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When you own a website, you don’t just build and develop it the way you want without some good knowledge, especially when it is not just a personal website. Search Engine Optimization is all you need to have a successful online home.

But wait, there are two SEOs that you need to achieve, on page and off page. Before your website is fully furnished, start with on page SEO. Maybe some of you question what the difference between those SEOs are. Well, here they are.

On Page SEO
On page means that you need to do the SEO on your pages in your websites. How? Optimize your keywords, web contents, designs, title tags, meta tags. After you have decided your what your website is all about, you need to arrange those stuffs properly on your website.

At the main page, it is better to target and put the proper and strong keywords.  Put the proper heading tags from h1 to h7, commonly used in most web pages to emphasize on key points. And on these heading tags, include your key phrases to grab search engines’ attention. You can add some formats to the tags too such as bold or italics, that helps to strengthen the key phrases.

If you use images in your website, make sure that you include img alt tags to include keyword phrases. It is used along with image tag to inform the visitors about the image when the website is used in non-compatible browsers. This is an important tip for on page SEO.

File names and folders used in your website are also crawled by search engine robots. Using keyword rich folder names and file names will greatly help search engines to index your website for those specific keywords. By optimizing on page strategies, it is an efficient start up to succeed your SEO strategies.

Off Page SEO
Off page means that you do all you can to optimize your website outside the web pages element (off page). And this can be done through the right set of strategies as I once wrote in my blog earlier.

Simply, you have to promote your sites in other websites or build your credibility in online world. Try to write good content articles and submit them to articles websites with back links to your own websites. When readers like what you write and feel helped, they will be curious to visit your website.

Also, try to join forum websites suitable to your website. Do some helpful postings and provide the right answers or solutions to people participating there. Publish your signature with backlinks to your sites will gain you traffic to your website and help your SEO off the page.

Additionally, you can include your website to some directory websites or do social bookmarking and social networking as the publicity of your online existence. All of these are simple but effective strategies for off page SEO.

Both on page and off page strategies are very significant in succeeding your SEO. To exist successfully in online world, you must do these two steps. First is on page. Then, you  perfect it with the off page SEO.