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Has begun the month of May, the time for us to memorize the US men and women who passed away in military service for their noble work is approaching. Celebrated on the last Monday In May, Memorial Day or formerly called as Decoration Day has been a yearly tradition to celebrate since 1865. And now, all people all over the US never miss the celebration every May.

How Did the Tradition Begin?

In the end of the Civil War (1865), communities set a day to memorize the end of the war to commemorate those who had died. The first areas who celebrated memorial day are Sharpsburg, Maryland, Charleston, Boalsburg, Richmond, Carbondale, Columbus, many communities in Vermont, and some other cities. The first memorial day itself took place in 1865 by liberated slaves at the historic race track in Charleston.

And on May 30, 1868, the liberated slaves returned to the graveyard with flowers and decorated the individual gravesites, creating the first Decoration Day. There was also a parade by thousands of liberated Union soldiers done with patriotic singing and picnic. Since then, the Decoration Day or Memorial Day keeps being celebrated yearly.

How Do the US Citizens Celebrate Memorial Day at Present?

Not really changing from the former days, many people still observe this day by visiting cemeteries and memorials, which important moment of the remembrance is at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. There is also another tradition by flying the United States flag half-staff from dawn until noon local time. Volunteers also place the US flags on each gravesite at National Cemeteries. Additionally, there have been many Americans using Memorial Day to honor their other family members who have died.

Besides visiting graveyards and flying the United States flag, Memorial Day is celebrated with picnics, barbecues, family gatherings, and sporting events too. One of the famous sport traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500, which is an American automobile race located in Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. It has been held related to Memorial Day since 1911.

There are also communities having a ceremony in a church or town memorial park to commemorate the fallen soldiers from the towns they are living in such as police officers or firefighters. They often hold a Memorial Day parade to honor such residents. They also have a picnic barbecue at a local park and invite the whole town to attend.

The United States Memorial Day is a great holiday that you can’t miss if you admit that you are an American. And because of that fact, we, Host Department LLC, as an American company also celebrate this day by sharing with other Americans to commemorate the fallen soldiers of our country.

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Ajax describes a large group of web technologies used to implement  web applications to communicate with the server in the background without any interference to the the page current state. But more than considering the description only, do you know that it offers you benefits that are hard to reject? Have you realized what makes AJAX so special?

Well, first of many pluses, AJAX has four basis of web standards and you’ll have no worries as they are well defined and supported by all major browsers. Using AJAX, web masters are able to create better, faster, and more user-friendly web applications. The four based web standards are JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS. Besides it is based on four web standards, Ajax also offers you with three faster capabilities. Check these out!


This must be something everybody’s looking for, faster connection. And yes it is. With AJAX, no necessity to connect the web page to server everytime. AJAX saves time for the interaction between web pages and server to improve the speed and functionality.

It also allows web page to request for smaller bits of information rather than request for the whole pages  to reload repeatedly. Surely, it results on speed increase as well. AJAX technology is based more to web browsers than to web server. Using this, you will not worry about connection and speed.


Updates are always important and that’s another stuff AJAX helps you. Whenever you’d like to update your website database, AJAX provides you with a unique feature to reduce time consumption. How? Honestly, other web languages will require you to update the database entirely everytime contents updates are necessary to be done.

However, with AJAX, you just need to spend time only on the contents updates that are required to be done. It sounds impossible but trust me that AJAX is able to select the contents that requires any updates only. It allows users to have easier process when they would like to update their websites.


Another thing you should know and proud of Ajax is that it is capable to allow faster responses to any inputs even when changes are not done in the server. It responds quickly to inputs, which is definitely more responsive, although the application itself has not changed on the server side.

And what is unique about AJAX is it has the ability to reload section of pages individually without any difficulty. This is a user friendly advantage that users may benefit from. This benefit also enables users to get faster functioning of the websites.

So briefly, have you realized what makes AJAX so special by now? I am sure you have…