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It’s been a while since there’s any updates here. I wouldn’t want you to think that Host Department is losing our touches with you and ourselves.

First of all, thank you for your confidence and support. So many of you have written in, giving feedbacks on what we can and should do to further improve our service. We know that to have reliable support in times when you needed it the most can be critical and nothing is really worth their weight in gold compared to quality customer service.

Two months is indeed a short time in terms of improving that synergy. Even successful football teams takes years to build upon their reputation. Yet today, we can stand proud to say that, “Host Department provides passionate, positive, proactive, understanding and focused support.”

Secondly, our Chairman, Jimmy R Tanzil, will be delegating this blog to me to continue from now onwards.

Upon saying that, I am sure you will wonder where’s Jimmy? I like to reassure you that he is still around, except that he’s going to be focusing on other issues. With his current schedule, he’s having lesser and lesser time to blog. And having a blog without any updates will not serve the purpose of having it, isn’t it? You will still be able to catch him for questions if you like.

I like to make this blog into an all-purpose blog. Not just a place where you get to interact with us, but also enable you to get updates regarding what’s happening here in Host Department.

– Bun Sentoso