Nowadays, people assume that most website builders are useless to use with unattractive designs. They mostly think developing and designing their own websites themselves will create a much better one. Well, if that is what they think, surely they haven’t tried the Site Studio 1.8, the latest version of Site Studio. Using Site Studio 1.8, you get all you ever wished of a perfect website builder – charming but professional designs, easy-to-use tools, and advanced technologies.

What Will You Find in It?

There are bunch of new features you can try here for a wonderful website creation. Discover them!

Designs for Business Templates – All New!

With Site Studio 1.8, you get to choose and use tons of new designs for your online store. With many new designs such as computer, transportation, house, interior design, saloon, and other business templates for your business website needs, you can develop a very professional appearance for your online store as it is no longer an impossible dream to achieve. Realize your greatest concept now in creating a fabulous and successful online store for your business.

Content and Design Separation – Make Everything Simpler.

Using Site Studio, you will be guided step-by-step and provided with simple but perfect options, especially in colors, styles, and images. You have no need to buy software or to learn complicated coding skills. You don’t need to mess around with programs. What is better is the contents of the website are stored separately from the layout. You can easily use another themes for your website in few clicks – not necessary to re-write any contents from zero again.

Advanced full screen text/HTML Rich Editor Available! The Whole Control…

The advanced Site Studio’s settings allow you to develop unique and attractive websites. If you are advanced users, Site Studio provides a way to change buttons on the site. You will also have a browser-based text editor, offered for Internet Explorer and Windows users only. With it, you are enabled to work with formatting, styles, tables, bullets and more. There is a rich Editor too, allowing to copy and paste the most complex tables from a web browser or from any Office applications.

And if you are now extremely curious on willing to know how great it is, you can always prove and have a free trial at


14th of February. It is one of the days of the year when everyone celebrate and remember to shower their beloved ones with care and meaningful gifts. In the streets, you see guys stopping by the corner florist to purchase a bouquet of roses. Downtown, shops at every corner are offering valentine discounts for every item possible. Even online stores are jumping on the bandwagon.

As a matter of fact, it is the ecommerce cousins that fare better, especially in tough economic times like now. This is because customers tend to get bigger discounts online. Just in 2008 alone, online Valentine’s Day sales revenue reaches the $1 billion mark.

So, if you were planning to start an online ecommerce store, this could be the perfect time for you to market your products!

Anything that Sell Well…

You can sell apparels, photo frames, poetic gift cards, photo-printed mugs, lovely gift boxes, and many more!… But don’t just stop with the traditional ones.  Electronic gadgets such as PDA, pink iPods (and its accessories), digital cameras, MP3 players, laptops, and the ever increasingly popular netbooks are top choices too.

Promoting Your Online Presence

You need to get the word out! And there are various methods to do just that.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your online ecommerce store by researching the appropriate keywords to use. When your website is search engine ready, update your e-commerce site by placing your best offers at the home page. Also provide clear important information on every page such as the last shipping dateline. You also need to update about available and unavailable items. It will be even better to customize a search tool for visitors to browse and narrow their search results by gift recipient, personality, price, or category so they will find exactly what they really want.

Email Marketing

If you already have your customer based, this can be the easiest way to spread the word. You should improve your email marketing words to create urgency of the benefits of getting things done far before the last minutes. Send reminder emails until the Valentine’s Day itself to recipients who might haven’t read the previous messages. To help your marketing, cooperate with affiliates and inform them for products or banners in their websites. Two people working are always better than one. The heaviest Valentine’s sales days will be around one week before February 14. Include the latest dates possible for shipping to ensure that they won’t receive their gift items late.

Social Media

Another option to campaign your Valentine’s offers can be done through the most famous social networking site nowadays, Facebook. Facebook enables you to have simple advertisements for online marketing. You can customize your targets’ gender, location, age, relationship status, or interests. You can feel relieved as the advertisement delivery is accurate. And just for additional information, Facebook users navigate from newsfeed to profile to applications.

Advertising on applications is also effective in Facebook. Some of the most popular applications  for  males include SuperPoke, iLike, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, PetrolHead, Vampires, Slayers and Werewolves, are you interested, meet new people, hot cute or okay, or hot bids.

Of course with so many items to sell, you may want to start early so that your customers have enough time to choose the appropriate gift. So start it now don’t wait to the last minutes!

Everybody needs technology. Especially, in web hosting, the need for the latest versions of web hosting standards have been the key point in delivering a successful website online, such as in the website application framework itself as the example.

And to continue, we all must know Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular web application nowadays. Having the premier launch in 2005, it has been the most sought after web application. Outstanding capabilities it offers help web development to be just “a piece of cake” to do.

Get Simplicity

Simple is what you will recognize from Ruby on Rails when you first meet this application. Using Ruby on Rails you will just need half of codes required in other web applications or programming languages. For example, language like PHP may take codes two times more than Ruby on Rails in the same application development.

But with only simple codes, you can develop very productive applications. And not like the others that start from scratch, you will need very less configuration code compared to others as Ruby has already completed the most for you.

Save Your Valuable Time

Another advantage is that you can save more time on developing applications with Ruby on Rails compared to with the others. Usually, application projects may require few months or years to finish, depending on how complicated the projects are. But using Ruby on Rails, you will spend time much less than it should be.

For example, Java programming takes five to ten days to finish the application development. However, you can easily make it into a day only with Ruby on Rails. Even better, there are other applications that only take several minutes to finish with Ruby on Rails, like webblog application as an example, which can be finished by 15 minutes only.

Benefit from Its Feedback Loops

Additionally, Ruby on Rails also has more advantageous feature, the feedback loops. It lets you monitor how far you’ve finished in a browser when you’ve added the right codes. With this feature, you have no need to finish all first to check your application performance. I am sure you will find this useful for your ease of use.

There is no prior Ruby on Rails training to master the framework as it is easy to learn. And if you are interested to learn more and deeper, as I’m sure you are, you can always visit for more details.


Website has been a common stuff for computer users. Almost everybody who uses computer has it. They develop and design it for multiple use; either it is personal, business, family websites, or etc. However, how many of them have maximized it to rake their instant revenue if they have no goods or services to sell? In fact, there are profitable funs you can gain from owning a website.

The first you can do from your website, as everybody knows, is of course selling your own goods or services in your website. With a website, you can build your online store and optimize your SEO and SEM, so Internet addicts can find your site easily, visit, and buy your products if they are interested or need them. And next thing you’ll realize is money rolls into your bank account. But still, use the proper and safe payment gateways when you decide how you will accept online payment from your customers. You can use those like or PayPal, which is safer for you and your customers.

And instead of only selling goods and services to get your income, you can also use your website to offer advertising service. This means you have companies who would like to advertise in your website by placing their banners. Mostly, to make others interested in advertising in your website, you should ensure your website is well-known and has credibility as even you, yourself, will not be willing to advertise in unknown websites I am sure.

To get advertising contracts, you can start by joining affiliate programs of those big companies and be their affiliate. From it, you can earn your own commission and also increase popularity plus credibility of your website. The commission itself depends on each companies’ policy. Here, in Host Department, we offer you 25% commission of the total web hosting plan sale you can get for us.

Well, anyway, back to the topic, if your website has won credibility and popularity, you can set up your own advertising Service Level Agreement on how much you can earn from the advertisements you place in your website. There are few conditions you can apply for your advertising service, on when you deserve your payment.

Receive your money from payment per impression (CPM or Cost Per Thousand, which is M in latin numeral). This means you’ll get paid based on how many times the advertisement’s banner is displayed on your site. For example, if you set $20 CPM, it means you get twenty bucks every 1000 times the advertisement’s banner is displayed in your website.

Or, you can get paid per click. This means everytime visitors of your website click the advertisement’s banner in your website, you will receive payment per how many times they click on the banner. Nevertheless, it depends on how attractive the banner is or how high the traffic of your site is.

High traffic site will have a higher chance to be clicked than the lower traffic one. Also, you can earn better result if you carefully select the design of the banners to match your target audiences or website visitors so they will be attracted to click it.

Lastly, you also can get payment per sale (pay per sale). But this means you will only earn money if your visitors click through the banner and purchase any product from the advertiser or register for the service. Remember, just like pay per click, you receive better result if you carefully select the advertisers’s banner to suit your website’s visitors and increase your website traffic.

So now, let’s not neglect your website just as it is. Earn whatever you can get from it!


Many people have questioned about link buildings for their websites. What is it? Who can do it? When is the right time to do it? Where can we do it? Why is it needed? How to do it? These are the common questions about it. Well, for me to say, I dare to guarantee that it is very significant for your own websites’ growth. Let us now dig into it deeper.

What is Link Building?

Technically, link building means the process of creating links to websites to gain popularity and website traffic. By building links, we can get quality websites to link to our own websites. It is just that simple.

Who Can Do It?

What makes it easier and simpler is everybody can do it. It doesn’t require special certain people to do it. No more requirements needed but knowing the strategies only. As long as you know exactly how to do it, just D-I-Y (Do it Yourself) and don’t wait others to start it for you.

When Is the Right Time for Link Building?

No exact time! Do it whenever you want. Do it whenever you have spare time (if your websites are not that important). And do it by sparing your valuable time if you know that your website is very valuable for you. The time depends on yourself and just you.

Where Can We Do It?

The best places for you to build links back to your websites are forum websites, articles sites, press release sites, newsletter sites, social bookmark sites, directory listing sites, and even in blog posting comments. There are many right places to do it as long as you know where.

But Why Is it Needed (What’s so Important about It)?

Definitely it is important! By building links back to your own websites, the most basic is you can increase your websites’ traffic and popularity. But there is even more on the reasons why you need it. With link building, you can get quality traffic from relevant sites that surely increases your sales.

Also, if you succeed to produce high quality incoming links, your websites will be respected as valuable resource that people can trust. The point of that is it helps to create the visibility and credibility of your sites. And remember, by building links in many places, your websites will obtain wider search engine exposure, meaning that It helps your websites to be indexed by search engines.

So How to Do it?

Now that you’ve found out where to do, just one more knowledge needed, which are the ways to build the links. First, you can build your website links by replying to forum posting or threads. Post helpful and quality replies, with your company signature and website link included. The more you reply in quantity and the more quality you have in your replies, the more traffic and credibility you’ll have.

Second, you can write quality articles or blogs about any good topics or your industry topics, press releases and newsletters about your company updates. Submit them to articles, press releases, and newsletter sites with links back to your websites. If people like your articles, press releases, or newsletters, they will click the link and visit your sites. More website traffic and credibility are in your hand.

Another alternative is by social bookmarking your websites or list them to directory websites. You can use social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, and many more, with which you can bookmark your web pages that link to your websites. Bookmark your web pages, articles, press releases, blogs, newsletters and all members or visitors of the social bookmarking sites can see them and click back to the links to your websites.

Or, list your websites in directory websites either the free or paid ones. The more you list your websites and the more popular directory websites you use, the better traffic too you gain for your websites.

Even, you maybe never thought about this, blog posting comments! Posting comments to people’s blogs with link back to your site is also effective. But remember once again, quality and not quantity is required. Don’t post any comments just to gain many link back when it is pointless as readers will get annoyed rather than impressed.

After you have just learned more about link building, it is now the time to practise and optimize it for your website and traffic.