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April the 1st – Happy april Fools Day for you! It’s time to fool and spread the hoax as only on this day you can possibly do this without being slapped, kicked, hit, yet, or blamed. Hoaxes and other jokes with various types can be done to friends, families, enemies, or neighbors, which is to embarrass the gullible people on purpose. Just choose your hoax or joke and do! But wait, since when did we start to fool people on this day?

The Origin of April Fool’s Day

Very long time ago, ancient culture like the Romans and the Hindus celebrated New Year on April 1. And in medieval times, most of the Europe parts celebrated March 25 as the beginning of a new year  (New Year’s Day) with the Feast of Annunciation.

However, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new Gregorian Calendar to replace the old Julian Calendar. And in this new calendar, New Year’s Day is celebrated on January the 1st. Since then, The European countries started to adopt and shift New Year to January 1.

There had been so many rumors about the date replacement. For examples; many people refused to accept the new date or even did not know about that, and still celebrated New Year on April 1. And, there is even more.

Others began to make fun of these traditional people by sending them tricks to make them believe something false. And this habit to fool people on this day began to spread throughout Europe and then to other countries as it is greatly known nowadays.

What Kind of Jokes or Hoaxes Do People Spread?

ANYTHING! Yes, as you can see and as far as I am sure, any kind of hoaxes can flow like water everywhere on this day to everybody and everybody can do it – radio stations, TV stations, magazines, books, newspapers, gameshows, online websites, or even people on the streets.

From anyone, there have been so many famous hoaxes ever. For example, one famous hoax was Spaghetti trees, informed by The BBC television programme (Panorama) in 1957, showing the Swiss harvesting spaghetti from trees. This caused a large number of people contacted the BBC to know how to plant and take care of their own spaghetti trees.

There was also another famous hoax about Tower of Pisa in Italy. What was it about? Well, the Dutch television news reported once in the 1950s that the Tower had fallen over. This hoax did cause a great shock. Many people had contacted the station just to know if it was true. So, you notice right? Anything can be made into false news on April 1st to joke with people who can easily trust.

As this day only falls once a year, we should enjoy it and have no negative feeling towards the jokes and hoaxes. Just have a great time cause after all, they are just jokes and fun tradition to do.