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I know that you must have been waiting to see our performance fact for May 2009 uptime. That’s why I am here to deliver the report. And as usual, there will be complete details about both of our web hosting clusters, the new cluster of Premium Hosting and our old cluster of web hosting.

Premium Hosting

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.991% 0.009%
HTTP 99.991% 0.009%
MySQL 99.991% 0.009%
SMTP 99.991% 0.009%
POP 99.991% 0.009%

Once again, our Premium Hosting shows its quality with the proof of its outstanding performance record. Last May, our Premium Hosting performed a great uptime of 99.991% on average all over the internet.

There was only 0.009% critical time reported for the regular scheduled maintenance, which means we reached over the standard as a web hosting service and even went beyond above the hope.

Old Cluster Web Hosting

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.989% 0.011%
SMTP 99.989% 0.011%
POP 99.978% 0.022%

Our web hosting service in the old cluster showed a number of 99.988% in May 2009 for their performance record, which is 99.99% when rounded up, meaning that we achieved our uptime guarantee.

All of our services except our POP service reached out 99.989% uptime in average, meaning that we just had around 0.011% critical time resulted from our regular scheduled maintenance.

Only our POP service that reached a little less in uptime, around 99.978% and had 0.022% critical time. However, we’ll continually improve our performance to be better and better again the next months.

See you around again soon for June Uptime record. Thanks for reading.