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14th of February. It is one of the days of the year when everyone celebrate and remember to shower their beloved ones with care and meaningful gifts. In the streets, you see guys stopping by the corner florist to purchase a bouquet of roses. Downtown, shops at every corner are offering valentine discounts for every item possible. Even online stores are jumping on the bandwagon.

As a matter of fact, it is the ecommerce cousins that fare better, especially in tough economic times like now. This is because customers tend to get bigger discounts online. Just in 2008 alone, online Valentine’s Day sales revenue reaches the $1 billion mark.

So, if you were planning to start an online ecommerce store, this could be the perfect time for you to market your products!

Anything that Sell Well…

You can sell apparels, photo frames, poetic gift cards, photo-printed mugs, lovely gift boxes, and many more!… But don’t just stop with the traditional ones.  Electronic gadgets such as PDA, pink iPods (and its accessories), digital cameras, MP3 players, laptops, and the ever increasingly popular netbooks are top choices too.

Promoting Your Online Presence

You need to get the word out! And there are various methods to do just that.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your online ecommerce store by researching the appropriate keywords to use. When your website is search engine ready, update your e-commerce site by placing your best offers at the home page. Also provide clear important information on every page such as the last shipping dateline. You also need to update about available and unavailable items. It will be even better to customize a search tool for visitors to browse and narrow their search results by gift recipient, personality, price, or category so they will find exactly what they really want.

Email Marketing

If you already have your customer based, this can be the easiest way to spread the word. You should improve your email marketing words to create urgency of the benefits of getting things done far before the last minutes. Send reminder emails until the Valentine’s Day itself to recipients who might haven’t read the previous messages. To help your marketing, cooperate with affiliates and inform them for products or banners in their websites. Two people working are always better than one. The heaviest Valentine’s sales days will be around one week before February 14. Include the latest dates possible for shipping to ensure that they won’t receive their gift items late.

Social Media

Another option to campaign your Valentine’s offers can be done through the most famous social networking site nowadays, Facebook. Facebook enables you to have simple advertisements for online marketing. You can customize your targets’ gender, location, age, relationship status, or interests. You can feel relieved as the advertisement delivery is accurate. And just for additional information, Facebook users navigate from newsfeed to profile to applications.

Advertising on applications is also effective in Facebook. Some of the most popular applications  for  males include SuperPoke, iLike, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, PetrolHead, Vampires, Slayers and Werewolves, are you interested, meet new people, hot cute or okay, or hot bids.

Of course with so many items to sell, you may want to start early so that your customers have enough time to choose the appropriate gift. So start it now don’t wait to the last minutes!

Setting up your website database is complicated and hard? That means you have to try SQLite. If you are not familiar, let’s have a glance.

What is SQLite?

It is a self-contained, zero-configuration, and transactionalSQLdatabase system that makes your database management simpler and easier than you can ever imagine before. It has mostly all features of SQL92.

Not just stopping there, this system also supports transactional feature with the ACID capability, which stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. It generates the idea that with this capability, nothing can really disturb any database transaction.

This means that even if when there is power failure, operating system crash, or program crash when using SQLite, it will not interrupt the transaction process of database management system and you don’t have to recover any files due to these circumstances. I am sure you will find this brilliant.

What Makes It Better and Simple?

What you have to know first about SQLite is that you have nothing to worry about dizzying database installation that often comes up in your mind. SQLite provides you the easiest way. Zero configuration is required when you set up or install SQLite since it doesn’t need any configuration files to be running.

Using SQLite, there will be no need to tell the system that it is installed, no restarting and no stopping for configuration. It works automatically. Even when power failure or system crash happens, it doesn’t need to recover and will keep running normally as it does. The idea is all about simplicity.

Other database engines may not always be applicable in most platforms (not cross-platform). However, it’s not the way SQLite operates. So far, SQLite has been used for 125 millions copies in Mozilla Firefox, 20 millions installations in Mac OS X computers, 300 millions uses in Skype, also in Unix (Linux), Win32, and WinCE, meaning that it can be copied, downloaded, and used in possibly most ports or systems since it is a cross-platform database system.

Even better, not only in computer, you can also have it in your gadgets such as PDA or other cellular phones that operate with Symbian system and in MP3 players and ipod too. What a practical and portable database engine if I can say.

Additionally, SQLite performs much faster than the usual SQL. In some tests, it has been proved that SQLite 2.76 performs about 10 or 20 times faster than the default PostgreSQL 7.1.3 installation on RedHat 7.2 for most common operations. Other example, in a test between SQLite 2.76 and MySQL 3.23.41, SQLite performs twice faster in most operations. This means that SQLite has better speed than other popular client or server database engine.

The unbelievable excellent features of SQLite make it unbeatable. You better download and install this remarkable tool right away since many possible uses and applications are guaranteed such as for application file format, gadgets database, small to medium sized websites, internal or temporary database, stand-in for an enterprise RDBMS, and many more. Make up your mind now since the new version, SQLite 3.57, is now available and recommended for all users. Trust me, you will never regret.

Read more at http://www.sqlite.org/

– Gabrielle Capstick –