Getting more and more traffic to your website is the most important thing you’d like to achieve when you own a website, especially, when the website is very critical to your business and success. Speaking of traffic, there are so many numerous ways to increase traffic that come into your site everyday.

I have written some points in the previous post about Link Building but it seems that I miss out one other that is also very significant in gaining your traffic, Link Exchange. Maybe I have no need in explaining what that is as I bet almost everybody knows it. But well, it’s not wrong to refresh our mind.

Link exchange or exchanging links with other website means that we place our links in other’s websites but in return, we also let the other party to put their links in our website. The definition is simple to understand; however, other than only the definition, what else to understand about it?


You all must agree with this, we will not do something for nothing. Instead, we’ll do that something for everything or anything we are possible to get. And remember, link exchange works mutually – mutual connection between two people or sites.

First that we consider the most must be money. Relieving for your budget, link exchange is fully free of charge. You don’t need to spend any here. Just need your website and the other website to place and exchange the links. You get the traffic and they do too.

Another benefit is that with link exchange, you get publicity and branding. When you exchange links with others, the payoff from it can be long term. By promoting your website in other websites with Link Exchange, you are promoting your product. And what is good is you are doing it without spamming.

Branding is also in your hand. More links you have in your websites means greater branding effect for your name. Surfers and internet users will be curious about you and why your site name always shows up in many websites. And when they are curious, they will visit your site and that is when you get the more traffic.

And what is even more important is your presence in search engines. If you exchange links everywhere, many of them will reward you for being “popular”. This popularity is measured with the number of links directed to your website. Search engine results will be the best benefit you get from Link Exchange.

Open yourself now to start doing link exchange, which leads to a lot of traffic coming to your site. However, be able not to make your link exchange into spamming or link farming (group of websites hyperlinking to every other site in the group). As long as you know how to do it well and properly, link exchange can result on tremendous benefits for your site.


Social networking! This stuff has been more and more popular and useful as I once discussed with you in one of my blogs. And to even discuss further, today I will talk about the two most  famous social networking websites ever, Facebook and Twitter.

Growing even bigger and bigger, many users have registered to these two social networking accounts for their own purposes: either personal or professional purposes. Both Facebook and Twitter currently have millions number of members.

It has been known that Twitter has around 10 millions global members while Facebook has even much more, around less or more than 150 millions global members. From this estimation, you must now realize how much they have gained popularity among online users.

However, although both of them are popular social networking sites, there are still some clear differences between them that make them different. One that is very crystal clear is that, Facebook looks more casual and adaptable while Twitter looks more professional and formal. Let’s see them more!


Twitter, the new shining star of social networking site. Simple and communicative are two best characteristics of Twitter! With its updates features, you can always communicate with your followers about what’s new about you. You can talk to your audience quickly and whenever you need to say something new and interesting you can use Twitter as your tiny blogging platform.

As I mentioned earlier, you get followers. Yes, followers! Different to Facebook, you not only get friends here, additionally, you get your followers. To your followers, you can send information of your latest blog post, latest news, or even ordinary stuffs in your daily life, and etc. Even better, you can share any URL that people can click.

Additionally, you can also get updates from your following, this means the people or organization or company that you follow. You can subscribe any updates from them. Please don’t worry that you get no one to follow as there are hundreds of interesting people to follow in Twitter. Now, I am sure you can see how Twitter can be very much interesting. And what about the other one, Facebook?


Facebook, facebook, and facebook! It has been a kind of “spreading” phenomenon  and addiction among internet users. Different from Twitter, Facebook is more casual and quite flexible for all kind of use. What’s so popular about it?

Well, using Facebook, it can be very addicting to people when you like to stay connected with friends and make new ones. Nowadays, the fact shows that some people rarely use their current emails or messengers tools anymore in online social communications and switch them most entirely to Facebook email and chat.

But not only these, you can also create your own page and group in facebook in which you can invite people to join so they can also know what is going on with you, your organization, or your company. Here, you can always update with new information, updates, or anything new about you and people will get to know you better and deeper each time from these news.

After reading this, you have known the effective functions of these two awesome social networking sites in communicating with others. So, it is inappropriate if you keep getting yourselves isolated from the outside world who might want to get to know more about you. It’s time to stay in touch and get connected now!


People question, “Why do we have to purchase a reseller plan instead of having our own web hosting company brand?”. As I once wrote in the previous article, the reason is simple, LESS budget, MORE profit. You don’t need hundreds or thousands of dollars when you first start as reseller. Just for couple of bucks to pay the reseller plan, you’ll get a lot more revenues than you start your own from zero.

Choose the Right Reseller Web Hosting Plan

To make the right step as reseller, the first thing you need to do is choose the right plan for your need and decide what kind of web hosting reseller you’d like to be. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide the best plan for you. However, you can consider how much you need and what you require.

For example, our company, Host Department, offers a reseller start up plan called Premium Reseller, with which you can have 50 GB storage, 150 GB bandwidth, 50 Control Panel accounts, and unlimited domains to be hosted at only very minimum price for reseller, $24.95 per month.

And it is totally inexpensive at that range of price. Why? Because with that amount of budget or with that range of reseller plan, you can rake instant revenues at least from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month as a reseller. How is it so? If it’s your next question, let’s discuss it below!

Calculation Estimation of Reseller Revenue with a Reseller Plan

You must be now questioning how you can possibly earn hundreds to thousands of dollars with only few bucks. Well, it is now time for me to share the general idea. Let’s say that with that $24.95/ month, you’ve got 50 GB storage, 150 GB bandwidth, and 50 CP accounts to sell and you can manage to sell them in few plans. For instance, you offer 3 plans, you can then sell them like this.




250 MB Storage

500 MB Storage

1 GB Storage

1 GB Bandwidth

2.5 GB Bandwidth

5 GB Bandwidth

15 accounts

20 accounts

15 accounts

$5 per month

$10 per month

$15 per month

15 accounts x $5 → $75

20 accounts x $10 → $200

15 accounts x $15 → $225

Storage: 250MB x 15 = 3.75 GB

Storage: 500MB x 20 = 10 GB

Storage: 1 GB x 15 = 15 GB

Bandwidth: 1 GB x 15 = 15 GB

Bandwidth: 2.5GB x 20 = 50 GB

Bandwidth: 5GB x 15 = 75 GB

From the table above, I try to give you a general calculation if you’d like to have 3 plans to sell in that way. So from Plan A, you offer 250 MB Storage with 1 GB bandwidth at $5 per month, and you set into 15 accounts; you’ll be able to get $5 times 15 accounts and you already get $75 per month. And if you can sell 15 accounts, the total storage used will be 250MB multiplied by 15, which equals to 3.75 GB. For bandwidth in plan A, if you can sell 15 accounts, that means you’ll spend bandwidth amount of 1 GB multiplied by 15, which equals to 15 GB use every month.

From Plan B, you give 500 MB Storage with 2.5 GB bandwidth at $10 per month, and you set into 20 accounts; you’ll be able to get $10 multiplied with 20 accounts and you get $200 per month. And if you can sell 20 accounts, the total storage used will be 500 MB multiplied by 20, equals to 10 GB. For bandwidth in plan B, if you can sell 20 accounts, that means you’ll spend bandwidth amount of 2.5 GB multiplied by 20, which equals to 50 GB use every month.

And in Plan C, you provide 1 GB Storage with 5 GB bandwidth at $15 per month, and you set into 15 accounts; you’ll be able to get $15 times 15 accounts and you’ll get $225 per month. And if you can sell 15 accounts, the total storage used will be 1 GB multiplied by 15, equals to 15 GB. For bandwidth in plan C, if you can sell 15 accounts, that means you’ll spend bandwidth amount of 5 GB multiplied by 15, which equals to 75 GB use every month.

So, from the general calculation from a start up reseller plan in which you have 50 Control Panels at only $24.95/month, you can earn at least $75 (Plan A) + $200 (Plan B) + $ 225 (Plan C) → $500 totally per month.

Even, it actually not really $500 per month but better, it can be $500++ per month, including the additional profit like domain name registration or additional domains add on fee, and the left storage and bandwidth to be sold when your customers need more.

Usually, resellers’ prices for domains are around $9 per domain name (regular ones like .com, org, net, biz, us, info). If you check out the market domain prices, those domain extensions can be sold at $12.95 per domain per year.

This will be your additional profits as a reseller. Also, if you set up numbers of domains to be hosted maximumly in each of your plan, you can set additional fee per domain when your customers want to add more domains than it is provided.

And why do I say you can sell your bandwidth and storage? It is because if you arranged your hosting service like that, you just get to use 3.75 GB+ 10 GB + 15 GB or a total of 28.75 GB for three plans, meaning that you still have 22.25 GB left out of 50 GB to sell to your customers when they need more storage for their web hosting needs.

The same way also happens to your bandwidth. When you arranged your 3 reseller plans that way, you will just use 15 GB + 50 GB + 75 GB or a total of 140 GB out of 150 GB for 3 plans, meaning that you still have 10 GB per month to sell whenever your customers need more bandwidth for their websites. This means the profit calculation is not yet at the dead end.

What to Do Now?

Of course this might be not the real exact calculation as this is just in general. You can arrange and manage your reseller plans as however as you’d like to. This amount of revenue is not settled yet. It can vary, depending on your management and number of clients. Nothing is written in stone yet anyway.

Everybody must need income. And the more we can get, the better we can survive living, especially, in this crisis happening. So it is time for you now to decide your future, whether you just want to be the way you are now, or you want to be more. Great amount of instant revenue will be in your hand soon! Make the right decision, make the right future for you now.

~ G4br13lle~

Wow, it is already April now! Time does fly. This month, I will provide you with not only our usual uptime fact but we’ll give you a bonus of our outstanding Premium Hosting performance fact too. Released in November 2008, our premium hosting offer all you desperately desire in a web hosting experience, latest technological features of UNIX and Windows, quick fix customer support, and what is the most important is that, PERFECT uptime fact (performance)! And here is the proof.

Premium Hosting Performance

Service % OK % Critical
ftp 99.989% 0.011%
http 100.000% 0.000%
mysql 100.000% 0.000%
smtp 100.000% 0.000%
pop 100.000% 0.000%

Starting from this month, we will provide you with our outstanding uptime fact for our all new Premium Hosting product. As you can see in the table, our Premium Hosting even performs far beyond expectation. You really get above 99.99% uptime averagely for all services.

Our premium hosting HTTP, MySQL, and e-mail services (POP and SMTP) reached 100% uptime performance last March 2009, meaning that there was no critical time at all. And the premium hosting FTP service reached 99.989% uptime, rounded to 99.99%. It just had 0.011% critical time for the regular server maintenance.

Regular Web Hosting Performance

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.989% 0.011%
SMTP 99.989% 0.011%
POP 99.989% 0.011%

As it has been for the last months, our uptime fact has shown great improvement in all services. And it did too in March 2009. Last month, we had averagely 99.99% for the whole types of services (FTP, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, and POP).

We dare to say that FTP, HTTP, MySQL, and e-mail services like SMTP and POP were all being 99.989% ok in March, meaning that it is rounded up into 99.99% (from 99.989%) as we guarantee! There was only 0.011% critical time or 0.01% reported for the regular scheduled maintenance which update you can always check at for reference.

So, from the two comparison tables, surely you can see which performs better in the services. For now, that’s all I can report for the performance fact. See you again guys next month for the uptime fact report.



April the 1st – Happy april Fools Day for you! It’s time to fool and spread the hoax as only on this day you can possibly do this without being slapped, kicked, hit, yet, or blamed. Hoaxes and other jokes with various types can be done to friends, families, enemies, or neighbors, which is to embarrass the gullible people on purpose. Just choose your hoax or joke and do! But wait, since when did we start to fool people on this day?

The Origin of April Fool’s Day

Very long time ago, ancient culture like the Romans and the Hindus celebrated New Year on April 1. And in medieval times, most of the Europe parts celebrated March 25 as the beginning of a new year  (New Year’s Day) with the Feast of Annunciation.

However, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new Gregorian Calendar to replace the old Julian Calendar. And in this new calendar, New Year’s Day is celebrated on January the 1st. Since then, The European countries started to adopt and shift New Year to January 1.

There had been so many rumors about the date replacement. For examples; many people refused to accept the new date or even did not know about that, and still celebrated New Year on April 1. And, there is even more.

Others began to make fun of these traditional people by sending them tricks to make them believe something false. And this habit to fool people on this day began to spread throughout Europe and then to other countries as it is greatly known nowadays.

What Kind of Jokes or Hoaxes Do People Spread?

ANYTHING! Yes, as you can see and as far as I am sure, any kind of hoaxes can flow like water everywhere on this day to everybody and everybody can do it – radio stations, TV stations, magazines, books, newspapers, gameshows, online websites, or even people on the streets.

From anyone, there have been so many famous hoaxes ever. For example, one famous hoax was Spaghetti trees, informed by The BBC television programme (Panorama) in 1957, showing the Swiss harvesting spaghetti from trees. This caused a large number of people contacted the BBC to know how to plant and take care of their own spaghetti trees.

There was also another famous hoax about Tower of Pisa in Italy. What was it about? Well, the Dutch television news reported once in the 1950s that the Tower had fallen over. This hoax did cause a great shock. Many people had contacted the station just to know if it was true. So, you notice right? Anything can be made into false news on April 1st to joke with people who can easily trust.

As this day only falls once a year, we should enjoy it and have no negative feeling towards the jokes and hoaxes. Just have a great time cause after all, they are just jokes and fun tradition to do.