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Spammers have increased greater and greater in number. They always know how to do their “job” well and their strategy keeps improving. As a proof for their improvement, most spammers nowadays abuse free hosting and blogging sites for their spamming activities.

Why Would They Choose the Free Ones and Blogging Sites?

The first and the most important thing is simply because they are free of charge. No money needed to invest as you don’t have to pay for anything. You just need to register and verify your account to start creating your own web pages or emails.

With free hosting or blogging sites, you are also required no domain names to register as they offer you free subdomains to use. Take as an example, wordpress.com, which allows you to have free blogging sites with your very own choice subdomain for your blog like yourblog.wordpress.com. Also have a look at freewebs.com at which you can host free subdomains like yoursubdomain.webs.com. You can always begin to develop websites with subdomains.

And for spammers, this will be a great advantage for them as they can avoid being blacklisted or flagged when they use the subdomains only. How come? It is because most free host’s website addresses have legitimate website address that will impossibly be blacklisted and flagged. This will surely make the spammers’ activities run more smoothly.

How Will They Exactly Do It?

To be careful, spammers usually choose free hosts that already have big names such as Yahoo geocities, googlepages, blogspot, etc, which domain names will never be blocked. What they need to do is just registering their accounts and verify the codes or emails to start their website creation.

And as it is very simple to do, the link providers create and maintain as many as free hosting accounts they can have under the spammers’ ownership and the spammers will then use them to redirect to spam websites. No more necessary complicated steps!

And even when the ISPs or hosts or domain resellers themselves take down the spam web pages, the spammers and link providers can update the redirects to another live spam websites. They surely have known how to continue it well. You can never predict when they will stop.

So What Can We Do about That?

Now that we understand how simple and easy it is for spammers to do their job, we must beware of anything that requests for financial data or private information such as your bank, school, investment firm, or whatever that may be benefited by spammers. Just trust me that you dont want to be one of the spammers’ victims.


Last time we have discussed about Horde webmail, one of the most powerful and suitable for great number of emails with large size attachments. Now, I’d like to introduce another popular webmail interface that I’m sure many of you are also familiar with.

Simplicity and light interface are the keys of Squirrelmail, suitable for you who are keen of anything simple. That’s what people keep saying about it, also known as nuts mail. But no need to doubt its capabilities in handling emails! This webmail is famous for its customizable ability, spam assassin setting ability, lightness, and newbie friendly features.

Explore the Amazement behind the Simpleness
Being simple is not always being the least. That is what you can prove in Squirrelmail. Although people have defined it as a light webmail, you can still see its awesome performance. The first of many is that it allows you to customize your preferences. This includes customizing your display – themes, mailbox, and message – with the one suiting your choice best. There are many beautiful themes that you can pick based on your liking.

You can also setup how your mailbox will be displayed. For example, how many messages will be shown in one page view. Also, you can edit how your message will look like according to your likeness. Even better, you are also able to customize personal information, including your displayed name and the signature you’d like to use everytime you send email.

Not only customizable, Squirrelmail is also able to setup spam assassin, a brilliant email filtering system that can identify unsolicited bulk emails and filter them as spams. With this ability in Squirrelmail, it is able to filter and reduce the spam emails in your inbox. You don’t need to bother about getting annoying junk emails again.

Moreover, even if you receive the spam emails, the spammers will not be notified for that since Squirrelmail does not contact the sender unless you want it, meaning that they don’t know if your email address is valid. And no worry for viruses. With Squirrelmail, email viruses will never be automatically opened since there is no downloaded attachment unless the download task is activated or clicked.

As another plus, this webmail is also perfect for its lightness and newbie friendly features. It offers you with simple interface which is very friendly for newbie users. Even when you feel you are slow in understanding the features, you can always find the how to guide from the help link at the top of your SquirrelMail screen, the “Table of Contents” link for any information about SquirrelMail. You will have all you need to know about Squirrelmail and no more confusion.

What’s Next?
Don’t let your emails unaccessible! Now that you have known the great features, it will be wasteful if you don’t take the advantages. Have yourself on your computer and browse your emails with Squirrelmail.

-Gabrielle Capstick-