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We have launched our affiliate program which enables you to earn by sharing our products on your website, your social networking pages, etc. Get a massive flat 30% commission on each sale. This is actually a relaunch, our earlier version of the affiliate system is buggy and couldn’t able to track the conversions properly.

At that time we have retired that system and now we are introducing a lot  more better and sophisticated affiliate system with accurate conversion tracking and this time we increased our commission rates as well from 25% to 30%. We request all the old affiliate users to delete your old affiliate tracking code and get your new code after login in to the affiliate system. There is another great news for the webmasters as now all our affiliate links are absolutely search engine friendly URLs. Yes, that is true, new URLs will look like /12451.html etc.Web Hosting Affiliate Program

The affiliate who has pending commissions in their accounts, please read this carefully.

After verifying all the earlier pending commissions we found that all of those pending commissions are fake and never exists. So we have cleaned and cancelled those pending commissions and launched our new powerful affiliate system after a thorough verification and tests.

Top 10 Benefits with our Affiliate Program:

  • Highest Paid Commissions in the Industry.
  • Not Limited to Billing Periods (HOT and HOT)
  • 100% Pure SEO Friendly URLs (Awesome).
  • High Sale amount means higher Payout Commissions.
  • Highest Conversions possibility with stunning features.
  • Best Web Hosting products in terms of features and Price.
  • Payouts Through Paypal (Simple, Reliable)
  • Real-time statistics.
  • IP & cookie-based tracking (Most Effective).
  • Easy-to-Use control panel

3 Easy Steps to Start Earnings:

  1. Signup our affiliate program.
  2. Select your banner and get the HTML code.
  3. Place the banner code in your website and start earning.

So what are you waiting for?, come and join our affiliate program and start your earning immediately.

We have introduced SSL Certificates to secure your site and to let your customers know that your site is secure and transactions are safe. The reason customers prefer SSL certified websites is there are many security threats which can result in data loss,previously users were unaware of those issues but now visitors are aware of those threats and demand for a secure site. Therefore, SSL certificate is a best way to show your site is secure.

We are offering Comodo SSL Certificates, Geotrust SSL Certificates, Verisign SSL Certificates, Thawte SSL Certificates at very affordable price.

Key Features:

  • 99.3% browser compatibility
  • Upto 256 bit encrytion
  • Free Site Seal which can be kept anywhere on the site
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Upto $1,500,000 Warranty

Do you think having SSL will increase your visitors trust factor?, let us know in the comments section below.

Yesterday we sent out a customer satisfaction survey to all our customers, if anyone didn’t get e-mails, you can find the survey URL here.. Take a Survey. We are getting some great responses from our customers, what an amazing suggestions!, we are overwhelmed by so many positive reviews and also some mixed problems as well. We are here to tell you that, we are going to contact every one of you to work on your issues and the suggestions you made to improve Host Department.

What a fantastic customers we have, we are proud and thank you for being with and in our HD family. We are assuring you that each of your queries are going to be addressed. We are working on some new ways to solve some on-going issues, once we come to a conclusion on how to solve them, we will e-mail you with the possible suggestions on how to resolve your on-going issues permanently.

Thank you,

Host Department LLC

Support Team.

Hello There! Just few months ago, we improved our affiliate program by perfecting the commission payout scheme. Do you still remember what that is? If it is almost out of our memory, the best thing to do now is to refresh the idea once again.

Recapping – our earlier Affiliate Program allowed commission payout after the new customers from the sales made by our affiliates confirmed to us that they did buy through the affiliates’ websites. However, we found that it is too hassling for our affiliates who’ve spent their time and provided some space for us in their websites to promote our products and services.

That is why we tweaked the scheme much better. No more confirmation needed from the new customers for affiliates to receive their commissions. Right after 45 days of the sales date, affiliates’ commissions of 25% from total web hosting sales are directly cashed out (minimumly $10) to affiliate PayPal account.

What More Have We Improved Recently to Move a Step Further?
Continuing from what we did to improve our Affiliate Program, we have now used the latest version of our Affiliate tracking tool, to ensure that everything runs perfect for our affiliates. Yes, we happily announce that we have upgraded our Affiliate tracking tool (IdevAffiliate) into version 6, with better features and reliability.

With version 6, affiliates can have better marketing features and more accurate statistics about commission and traffic statistics generated from the affiliates’ websites. The marketing features are also complete and help the affiliates to be able to generate sales better, meaning that to get them more commissions from the sales.

The marketing features include the various attractive banners with various designs and sizes that affiliates can use and place in their websites to attract more potential buyers to purchase Host Department products from their websites. The step is really easy as they just need to copy and paste the banners’ html codes in their websites.

There are also text ads that contain influencing words about Host Department quality products. Using these text ads, affiliates will be able to advertise our products with the right and suitable marketing words. Affiliates can copy and paste the text ads linking codes to integrate in their websites.

Additionally, there are also email templates that affiliates can use to offer Host Department products to their friends, families, or relatives. We have provided the right templates for affiliates to use if they’d like to offer our products to people they know through emails.

With these features included, IdevAffiliate 6 will be the most powerful and helpful tracking software for affiliates to be able to achieve more sales and commissions. So what are you waiting for? With better tool provided and huge amount of commission offered, joining Host Department Affiliate Program will be a success for you.


Hello there! Today, we’d like to inform you about an important update about our server  in New Jersey. But first of all, we’d like to relay our profound gratitude to all of customers who have trusted us to host their critical websites.

To show our full respect, we are here to update you with little issue that was currently happening in some of our servers in New Jersey. It took place on Saturday, March 21, 2009 from around 10 pm to 3 am at night.

What was happening was that our servers got too much heat in their performance. And because of that, the Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) automatically shut down the electricity and got burnt. The function of the MCB itself is to automatically shut the electricity down whenever the power/energy used is more than it should be to avoid short circuit.

The affected servers at that time were the California, Detroit, Dakota, Storm, Sonic, Thunder, Colorado, and Lotus server. It affected the Control Panel and also database access, which happened on Rack II in our New Jersey data center.

However, please have no worry as the broken Mini Circuit Breaker has now been replaced with the new one and all servers are now performing well again without any further issue. Our qualified staffs and team have taken care and solved the issue perfectly.

Regarding this issue, we are really sorry to have caused any possible inconveniences at your end. We really didn’t mean to have all this happen. This issue has helped us to learn from our imperfection to provide you with more improved services in the future.

Furthermore, we really appreciate and thank you for your kind support towards our web hosting service. If there is any valuable feedback from you, we will be very happy to hear that. And should you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at http://support.hostdepartment.com/

Best regards,