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PPC advertisement is one of the most effective methods to get new customers and leads to online business. It is a way by which companies expand their business and profits. But only few people gets success in their aim of growing traffic and profit while others fail to get because of mistakes. Lets us see 7 mistakes of PPC Advertising.


Redirecting to Home Page:

Don’t redirect your visitors to home page because they will not be in a position to go through all the content in your site. Instead create a landing page which is in relevance with your ad and send your users there. This should include headlines, content, text, images, and call-to-actions. Find a more detailed explanation of conversion rate optimization here.

Avoiding Geographical Target:

It is a general psychology of the people that they usually prefer local brands or the brands which are meant for them. So instead of advertising all over the world target a particular state and post some ads by mentioning the name of a particular state. You will definitely get a good click through rate(CTR) and a low cost per click(CPC).

Irrelevant Landing Page:

Include the content of your advertisement in your landing page. For example, if you are offering 30% discount then include that in your landing page because visitors usually click your ad to see those things which has attracted them and if they don’t find them then they will leave.

No Ad Testing:

Ad tests are paramount in determining the words, phrases, and propositions that appeal the most to your target audience. Maybe it’s a tempting offer (free shipping) or a quick testament to your company’s credibility (90 percent success rate). Ad testing is a powerful way to improve campaign performance.

To start, try testing at three different ads per ad group (set ad rotation to even). I first recommend testing three philosophically different ads. Once you have a sample of 300 clicks per ad, you should be able to begin to determine winners and losers by ROI. Be careful not to judge by CTR alone, as high click through rates can actually be detrimental to a campaign if they do not result in conversions.

For phase two of ad testing, experiment with language refinement to further boost returns. You should find that strong adjectives such as “powerful” go along way in further improving your ad. Again, keep your first winning ad as the control.

Sticking to Adwords

There is no doubt that adwords is one of the greatest source of getting traffic and business and it brings almost double profit when compared to others but don’t stick to adwords as due to this you may lose huge opportunity that lies in MSN or any other network.

Not properly managing negative keywords.

At the core of your PPC campaign lie the keywords you choose to target in your campaign. Many times advertisers will use a broad match that connects keywords to synonyms and misspelled versions of keywords. Many of these broad match terms will contain words that demonstrate the searcher is not a potential customer.

For example, you may sell flowers but not flower pots. You choose a broad match so you hit phrases like “buy flower bouquet.” Your broad match might also draw in searches for “flower pots” on the keyword “flower.” If you mark “pots” as a negative keyword, this will increase your click through rate (CTR) and your conversions because your ad will appear before fewer non-interested searchers.

Negative keywords help you hone your ad placement, and you can find good suggestions of words to eliminate in many places. Start by reviewing the keywords on which your ads have placed. Look for obvious mismatches between the searcher’s goals and your ad’s offering. Check your Google Analytics reports as well to see keywords that do not reflect your goals.

Using Telephone Numbers

Using a telephone number within your PPC ad is an eye catcher … that’s all. Not many people will pick up their phone and dial your number if they see your ad. So what you’re doing is just wasting space that can be used for a good message. Tests have been done and this was proven quite a few times … get rid of that phone number in the ad.