Last time I once wrote about domain scamming trick last August 2008, which was famous for trying to trick you by threathening you that someone would steal your trademark out of your domain name. But it is already an old news to tell.

Today, I would let you know another very dangerous strategy done by scammers to steal your money and vital information online – Clickjacking. Maybe some of you have heard, maybe some have not. Anyway, Clickjacking is sly and cunning scamming techniques used by scammers to make you reveal  and  send your confidential information to them.

It can be your account passwords in websites, bank accounts, or even they can steal the control of your computer when you seem to just click harmless web pages without you knowing it. Even worse, the button clicked is hidden or invisible and covered by other visible function of the button. So, you never have the idea that you have been clickjacked until you really get the effect.

Fraud By Clicking Link Buttons

As I mentioned a little above, this is how clickjackers do their jobs, by providing invisible button covered by  a seeming to be safe button to click. You click the buttons that looks totally normal and is even on a very legitimate site. For example, when you are browsing your bank’s website but still, you have the possibility of getting clickjacked.

What is worse is that you cannot even see the malicious button hidden behind the normal one. There is still a button that you see to click. But unfortunately, the button you always see when you click on the site has the hidden button that can get you clickjacked.

So, Clickjacking performs as the second invisible button, which has been covered by the real button. This means when you think you click the button you want to click, you’re also clicking the button behind it. Everything looks normal, but actually it is not. And that is how your information got revealed and stolen.

What’s the Effect?
What is it after you click on the hidden link buttons? Don’t ever think that it just stops until that step only. Just right after you click on the button, they are able to track and get your vital information, passwords, and use them for things that can make you thrilly scared.

It can send your banking information to other parties, operate application in the background so you won’t know, or even, when you are on your computer online, it can use your camera or microphone to monitor what you are doing there. Even worse, it also can download virus that can damage your computer.

Imagine! You must be very often in clicking anything and anytime online whenever you are browsing the internet. You click the submit button for any online form you fill out or open your e-mail, or many other things you do when being online. There are so many great possibilities you get clickjacked.

How to Solve This?
As this is really quite terrifying issue for your online, you should do some precaution and action for this. But for sure, you cannot just turn off the javascripts as it won’t help at all. However, some prevention techniques have been provided such as installing NoScript add-on with ClearClick feature, to prevent users from clicking on invisible buttons. This will help you to protect yourselves from all the types of Clickjacking that uses frame based or plugin based.

Or, you can also include a Framekiller JavaScript. What is this? It is a piece of JavaScript code that doesn’t allow webpages to be displayed within a frame. With framekiller, you can avoid to have inside frames by other pages from different sources to be included so that you can make sure that your browsing experience is safer.

So, for sure, don’t let yourselves clickjacked by those cunning and sly clickjackers. They might be clever and intelligent in finding their way to do online fraud and crimes. However, we can be even smarter in dealing with them.


Easter 2009, it’s time to re-joy as it is always each year! Feasting, family and friends gathering will be awesome for this holy occasion. Hunting easter eggs is also exciting and fun to do. Plus, remember to attend church to  celebrate this great day to really feel the important meaning behind this special day.

What Is It behind Easter Day?
Is it all about feasting and gathering? Well, of course not only that! Easter is appreciated as the time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrated on the third day after Christ died (Good Friday). Christians believe that after Christ was executed and He saved humans with the sacrifice of His blood, He resurrected on the third day after His death.

And the resurrection day of Him is commemorated as the Easter day, which falls on Sunday. This has become one of the important days of the Christian’s days and is celebrated every year.  This means you can’t say you are Christian if you do not celebrate this important day to memorize the greatness of Jesus Christ.

How Can We Celebrate Easter more besides Feasting, Gathering, and Egg Hunting?

There are always more stuffs to do. For example, what a special day is without gifts, especially on Easter? Use this special day to excite your beloved ones – friends, families, or co-workers – with amazing easter gifts and send your best mates gift baskets filled with Easter sweets, toys, games, and delicious chocolates (everybody loves it). When these baskets reach their doorsteps with your best sincere wishes to them, your friendship will be even more strengthened.

You can even complete Easter more terrificly by creating and writing beautiful and attractive Easter Cards to send to your friends, families, or lover. Yes! Easter Cards sound like just an old tradition but it is still lovely to send to show that we care. So, don’t miss out the cards.

If you feel you cannot write or create ones, these cards are available to purchase in the markets. Or, if you might want something practical, electronic cards are also a good option to send through email messages. With either of these cards, you can send best wishes of cheers, joys and happiness.

So, Welcome Easter!
Say no to skipping to celebrate Easter Day. Even we, Host Department, celebrates this very holy-day by giving out the gift for you. How? Currently, we are sharing discounts in all of our Shared Hosting plans as our Easter special gift for you.

Yep! Just by using our coupon code “EASTER09” (all should be written in CAPS), you can subscribe  either our outstanding and all new Premium Hosting or our unlimited growth No Limit hosting plans with 20% off. No other requirement!

With our Premium Hosting, you will get all you’ve been dreaming of an ideal web hosting – the latest web hosting technologies for both UNIX and Windows (PHP5, MySQL5, .NET 3.5, Ruby on Rails, MS-SQL 2005, AJAX Support, and many more), all new IBM Xseries Blade Servers with very high-speed performance, and quick fix customer support.

As there are so many ways to celebrate this very special day, let’s have our great and meaningful moment on Easter day.


Hello there! Today, we’d like to inform you about an important update about our server  in New Jersey. But first of all, we’d like to relay our profound gratitude to all of customers who have trusted us to host their critical websites.

To show our full respect, we are here to update you with little issue that was currently happening in some of our servers in New Jersey. It took place on Saturday, March 21, 2009 from around 10 pm to 3 am at night.

What was happening was that our servers got too much heat in their performance. And because of that, the Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) automatically shut down the electricity and got burnt. The function of the MCB itself is to automatically shut the electricity down whenever the power/energy used is more than it should be to avoid short circuit.

The affected servers at that time were the California, Detroit, Dakota, Storm, Sonic, Thunder, Colorado, and Lotus server. It affected the Control Panel and also database access, which happened on Rack II in our New Jersey data center.

However, please have no worry as the broken Mini Circuit Breaker has now been replaced with the new one and all servers are now performing well again without any further issue. Our qualified staffs and team have taken care and solved the issue perfectly.

Regarding this issue, we are really sorry to have caused any possible inconveniences at your end. We really didn’t mean to have all this happen. This issue has helped us to learn from our imperfection to provide you with more improved services in the future.

Furthermore, we really appreciate and thank you for your kind support towards our web hosting service. If there is any valuable feedback from you, we will be very happy to hear that. And should you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,


It’s been around a week or two since I wrote my last blog/article here. Sorry that I missed out to provide you with some information. Well anyway, here I am for you again. Today, I will talk about something that is impossible to be unfamiliar for you, social networking sites.

I bet nobody never heard about that before. Many people register an account for many reasons, some of which can be for friendship, networking, and many even get a relationship or marriage from those. However, don’t just think they are only for those. There are even more benefits (or let’s say profits) you can gain from Social Networking sites, in terms of SEO and SEM purposes.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Purposes (Benefits and Profits)

SEO has always been a vital and significant issue when you have your own website, especially when your site is critical and important for your business. That means you will try every way to get yourself gaining more traffic (the most important benefits you get for your site, which will lead to profits later).

How? You can use different techniques combination to increase traffic to your website. You can do it by first researching which social networking sites are widely used and then developing a professional looking profile (Remember! Your profile is the one that grabs the visitors’ attention to your business).

Next, don’t leave it just the way it is! Keep in mind that you MUST always update all the information and the contents on your page. This is how you can communicate new stuffs about your products or services to your target markets and visitors.

You can add links to your particular website page on the social networking site, to generate more traffic and eventually, more profits for your business. You can leave a link to your site everytime you send message to people so they can click on it. And don’t stand alone! Your friends can also help to put a link to your page or your site. All these techniques will get you more traffic and the profits themselves.

Furthermore, if you wish to succeed in social networking, learn to leave your comments on the blogs of other members, with a back link to your website. But remember that your comments must be positive and good ones, not negative comments that will make others have negative impression about you.

In return, all these will surely generate you more number of your website visitors and more business profits. Believe me that social networking has been an effective tool of marketing strategies of many companies. When you decide to trust and do this, you will not regret it.

Which Social Networking Sites You Must Use

There is no exact one of which you really have to use as there have been too many social networking sites nowadays. You just need to choose the one that is suitable to your business needs and comforts, but especially, one that is popular and high-traffic with millions of members.

Some that I know very popular these days are Facebook and Myspace, which keep growing their members, popularity, and traffic in number. And there are also Twitter and Linked In for professional use. You can always choose one that you’d like to use, or better, you can use more than one.

When you feel they are not enough, you can always try to check more list here to get those you prefer to use. If you haven’t used any, better start now for your own good. Anyway, being late is still better than never… So, let’s get it started now!


Time goes fast. We didn’t realize it and now it has come to March 2, 2009. And, the time has come again for us to provide you with our February uptime fact so you can review our service and trust us without doubt. Here below, we proudly present our record for February 2009 uptime.

Table 1 (February 2009: Okay and Critical Time Reported)

Service % Time OK % Time Critical
FTP 99.99% 0.01%
HTTP 99.99% 0.01%
MySQL 99.99% 0.01%
SMTP 99.99% 0.01%
POP 99.98% 0.02%

Yay! We did it. Everything has gone even better this February 2009.

It must be very annoying when you cannot even access your FTP. Yep, we know it. And, I am sure you are very happy to know that we delivered the FTP service perfectly at 99.99% okay time and just had 0.01% critical time reported for scheduled server maintenance to improve performance.

And just like our FTP service, I am sure you are also satisfied with our HTTP service, which is important in ensuring your site is accessible. Performing 99.99% uptime and only having 0.01% critical time in February 2009 must have re-assured you that we always deliver the best service for our clients.

Database! Most of websites nowadays use it – for forums, blogs, customers data. And as we realize how important it is, we constantly ensure the MySQL service performs well. And we do! In February, we had 99.99% uptime and just got 0.01% critical time for the regular maintenance.

As everybody use emails everyday, we have no need to doubt its importance. Sending and receiving emails have been routine task everyone must do anytime to ensure everything runs well. And to relieve, our email services (POP and SMTP) have always been okay in February 2009.

Our SMTP service reached out 99.99% okay time and just had 0.01% downtime reported for scheduled maintenance. Furthermore, our POP service also performed well last month, reaching 99.98% uptime and unfortunately was 0.02% critical for maintenance.

Well, we know that it is not perfect yet. Nevertheless, we are also never satisfied to keep improving and perfecting our web hosting service as we realize that your websites are very important for your business and life. Your website is now on the right hand.