Please press the "Next" button to continue this tutorial.


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