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Green hosting is our ticket to a more natural and healthy environment. Of course it is! This is a famous statement that we hear nowadays in the hosting industry. Everybody wants to claim themselves as a green host. Why? Being a green host will make people consider them as a noble host, doing well for a better living and environment. However, do you think they are all really a green host? To tell you the truth, there are few types of hosts calling themselves “green”.

Using Wind Power and Solar Energy

The first type of a green host is those who build data center and have servers with wind power and solar energy. They run servers with renewable energy. Also, their offices and servers use biogas, solar, wind, or geothermal energy and they also produce their own energy in house. Even further, some hosts have acquired Renewable Energy Certificate, ensuring they run eco-friendly power for their hosting business. For this one, we can really consider them as a good green host as they really use renewable energy to ensure that they keep the environment safe. Moreover, of course that means a good green hosting costs more expensively than the regular hosting.

Tree Planting

However, not all hosts claiming themselves as green hosts doing those stuffs as it is costly. The second type I will share with you now is those preferring to plant more trees to be considered “green”. Planting a tree to offset your carbon use sounds great; however, is there a real value out of it? Of course it is much cheaper and there is a real value somehow. I call it somehow as growing trees are not in an instance. However, it takes years or decades to really get the good effect. For hosts choosing this way, it seems that they just take the easiest and cheapest way for their own credibility.

My Point?

I am not saying that any of them is a bad idea. On the contrary, I am touched that any of us prefer to show their care to the environment where we live now and later. However, it will be very necessary that we also try to analyze whether they really do good for a better living or just try to get credibility for their own business by taking the simplest way only for them. Just look and feel.

~Gabrielle C~

What is in your mind when you hear the term “Green Hosting”? It involves the idea of a new hosting solution that offers hosting service without negative impact towards the environment. Green Hosting makes use of renewable energy and also offsets the carbon use (carbon neutral). Why do you think I strongly suggest this hosting service?

Energy Conservation and Money Saving

Green hosting helps us to save more energy since it uses wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power and bio fuel that can be renewed automatically at any time. We have nothing to worry about running out of energy since they will never run out. By using these resources, we can conserve the non-renewable energy and use it for another beneficial purpose. Moreover, with the usage of these renewable resources, we can save more and cost much less than if we use the non-renewable energy. These clearly make better difference between the non-renewable and renewable energy

Better Living for All Creatures

Additionally, the green hosting service also provides better places to live for all of us since it is carbon neutral and pollution free. Even more, it avoids deforestation that contributes to the cause of flood and the lack of fresh air. As a better option, green hosting promotes more to reforestation by planting more trees that helps to rebuild a good environment and land to live in. With the friendly environmental energy and more tree plantations, green hosting influences the development of better nature.

As an alternative to Solve Global Warming

Global warming has been a great concern of most people in this world these days and it has been increasing widespread recently. Due to this fact, having green hosting will be one of effective alternative solution to overcome the issue. How can it help? Well, one of the green hosting projects is offsetting the usage of combusting methane, which is known to have greater possibility of global warming potential. By offsetting the use of methane, green hosting has helped to reduce the issue of global warming.

The Point Taken is…

By joining the green hosting plan instead of the regular hosting plans, I’m sure we can do much better good that is mutual for us and the environment. The time has come for us to consider not only for our own profit but also for the creatures’ life and the environment too. With green hosting, we prove ourselves to be better humanity.

-Gabrielle Capstick-