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Control Panel is the most important tool in web hosting service. Earlier, I wrote about how H-SPHERE defeats all Control Panels with its complete features. However, I realize that still many users look for CPanel. They say that CPanel is more suitable for them to use. What do they look for in CPanel?

Simpler User Interface (User Friendly)
This is the first that people look for in Cpanel, user friendly interface. People say that Cpanel has very easy to use features that make web hosting service worth its price. You get to use friendly web based interface that is suitable for beginners to professionals. You don’t have to worry about complicated Control Panel. Even that you still begin to learn about web hosting, you can manage your web hosting account without any hassle (hassle-free).

Fantastico Scripts

Fantastico is the other feature that users must want so much when they use CPanel, Fantastico. This feature offers you numerous ready to use scripts that you can install within minutes, with few clicks of your mouse only. The scripts are various – blog, forum, content management, etc. There is no worry for complicated installations. Even, the blindest person in web hosting can install fantastico scripts easily. In H-SPHERE, you will find the scripts in EasyApps, different name but the same feature.

With these two helpful abilities that CPanel offers to web hosting users, who will not look for them. Everybody looks for simplicity, everybody looks for no hassle, and everybody looks for easiness. The only minus that CPanel has might be only that it can only offer UNIX web hosting plans and still not available for Windows. However, being simple and easy to use are still a good offer.


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Web hosting technology keeps developing at anytime. We’ll be left behind if we don’t keep track on it as the progress moves fast. New and old technologies come and go. One of the most popular and the latest IT technologies nowadays is the SAS technology.

What do you know about SAS? Well, on purpose, it’s build for data center operations, to deliver an unbeatable combination of superior performance plus greater data integrity in the system level.

SAS improves drive’s addressability and connectivity by using expander, which enables one or more host controllers to connect to a large number of drives. But there are even more behind it when you explore the capabilities deeper.

Data Integrity Guaranteed

With its End-to-end IT Nexus checking, it will ensure data movement from or to drive is never misdirected. This means it eliminates the key cause of data corruption. Dual ports capability enables fail-over and data recovery in multi-host storage environments. You can feel relieved that your data is always safe at anytime.

Superior in Performance

For performance, there is no need to doubt it. Compared to SATA (Serial ATA), SAS performance is 135% over SATA. It is far greater in speed and has an enhanced RV tolerance in high-density enclosures. The performance you’ll get will be more than you ever expected.

Investment Protected

Seamless SAS connectivity is fully guaranteed. You will save money and integration costs plus reduce service complexity from having to diagnose issues through multiple components in the ecosystem. And what is better is that SAS is compatible with all existing SCSI software and middleware .


There is even more. Being eco-friendly, it uses only 12.5 watts for operation and 9 watts idling. The PowerTrimTM technology reduces power consumption, heat, and energy costs without having to sacrifice the performance itself.

Simple and Compatible

It offers easy enterprise-level management with multi-hosts support that enables up to 16 hosts on drive queue. Seamless SAS connectivity and compatibility with existing SCSI software and middleware are also provided for your ease of use.

Additionally, It is even possible to support up to 1 Terrabyte for capacity seeker applications. You don’t have to worry of running out of resource. It is also designed for 24×7 operation nonstop and can work up to 1.2 million hours.

And last but not least, its hot-swappable drives and simple four-wire cabling make serviceability quick and easy. Reliability is fully guaranteed here. You cannot find anything better. So get it now!


Last time we have discussed about Horde webmail, one of the most powerful and suitable for great number of emails with large size attachments. Now, I’d like to introduce another popular webmail interface that I’m sure many of you are also familiar with.

Simplicity and light interface are the keys of Squirrelmail, suitable for you who are keen of anything simple. That’s what people keep saying about it, also known as nuts mail. But no need to doubt its capabilities in handling emails! This webmail is famous for its customizable ability, spam assassin setting ability, lightness, and newbie friendly features.

Explore the Amazement behind the Simpleness
Being simple is not always being the least. That is what you can prove in Squirrelmail. Although people have defined it as a light webmail, you can still see its awesome performance. The first of many is that it allows you to customize your preferences. This includes customizing your display – themes, mailbox, and message – with the one suiting your choice best. There are many beautiful themes that you can pick based on your liking.

You can also setup how your mailbox will be displayed. For example, how many messages will be shown in one page view. Also, you can edit how your message will look like according to your likeness. Even better, you are also able to customize personal information, including your displayed name and the signature you’d like to use everytime you send email.

Not only customizable, Squirrelmail is also able to setup spam assassin, a brilliant email filtering system that can identify unsolicited bulk emails and filter them as spams. With this ability in Squirrelmail, it is able to filter and reduce the spam emails in your inbox. You don’t need to bother about getting annoying junk emails again.

Moreover, even if you receive the spam emails, the spammers will not be notified for that since Squirrelmail does not contact the sender unless you want it, meaning that they don’t know if your email address is valid. And no worry for viruses. With Squirrelmail, email viruses will never be automatically opened since there is no downloaded attachment unless the download task is activated or clicked.

As another plus, this webmail is also perfect for its lightness and newbie friendly features. It offers you with simple interface which is very friendly for newbie users. Even when you feel you are slow in understanding the features, you can always find the how to guide from the help link at the top of your SquirrelMail screen, the “Table of Contents” link for any information about SquirrelMail. You will have all you need to know about Squirrelmail and no more confusion.

What’s Next?
Don’t let your emails unaccessible! Now that you have known the great features, it will be wasteful if you don’t take the advantages. Have yourself on your computer and browse your emails with Squirrelmail.

-Gabrielle Capstick-