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Search engines are the huge traffic source for your Website,majorly you will get traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing. These all Search engines now following one rule,which is nothing but “Faster Loading Websites are Top on Search index”.Google clearly stated that, it will not going tolerate any slow loading websites.Reason behind this decision is,to give a good website experience to their Search Visitors.So if you really want to increase your Search engines ranking in Google,Yahoo and Bing,you must reduce your Website Load time.

But you have an exception in this, you don’t have to worry about the Website load time when your are in Hostdepartment.com, Because Hostdepartment is having a high perfomance servers and Server Processing time is less than a half second.Don’t you believe it, have a look at this bellow report generated by  Aptimize Website Accelerator which is very famous company for Website Optimization.Here we are taking an example of our clients website  which hosted under No Limit Hosting Plan.This is a Blog which is hosted on WordPress platform,this is a famous blog and having huge number of Visitors everyday.

Please see the complete website load time details screen-shot…..

Hostdepartment Server response and Processing Time

Hostdepartment  Server response and Processing Time

You can see the time under green marking,our Server takes 0.3 seconds to process the entire web page.Now just imagine how fast our servers are,even this website is under Shared Hosting Plan,but still this an example that we never compromise in quality and speed.Apart from Server side,if you want to increase your website load speed follow these bellow instructions.It will definitely improve your rankings in Search engines.

Steps To Increase Website Speed :

  1. Images are very important for Websites,without images website doesn’t look good.But don’t use large file size images,it takes long time to download in a slow internet connection,Use Smushit its a image compression utility provided by Yahoo for free.This will compress your image without disturbing its quality.
  2. Try to use Java-scripts in the Footer Place,exactly bellow to the Body Tag.And also compress your Java-scripts by JavaScripts Compressor.This will decrease the Script execution time.
  3. Try to use Content Delivery Network (CDN),which is used to Parallelize the Downloads across Hostname.Using CDN will increase your website ranking and Load speed.Want to know more about CDN read this Tutorial.
  4. Use external Javascripts,so it will download parallel with the Website from the other network (Just like the CDN).
  5. Compress Style.css or any CSS file using any CSS compressor utility.I recommend this CSS Compressor.This will increase the Design loading time.
  6. Avoid video streaming,always use external video sharing sites like Youtube,Vimeo etc.Use the embed code instead of uploading the

These steps will definitely improve your website Rankings in the Search engines.Additionally if you want to know more about Website Optimization Please see this  Search Engine Optimization Tutorials.

As it has been mentioned for so many uncountable times, SEO is something you can’t miss when you have a website. Every website owners must maximize their SEO strategy to succeed in online world. Unfortunately some still do not really care too much about this issue.

Some others put their own efforts to succeed their SEO strategies. And some others are sure that SEO is  too deep and complicated to do by their own. They prefer to either hire their own SEO consultant or use an SEO company service. But what’s the importance of using a third party SEO service?

The Difference when You Use an SEO Service Provider

Using an SEO service provider or SEO company or SEO consultant, they will ensure to keep updated with the latest trends in search engine industry. They will optimize your web pages or your campaign with the right strategies so you won’t lose rankings. This is an everlasting process that has no ending. It is a full time occupation that will always need their focus to work on.

Besides, with an SEO service provider, your site will be submitted wisely. There will be reports on ranking to show you site position in various search engine. If you have bad ranking or even no ranking at all, an SEO company will know how to adjust and resubmit your website. This submission is not just a blind submission. Instead, they will submit manually without automated softwares as many top search engines don’t like automated submission.

Even better, using an SEO service provider, you will have not only detailed ranking reports but also  web site traffic reporting to keep you updated with your website traffic. This helps you to see the traffic you receive and where they come from. It is really important for your website growth and profit measurement.

Additionally, they let you know the whole process during the entire process. This means they will explain the steps to you with the proper understandable terms. They will not only work for you to reach the success of your website SEO but also make you understand on how you get there.

And now, whether to use an SEO company/consultant or not is fully your own decision. You can either use any of them or do it yourself.

Search engine is the savior for internet browsers. We use it to find anything we need in the internet – information, pictures, anything you need. If you are a real internet browser, you won’t be able to live without search engine.

And as everybody knows, Google is the king of search engines. When you are looking for something in the internet, people would rather say to you “google it” than “msn it or yahoo it”. However, have you heard that people are questioning if there’s gonna be another search engine to compete Google?

What’s New?

When people are now questioning if there will be a new search engine to compete google, Microsoft is going to update Live Search into Bing. They say it will bring you a better searching experience, including the ability to provide instant answers and a simpler but more colorful interface.

But with those new tools, I guess we all will say, Google has provided us with those. So, what do we actually really need in a perfect and complete search engine?

Perfect and Complete Search Engine

As far as I have experienced and concluded, a great search engine should be:

Complete: this means you can find everything you need here, any information or any picture.

Updated: this means when there are any new information or new websites, they will be indexed quickly.

Quick: this means results are given quickly and fast.

Relevant: this means it gives relevant results based on the keywords we type.

When a search engine is able to do all these, they are perfect for me.

Words and contents are important aspect when you are writing something; articles, website contents, blogs, newsletters, or even legal documents. You don’t just write anything you want without considering the proper words and the right contents to put in.

However, sometimes some writers or people just find the easiest way to get their job done. There have been many cases of “copying and pasting” habit as it seems to be the easiest way to do. Actually, you should not copy and paste others’ work with the exact same words or contents without paraphrasing it or quoting the original source or author. However, the fact shows that copying and pasting articles writing, website contents, or even legal documents has been common phenomena.

There have been many writers copying and pasting others’ articles to be put in their website without stating the original author or source. There are also website content updaters who just copy and paste others’ websites contents into theirs by searching for similar websites with similar natural ideas, and copying any information they need.

How Worse Can Copying and Pasting Habit Lead to?

For you who still think that there are no bad consequences from this common habit, I will say you are definitely wrong. When the original owners of the contents realize what you have done, they will take necessary action to protect their copyright.

As a start, they might report it to the web host you use or the articles submission websites where it is published that you are taking their copyright without any permission. They have full right to do it as it is theirs and you have done copyright infringement to their work. And then,your accounts or your contents or your articles will be removed permanently and you may get banned too.

Additionally, they can even sue you with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) law or other applicable law over what you’ve done. By that time, you’ll have none to blame for your own fault. So, from now on, consider for thousand times first before deciding to copy and paste anything.


When you own a website, you don’t just build and develop it the way you want without some good knowledge, especially when it is not just a personal website. Search Engine Optimization is all you need to have a successful online home.

But wait, there are two SEOs that you need to achieve, on page and off page. Before your website is fully furnished, start with on page SEO. Maybe some of you question what the difference between those SEOs are. Well, here they are.

On Page SEO
On page means that you need to do the SEO on your pages in your websites. How? Optimize your keywords, web contents, designs, title tags, meta tags. After you have decided your what your website is all about, you need to arrange those stuffs properly on your website.

At the main page, it is better to target and put the proper and strong keywords.  Put the proper heading tags from h1 to h7, commonly used in most web pages to emphasize on key points. And on these heading tags, include your key phrases to grab search engines’ attention. You can add some formats to the tags too such as bold or italics, that helps to strengthen the key phrases.

If you use images in your website, make sure that you include img alt tags to include keyword phrases. It is used along with image tag to inform the visitors about the image when the website is used in non-compatible browsers. This is an important tip for on page SEO.

File names and folders used in your website are also crawled by search engine robots. Using keyword rich folder names and file names will greatly help search engines to index your website for those specific keywords. By optimizing on page strategies, it is an efficient start up to succeed your SEO strategies.

Off Page SEO
Off page means that you do all you can to optimize your website outside the web pages element (off page). And this can be done through the right set of strategies as I once wrote in my blog earlier.

Simply, you have to promote your sites in other websites or build your credibility in online world. Try to write good content articles and submit them to articles websites with back links to your own websites. When readers like what you write and feel helped, they will be curious to visit your website.

Also, try to join forum websites suitable to your website. Do some helpful postings and provide the right answers or solutions to people participating there. Publish your signature with backlinks to your sites will gain you traffic to your website and help your SEO off the page.

Additionally, you can include your website to some directory websites or do social bookmarking and social networking as the publicity of your online existence. All of these are simple but effective strategies for off page SEO.

Both on page and off page strategies are very significant in succeeding your SEO. To exist successfully in online world, you must do these two steps. First is on page. Then, you  perfect it with the off page SEO.