H-Sphere Reseller Guide

Reseller Step-by-Step Guidance

This guide is designed to help new resellers to set up their reseller account easily and quickly. HSphere is one of the most powerful reseller systems ever designed. Understanding it can be a bit challenging to new comers. But we guarantee you that once you master it, you'll enjoy the full range of features offered. At Hostdepartment, we can not stress more than to read each and every word/sentence of this guide carefully to ensure you enjoy your reseller experience.

We also provide assistance in setting up your reseller account. From the URL below you will find a necessary webform which we need you to complete and submit it back to us:


The purpose of the reseller setup guidance assistance it to duplicate Host Department’s web hosting plans only. We will just duplicate Host Department’s web hosting plans (in terms of resources your customers will get from the plans). You can name them differently to suit your company’s motto or branding, or you can just use the exact name. Next you can set your own pricing. It can be the same pricing like ours, or you can set higher or lower pricing.

It is up to you whether you'd like to setup your reseller account yourself, or if we can assist you in this regards by filling out that form. Should you wish to proceed setting up your reseller system yourself, you may want to follow the steps described on this reseller step-by-step guidance.

- HSphere Introduction

HSphere is a multi-level, multi-platform Control Panel with complete billing and support integrated into it. Hostdepartment supports both the UNIX and Windows hosting platforms that HSPhere offers. That means as a reseller you can create plans and resources on both our UNIX and Windows servers. As a reseller you must also understand that there are 3 primary Control Panel levels in HSphere:

  1. Reseller Account CP - Your main reseller account username. This is the control panel you as a reseller will see when you first login into your reseller account from https://cp.worldispnetwork.com or https://secure.hostdepartment.com. It allows you to see basic information about your account, upgrade/downgrade. change your account's contact details as well as manage your billing information with Hostdepartment. Everything in this CP pertains to your relationship with Hostdepartment.
  2. Reseller Administrative CP - Admin account username for reseller. This is the control panel through which you manage your hosting business. It allows you to set up your name servers, hosting plans, merchant gateway, support, billing, etc. It also allows you to manage all your customer accounts and signup requests. You may login using this username from your reseller CP base URL that includes your service domain: eg. http://cp.myservicedomain.com.
  3. End-User CP - This is the CP through which each of your customers can actually manage their website from. Here customers can setup websites, mail boxes, databases, etc. You may also login using this username from your reseller CP base URL that includes your service domain: eg. http://cp.myservicedomain.com.

The Reseller Admin CP doesn't allow resellers to host their own personal websites. You as a reseller would need to signup for one of your service hosting plans as a customer in order to setup your personal websites and access the end-user CP. Hence, ensuring you follow all the steps in this guide are crucial before you can begin hosting any domains.

1 - Getting Started

Step 1: Your Welcome Email

After you finish the signup wizard for your new reseller account, and you have a valid data for both IP and account info, and also you dont have any issue with your payment transaction, your reseller account should be activated instantly. When your account is activated, you'll receive a welcome email like below. If you do not, please contact our billing support department at billingsupport@hostdepartment.com

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for choosing Host Department for your Web hosting needs.

To access your account with the Control Panel, use the following information:
URL: https://secure.hostdepartment.com/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP
Login: myaccount
Password: mypassword
Account ID: 12345678

We wish you success with your online venture and we are looking forward into helping you get the most of your account.

Best Regards,
Host Department

Step 2: Logging into your account

Click on the control panel link in your Welcome Email and you should see a screen like this:

Type in your username and password and then click "Login"

Once you have logged into your account, you'll see a "Quick Access" toolbox like this:

Click on the "Enter Admin CP" button under "Main" section.

Step 3: Creating an Administrative Account

On the next page, you'll see a screen asking you to add an Administrative account. Fill out all the text boxes and click "Submit".

Admin Login - Any username to access your Administrative Account. Must be different from your Account username. Please do not specify "Admin", "admin" or "administrator" username. Using these usernames will result "the username is already existed" error.
E-mail - Your email address. Should preferably be one you won't be hosting with us.

Step 4: Entering your Administrative Account

Once you create your Administrative Account, you'll see a screen like this:

Click the "Login" button. You'll then be logged into your Reseller Admin CP:

Step 5: Entering your Company Info

The first thing you must do once you have entered your Administrative Account is to enter your company information.

From the top navigation menu, click on "Look and Feel" and select "Company Info".

Lets assume you are the owner of MyCompany Inc; and your hosting/corporate website is www.mycompany.net. Fill out your company details:

Hostmaster Email - Fill out any email address as your hostmaster email here. Note that you must use "." instead of ""@". So if your website was mycompany.net, your hostmaster email could be webmaster.mycompany.net or admin.mycompany.net.

A phone number should be entered in the following format:
CCC is a country code up to 3 digits (+1 for North America),
ZZZZZZZZZZ is a phone number inside the country (up to 12 digits).
YYYY is an optional extension (up to 4 digits). If you are from the USA, and your phone is (555) 1234567 the format would be:

Once you have filled out the form, click on "Save".

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