When emails are very essential for your business, webmail is no longer a new stuff. Using it, you can access your email accounts and grab your emails wherever you are as long as your computer has internet connection and web browser.

Speaking of which, let me introduce you to one of the best, Horde webmail. Horde allows you to manage your emails easily with its rich features and stability. If you go on reading further, you will know how it rocks in its performance and features.

Server Stability
As you may have known, Horde is perfect for its stability when you have a large number of emails and attachments in your account. Let say you already have thousands of emails in your account and many of them have large size file attachments, Horde will not suffer in performance. There is no need anymore to delete any important emails that you may need to re-read in the future.`

Also, You can handle larger attachments and save more emails in your account without hesitating about the server load and speed. And as an additional benefit, Horde also allows you to download a large number of attachment files in zip files, making it easier for you to collect and save your attachments.

Message Filtering (Spam filter)
I bet you are surely unwilling to have your inbox filled with junk emails everyday. To get over this annoying problem, Horde lets you filter your emails into folders and block junk emails by generating filter rules for the incoming mails. You just need to edit the filter rules and set from which address is identified as spams. By using this feature, you will reduce the possibility of getting more junk emails, that is wasting your precious time and taking your attention.

HTML Composition, WYSIWIG editor, and Graphical Emoticons
What is even more interesting with Horde is you can compose your emails with HTML to make it neater and well-managed instead of writing it in plain text form only. And when you don’t know how the email will look like at the end, you can edit it with the WYSIWYG editor to ensure everything is right and meet your need. Even better, it also provides you with graphical emoticons that make your emails more attractive and have personal touch to the receiver. Horde offers an interesting composition to your email message.

After little introduction…
Now that you know how to access your emails wherever you are practically, you will not lose any chance to grab them on time for the importance of your business. Horde will help you much in handling your emails, anytime, anywhere.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

Wanna know the update Host Department’s having at the moment? We gladly announce that we have launched a new cost-efficient bundle plan, No Limit Double Deluxe Special, providing you our famous No Limit Developer Unix and Windows .NET in a single plan. This unique bundle allows you to take the advantage from the features and technologies of both Unix and Windows at a single cost only, $7.95 per month.

For the first time, we combine our two powerful plans, the Developer Unix and Windows .NET plan, to let you enjoy the amazing technologies of two hosting environments. This is the answer for your hosting needs – the Windows-exclusive technology including ASP.NET, SQL Server, ODBC and IIS6, together with trusted UNIX features like PHP, PERL and CGI – beautifully packaged into one perfect plan.

Why Do You Need to Subscribe?

Usually, you pay one you get one, always like that. When you need both Unix and Windows, you pay twice and it’s cost-taking plus pain in the ass for your saving. With our special plan, you just pay from only $13.95 per month (monthly payment) until $7.95 per month, very affordable pricing when you sign up for 36 months.

As a reminder, the regular No Limit Developer Unix costs from $8.95 monthly to $5.95 per month for at least annual payment. Moreover, No Limit Developer Windows .NET costs you even higher, from $10.95 in a monthly basis to $7.95 the cheapest for annual billing or more. Now, calculate how much you will spend for two plans if both of them are required for your hosting needs but don’t scream ok! Why should you pay one and get one when you can pay one and get two?

Stop yourselves from wasting your money unnecessarily!

Throw your confusion away when you need both Unix and Windows. We offer the best solution to solve your worries. Get the most from our No Limit Developer Unix and Windows .NET and sign up now!

For further details, visit http://www.hostdepartment.com/doubledeluxe_webhosting/

-Gabrielle Capstick-

Scams – they come from many different flavors. Some are downright obvious, like eBay and PayPal sites stealing your identity. Then, there is a generous Nigerian who is willing to give you millions in cash. Yet, other scams can be a little hard to detect. These scams do not directly target you. Instead, they may target your business (or your online business) and can have very damaging effects if you are not cautious.

Today, let me share a little about a “harmless” scam that seems very above-the-board at first, but is really not so when you dig deeper beyond the obvious.

Domain name is the most important item for a company to have in the Internet. Without it, there will be no such company. People can’t visit your website with ease (just imagine remembering all those IP numbers). Regarding that simple but significant issue, domain can be one of the prime targets for scammers. who are they and how do they trick you out of your domain?

Most scammers nowadays come from the China domain registrars; they e-mail you, say that there is third party trying to steal your trademark, and suggest you to register all China extension domain names referring to your company (like .cn, tw, hk) with them. It’s not new for my company as during the last one month, there have been few typical e-mails sent to us.

Dear Manager,

We are Fexon Technology Limited, which is the domain name register center in China. I have something to confirm with you. We have received an application formally, one company named “Chesterton Holdings LLC” applies for the domain names(hostdepartment.com.tw hostdepartment.com.hk, hostdepartment.net.cn, yourcompany.org.cn, etc.) and the internet Brand Name(yourcompany)on the internet Apr. 3, 2008. We need to know the opinion of your company, because the domain names and keywords may relate to the usufruct of brand name on internet. We would like to get the affirmation of your company, please contact us by telephone or email as soon as possible. Please let someone in your company who is responsible for trademark or intellectual right contact me freely.

We didn’t know it was just a scam. I searched in search engines and found out these cases have been undergone by many companies. China domain registrars contacted them, told them that another company was trying to register domains referring to their trademark, and advised them to register the domains with the China registrar. What did I do next? I replied them politely and said that our company has no plan to expand to China; so, there is no need to register the domains with them.

Did it stop? Wrong guess! Two or three weeks after, we received another e-mail from another China domain registrar. Awesome! Two companies but the same type, scam. It said like this:

We are Shanghai NIC Internet Service Co.,Ltd, an oversea domain name registration organization. On April. 28th 2008, we received the Aiffida Investment company’s application that they want to register the ¡°hostdepartment¡± as their CN domain name and the Internet Brand. It’s our duty to tell you this matter in order to avoid the unnecessary Intellectual Property dispute .We want to confirm whether you have authorized the company to register. If you haven’t, please let me know whether you need to protect your domain name and the Internet Brand or not. According to the register principle, the original owner of the trademark has the priority to register. The priority time is 5-7 workdays, if your company give up the priority, we will accept the Aiffida company’s register request and help the company register after the time is over. Best regards!

Dylan Lan, China Internet Network approve Organization -Shanghai NIC Internet Service Co.,Ltd

Regarding the ticket, we sent a polite reply, saying that nobody can steal any company’s trademark and if there is, necessary lawful action will be taken; but tell you what, he sent another e-mail, the same point in paraphrased sentences. They sounded the same to me honestly, annoying huh?

We are now auditing the application of Aiffida company. Hereby I need to tell you that Aiffida company is using the trademark “hostdepartment” to register the top domain in China “transactiondirectory.cn, hostdepartment.com.hk, hostdepartment.com.tw, hostdepartment.net.cn, hostdepartment.org.cn ” and internet brand “hostdepartment”. These domain names and internet brand involves your company¡¯s benefit and reputation, according to domain name registration principle, we are responsible to bring this issue to your attention. If you want to object Aiffida to register ,there is only one way is to register these domain name by yourself and prevent other to register it . If you need to register it ,we will send you an application form according to the procedure of registration .After you fill out ,please send me back .We will use it to reject Aiffida’s application and help your company to finish the registration

Best wishes! Dylan

Don’t you think it was already unbearable anymore? Replying this, we were not that tolerating anymore. We stated directly that they are included in the list of scam registrar companies and asked for their explanation. This was effective because no more e-mail again from them since then.

What to Learn from the Lesson?

I found articles about people’s similar experiences and even the law document about China domain registration. It’s true we will impossibly expand our business in China regions if a third party registers domain names referring to our company since the law doesn’t allow different organizations refer to the same trademark. On one hand, it seems they are helping to save our trademark from being stolen. However, be aware that the cases are not rare and it is silly to straightly trust them and register some domain names in a rush. We should at least check them out for their reliability.

Mostly, their strategy in tricking us is just exactly like our experience. They contact by e-mail and say that a third party company (is there any?) is trying to register some China domains referring to our brand and it will influence our trademark badly on the sight of our customers. No doubt about that (if the case exists). However, to tell you the truth, what they are doing is just trying to fool us for their profit since the Domain Name Registration usually costs higher than the usual one.

Even worse, are you sure it will guarantee your brand is safe once you register those domains to them? The answer is no since they just manipulate our money by selling the domains expensively at $20-$50 a year for one China domain. If we really want to register the domain names and protect our trademark, do it with reliable domain registrars to ensure that our trademark is really protected.

For information, the China government internet network institution, CNNIC, has exposed the lists of China domain registrars that are scams, as you can have a look at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?p=6944670. In the provided link, you’ll be assured that these companies have grown abundantly in number, meaning that you should be more concerned when any of these registrars contact you through e-mail. Even more, who knows if the number has increased? Just beware! You don’t want to lose some money worthlessly for sure.

So, don’t get tricked by the domain scammers. Just inform them that we can take any lawful action for trademark thief and if they insist, let them realize what they should know about themselves.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

When your site seems to be your whole life, SEO and SEM are no longer unfamiliar in your ears. However, do you really notice that they are different “roads” to take although they share the same idea, to drive more traffic to your site? Have you figured out which one to use for improving your site traffic? Or, deciding the best is still a big question mark for you? If so, let me help you erase all the confusion.

How is the Idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Everybody must have the picture of what SEO is in your mind. Nevertheless, nothing wrong to review it again. Frankly speaking, SEO refers to the strategies of increasing traffic site with appropriate keywords or tags, site design and structure, coding, or whatever directed to natural site optimization to target different search types such as usual search, image search, or others.

SEO is done through the calculation of mathematics, computer languages, and linguistics to define what people search for and to attract more clicks on a website. It basically aims to improve the site rank in search engines, especially those leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft. Why do you think rank is important? Very simple. The higher your site rank is, the better chance for attracting more visitors. And the higher traffic your site has, the higher your chance to grow your business and gain success.

And what about Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

People say that SEM is almost or exactly the same with SEO since they share the same purpose, to drive more traffic. However, when you dig deeper, you will know they work on different paths. When SEO has stuffs to do with coding, computing languages, calculation, designs, and structures (simply free of charge if you can do it by yourselves), SEM already includes SEO and paid listing or inclusion. You get what you pay for. Webmasters define SEM as internet marketing strategies.

This term, SEM, didn’t appear suddenly. SEO developed as SEM when it began to expand the strategies into marketing and advertising chances, pioneered by leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, by paying some amount of money to get included or listed. These are obviously beneficial for your site traffic. You pay and they’ll do the job for you. When you decide to use SEM, that will cover all possibilities to increase your site traffic and rank, involving payment for inclusion in search engines and listing in directories, online marketing strategies, and the SEO itself.

To Decide which One…

This now depends on how far the online success you want to achieve. It is now very crystal clear that both are very essential for your website revenues. There is none that  is exactly the best. The combination between them will be a great chance for you to develop online. What you need to do is calculating how much budget you want to spend since SEM is more costly than SEO only. However, money does talk. You can say that what you pay is what you get.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

As it has been for the last two months, here we are again to report completely our uptime fact in December 2008. Averagely, the uptime record has been listed as below:

% Time OK % Time Critica
FTP 99.978% 0.022%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.292% 0.708%
SMTP 99.292% 0.70




Averagely, for FTP service, we reach 99.98% uptime, meaning that we have 0.02% critical time. This is 0.01% less than guaranteed and we apologize for the inconveniences that might have been caused. The critical time was caused by schedule maintenance in our server.


Our website service (HTTP) uptime fact in December 2008 meets the uptime guarantee of 99.99%. There was only 0.01% critical time as estimated in the uptime guarantee. And we proudly inform that we meet the reliability here.


Unfortunately, our MySQL, SMTP, and POP service in December showed a little below the standard guarantee. MySQL and SMTP reached out 99.29% okay time in the server avearagely while our POP service was around 99.28% up.

This means that we had about 0.71% critical time for MySQL and SMTP. Furthermore, there was 0.72% critical time for the POP service. We realize this must have been a pain in the ass for your website. We are really sorry and apologize for the inconveniences.

However, please have no worries as we always constantly improve our service in each moment and our admins are always there to help out.