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Nobody doesn’t know online quizzes. They spread everywhere on the net and for you internet browsers, you must have been used to them. Yes, I know they are very fun to take. You can find out your real personality, suitable career, soulmate, etc that I am sure most people are interested to figure them out.

However, behind those funs, have you ever noticed the purposes of the quizzes creators behind the quizzes? Online quizzes are not created not only for your own fun time. There are more than just fun for them. It’s time for you to understand and be conscious about that.


Advertising is the basic reason why someone will create online quizzes. They won’t give you the quizess if they do not want to advertise their products and services to you. With those quizzes they get to know you better, your details, your information, and they will know how to reach you. With your details, they have a way to be connected to you.

For example, there is a quiz that implicitly make you spill out all of your sensitive information such as your family, age, or healthy habits; you then give them answers and when they detect any signs of depression from you, that will lead you to drug or medicine companies.

Many people have experienced this type of advertising. Even, some of my friends experienced it before. They answer questions with details, physical questions like your age, weight, height or emotional ones like what you feel in this kind of situation, what you will do when this happens, and so on. Right after they are processing to the result, all they found are just advertisements links.


Who doesn’t need money? Gaining your data is just the first step. Getting to your money access will be their final aim to achieve. Mostly, they put effort on this by trying to increase your curiosity to receive your online quiz result. They don’t let you know at first that you need to pay for some amount when you start the quiz. You will find out about that by the end of the quiz when you are clicking to get the result.

One of clear examples is the one usually happening with online IQ or personality online quizzes. Everybody is surely interested in knowing their potentials and personalities. Filling your data, answering the questions, processing to the result, and getting no result but requesting you to submit some amount of payment to their accounts so you can have your quizzes result.

It’s true. Maybe there is one or two that is not like that and they will give you the online quizzes result directly. However, the more you answer online quizzes, the more you’ll find out that all I am saying is true. I am not forcing you to believe me. Instead, you just need to prove it yourself.

For me, online quizzes are not fully for our own fun. There is more behind them, which the creators are willing to get from us. So, prepare yourself to face this when you experience it later.


Sometimes we are confused on how much resources we need for our website and then we’ll just go with the one offering us the largest one. Well, from my experience, you should  figure out the total size of your website by knowing first how many files and how much the files’ size will be in your website, including the image files. You actually will never know how much resources you’ll use in web hosting service before you finish all the whole website pages’ design. So What Should You Do to Check? Actually, for storage resource, you can check the size of the files in megabytes, including images, videos, mp3, html web pages, dynamic scripts, etc. How? Right click on the site folder, choose properties, and see the megabyte size of the folder. It will provide you a good estimation of how much space needed to host your web site.  And you will know that you don’t need too much resources as only little space is needed to host your website.

After you have known how much space required, start to ask these questions to yourself so you will know what more to determine for your website. First, are log files needed for your website? Remember that log files tend to spend your space quicker if your site is popular. Second, what about e-mail accounts like if you use webmails? Consider that if it is not maintained regularly, tons of junk mails will be in your e-mail and it will waste your space sooner too. And don’t forget database! If you have some database files and fill them them with customer registration or e-commerce data such as product information or archived materials, it will develop into large databases and grow very fast too. Another thing to pay attention is bandwidth, that is the measurement to manage resources by most web hosts. The limit for your site traffic can be set and is counted everytime someone visits your website (your website’s visitors). Why? It is because your web data is transfered through the Internet and from the web server where your site is hosted to the browser of the person visiting your website, which will create your website traffic. How much data transfer is done increases and becomes the prediction of how much bandwidth of your website is in one month. But how to estimate your bandwidth per month? Let’s say your web file is around 100 KB per page and you get around 50 visitors. Each visitor will view 7 pages. That means the bandwidth needed will be 100 KB x 50 visitors x 7 pages each one views, resulting on 35,000 KB or 35 MB bandwidth. And in one month, you will need 30 days x 35 MB, which equals to 1050 MB or 1.05 GB. And if you think this usage is too large and you’d like to reduce the bandwidth, you can do it by reducing your page size, files size, image size, or the number of files/images used in your website. It will be good if your home page is less than 50 KB and so are the other pages. Nowadays, a large number of successful small to large E-Commerce websites operate with not much storage space, ranging from only 10 MB to 200 MB.  However, the most seen difference today is storage space is sold much cheaper and web hosts give you much more than you really use; while earlier, storage space is not that cheap.  But don’t get influenced by large storage offer with cheap prices. My suggestion is, although storage space may be very cheap these days, don’t buy more than you need! Keep your money! You better buy one that give you the suitable space size for your website with good prices and quality.

Remember that if later you have reached the limit and may need more, you can always upgrade or buy more space based on your website needs. Also remember that if you have smaller site and smaller files size, your website pages will load much faster than those who have large files size or large websites. Keep in mind that people would prefer visit websites that load fast!