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When your site seems to be your whole life, SEO and SEM are no longer unfamiliar in your ears. However, do you really notice that they are different “roads” to take although they share the same idea, to drive more traffic to your site? Have you figured out which one to use for improving your site traffic? Or, deciding the best is still a big question mark for you? If so, let me help you erase all the confusion.

How is the Idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Everybody must have the picture of what SEO is in your mind. Nevertheless, nothing wrong to review it again. Frankly speaking, SEO refers to the strategies of increasing traffic site with appropriate keywords or tags, site design and structure, coding, or whatever directed to natural site optimization to target different search types such as usual search, image search, or others.

SEO is done through the calculation of mathematics, computer languages, and linguistics to define what people search for and to attract more clicks on a website. It basically aims to improve the site rank in search engines, especially those leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft. Why do you think rank is important? Very simple. The higher your site rank is, the better chance for attracting more visitors. And the higher traffic your site has, the higher your chance to grow your business and gain success.

And what about Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

People say that SEM is almost or exactly the same with SEO since they share the same purpose, to drive more traffic. However, when you dig deeper, you will know they work on different paths. When SEO has stuffs to do with coding, computing languages, calculation, designs, and structures (simply free of charge if you can do it by yourselves), SEM already includes SEO and paid listing or inclusion. You get what you pay for. Webmasters define SEM as internet marketing strategies.

This term, SEM, didn’t appear suddenly. SEO developed as SEM when it began to expand the strategies into marketing and advertising chances, pioneered by leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, by paying some amount of money to get included or listed. These are obviously beneficial for your site traffic. You pay and they’ll do the job for you. When you decide to use SEM, that will cover all possibilities to increase your site traffic and rank, involving payment for inclusion in search engines and listing in directories, online marketing strategies, and the SEO itself.

To Decide which One…

This now depends on how far the online success you want to achieve. It is now very crystal clear that both are very essential for your website revenues. There is none that  is exactly the best. The combination between them will be a great chance for you to develop online. What you need to do is calculating how much budget you want to spend since SEM is more costly than SEO only. However, money does talk. You can say that what you pay is what you get.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

For those who are familiar with website monitoring services, I bet you all must know about AWStats, an open source web analytics tool for analyzing data from internet services like web, streaming media, FTP server, or mail with graphical analysis. With AWStats, you can get outstanding benefits since it provides complete reports, analysis, and ready to use features that help perform your site well. Curious about how it helps for your site growth? Have a look at its wonderful features and offers.

Complete Tracking and Full Log Analysis for Your Site

Willing to know how the progress of your site is from time to time? You can check number of visits; visit durations; most viewed, entry, and exit pages; visits of robots, worms attacks, keywords to find your site in search engine, how many times your site is added to favorite bookmarks, and many more by using AWStats monitoring tool. Nothing to worry about losing any site progress that may happen when you use this tool. With the complete analysis, you will know how your site performs and how accessible it is to users whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly visit report.

Checking HTTP Error Pages

Additionally, AWStats monitoring tool is able to check HTTP pages like HTTP error pages including 404,403, 301, 400, 302, 206, 401, etc happening to your website when someone tries to click it. Sometimes users often find these types of error pages and might get confused. By using AWStats, you can know how much these error codes are shown when users visit your website so that you can improve your site for better future performance since you don’t want your users or potential users leave your site forever, right?

With these awesome features, I bet you are now convinced to use it for your site. However, some of you surely still doubt about how to use it well if you don’t know technical skill. On the contrary, I’m sure you don’t want to lose any of these profitable offers just because of technical stuff.

Still Doubting Since You Don’t Know Any Technical Skill?

Proper web log analysis tool configuration and report interpretation surely requires a bit of technical and business knowledge that not all people expertise in the subjects. However, don’t bother about this since AWStats provides us with complete documentation that will guide us clearly about its enormous features, how to set up and configure, and also some interesting topics such as AWStats comparisons with other log analyzer, FAQ, or troubleshooting matter. Even more, AWStats also provides us with user community forum in which all its users can share their knowledge, ask whatever comes to their mind, and get solutions for their problems in using AWStats by communicating with other users and helping each other. You just have to create a forum account and post a thread every time you have inquiries and many will be pleased to help you.

What Should You Do Next?

Considering there are so many genuine pluses AWStats can offer for your site, be sure that it is very profitable for you to use this tool for monitoring your site if your business depends on your site. Don’t waste more time to rethink more since we all know every single second is valuable for achieving your online goals.

-Gabrielle Capstick-