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Reseller Hosting: In earlier post we have described about our reseller package. Here we have described the mega saver reseller plans and features in detail. Choose any of these plans that best suits you – either premium reseller or blowout reseller. With our mega saver special reseller plans you can save up to $1000 and you can easily maximize your profits at minimum cost starting from only $14 onwards. Our reseller plans allow you to create unlimited websites featuring unlimited IPs, unlimited user accounts, no setup fee with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. You get all the essentials – a domain-for-life, manageable reseller account and your very own dedicated reseller specialist to assist you. We even include all the necessary technologies such as ASP, PHP, PERL, CGI, MySQL, ColdFusion and domain aliases. Check the offers and subscription details below,

Subscription Bonus Total Monthly 1/2 priced for the next
12 mo 24 mo $18.71 12 mo
24 mo 12 60 mo $14.97 24 mo
36 mo 24 96 mo $14.03 36 mo

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Yippie!!! Halloween’s around the corner! Get ready for the spooky Halloween, which is believed as the time when the boundaries between the worlds of the living and dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause some chaos like failed harvest or illnesses. You can celebrate this wonderful occassion with its famous activity, the trick or treat campaign. But don’t worry! We won’t trick you out of your hosting experience with us or do some chaos to your websites. Instead, we’d prefer giving you awesome web hosting deals as a treat for you in Halloween.

No Limit Website Hosting Hotdeal

With our No Limit Hotdeal, enjoy great discounts from 10% to 50% for all of our No Limit Web Hosting plans. Choose the one that suits you best at a very low cost from only $3.95/month for No Limit Website Hotdeal to $6.48/month for No Limit E-Commerce Hotdeal the highest after discounted if you subscribe for an annual payment. Get all the no limit features – domains, storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases, FTP, e-mail accounts – with our no limit plans!

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Mega Saver Resellers

Searching for a reseller package with generous bandwidth and storage but at a very affordable price? We have the best offer for you. Get a domain-for-life, manageable reseller account and your own reseller specialist! Not only that, all the necessary technologies such as ASP, PHP, PERL, CGI, MySQL, ColdFusion, Domain Aliases, Shell Access are also included. Starting from only $14.03/month, you can start your own web hosting company now!

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Addfunds Promo with 20% Free Hosting Credit

Hey wait! We still have another offer for you, the Addfunds promo, allowing you to earn extra 20 percent hosting credits when you top-up any amount of money into your account. Either domain purchase or billing cycle extension, you can choose which you’d like to do with the extra credits. How? Use Credit Card as your payment, submit your username or account number to us, and let us know how much you want to add. Then, we’ll do the rest and provide you with the additional 20% hosting credit.

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So what else are you waiting for? Have some more fun and treat for your Halloween now with our deals!