H-Sphere Reseller Guide

Billing Dedicated Servers

(version 2.5 and higher)


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Dedicated Servers Intro


What You Charge For

Dedicated servers' billing implemented within the unified H-Sphere billing scheme. Similarly to all other resources, dedicated servers are sold by mean of plans in which you can choose resources to be available for clients and determine their prices. The exception is custom-built servers which are assigned directly to clients who ordered them. The system charges accouts at the end of every billing circle.


Charging Resellers


Bandwidth Billing Types

By bandwidth here we mean both the bandwidth usage (measured in megabits per second) and the traffic (the amount of data transferred to/from the server for the given billing period - measured in gigabytes). Dedicated server plan wizard allows you to choose between two basic approaches to bandwidth calculation:

  • Average, when the sum of all samples for a period is divided by the number of the samples.
  • 95th percentile which is basically the upper-range value resulting from sorting all samples for a time period, and then truncating (dropping out) the 5-percent maximums. A customer may want using this type of billing if only his dedicated server traffic is quite even (flat). It's easier to understand it from particular examples.

For each of the above schemes, you can choose either to calculate only outgoing or incoming traffic as well. There are two measure unit types: mbps (megabits per second) and GB.

To summarize, there are the following bandwidth billing types options:

  • Bandwidth, 95th percentile (in + out), mbps;
  • Bandwidth, Average (in + out), mbps;
  • Bandwidth, 95th percentile (in + out), GB;
  • Bandwidth, Average (in + out), GB;
  • Bandwidth, 95th percentile (out), mbps;
  • Bandwidth, Average (out), mbps;
  • Bandwidth, 95th percentile (out), GB;
  • Bandwidth, Average (out), GB.


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Dedicated Servers Intro

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