H-Sphere Reseller Guide

Dedicated Server Plans

(version 2.5 and higher)


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In this document we describe features specific to dedicated server plans. If any additional info on plans in H-Sphere is needed, please refer to Plans section of the Administrative Guide. Note that in our case there is only 1 month billing period in plan.

After a plan has been created, don't forget to enable signup access for it using the On/Off icon on the Plans page.


User Plans

To create a dedicated server plan:

  1. Launch plan edit wizard using Info -> Plan creation wizards menu and choose Dedicated Server Plan Wizard.
  2. On the first step of the wizard, include the necessary resources:

    Backup resource provides users with a possibility to request regular backups for their dedicated servers.

    Choose Bandwidth Billing Type.

    Note: Think twice choosing the type as you won't be able to change it later, when there are customers under this plan.
  3. Choose dedicated servers templates - your own and your provider's - to be available in the plan, and define their prices:
  4. On the step 2 of the wizard, define fees for dedicated server related resources, and set free units:
  5. Dedicated Server IP Range: set number of IPs to acquire for free, and monthly fee per one IP.
    Backup: set fees for clients' regular backups. Set monthly fee per one backup.

    Set quotas:

    Summary traffic: traffic to/from client server via provider's mail system.
    DS Bandwidth: all incoming/outgoing traffic for dedicated server excluding the above summary traffic.

  6. Step 3 of the wizard is the same as for regular plans.


User's Choosing a Server at Signup

When user signs up to a dedicated server plan, he can pick up one dedicated server from templates which you enabled in the plan:

By clicking compare / view details, user can compare parameters of available servers as well as their prices:

When user who chose a dedicated server at signup first enters his account, he finds that server in his cp and can use it. After the signup, you can notice this server status automatically changed from Available to In use.

Also user can choose to sign up without a dedicated server. In his cp, he can always add a templated server or send a request for a custom-built server. In this case you can create a non-templated server and assign it to the user's account by changing the server status to In use.


Related Docs:  

Dedicated Servers Intro Creating and Editing Plans

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