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Many people are keen to know how to start a web hosting company. Before that let me tell you that starting a web hosting business is easy but maintaining servers is very tough and for that you need to have excellent knowledge in computer science. Some people may disagree to this because now a days control panels are available but remember control panels has its own limitations. You can start a web hosting company by taking a Reseller Plan. But prior to this you must know some basic things which are mentioned below.

Time to be spent:

Now a days almost everyone is providing 24×7 customer support and if you are about to start a web hosting company either with Reseller Plan or Owing own servers you need to provide 24×7 support. If you take a reseller hosting plan at host department then you need not worry as we do provide support for customers of reseller.

Familiarity with Software and Platforms:

Every business professional need to be a versatile of his field like wise if you are a web hosting provider you need to be familiar with the latest software and on which platform it works. But with HostDepartment’s Reseller Plan you can sell your plans to both linux and windows and you also need not worry about software as our servers supports all softwares.


If you want to start web hosting with HostDepartment then your expenditure will be $24.95/month. It is the most cheapest way to start a web hosting company because if you want to own a servers it costs you thousands of dollars but at Host Department you can start a web hosting company at just $24.95.

Hiring of Employees:

If you provide 24×7 customer support then you have to hire customer support agents according to your requirement like 1 per shift or two and apart from that you need a designer and developer. You may even outsource the designing and developing part.

Along with the above thing you need office and data center space(if you are going with server instead of Reseller Hosting Plan), registration of company, internet provider and Of course Reseller Hosting plan or Server based on your preference.


Now in Reseller Hosting you can sell Linux and Windows Plans starting form $14.95/Per Month – Click Here