The DNS (Domain Name System) technology manages the websites domains names .A DNS Server is like a phone directory for internet i.e., it provides same service to the internet. When you type the domain name in the browser, the browser connects to the DNS server and checks for the IP address to which the domain name is registered and then displays the Website.

Private DNS servers:

Most of the DNS servers are private DNS servers. These servers allows you to have your own hosting services and can have accounts on your name.Private DNS servers are available for reseler, shared, cloud Hosting and dedicated users. These servers provide service only to those who own and configures them. For example XYZ and ABC have their own private servers, XYZ cannot use ABC servers and viceversa.

Public DNS servers:

Some of the companies provide free DNS servers which are available on net and these are called as public DNS servers. They provide service to who ever request them. Google, ScrubIt, dnsadvantage, OpenDNS these are the companies which provide public DNS servers.

1. Google

2. ScrubIt Public DNS server address:

3. dnsadvantage free DNS servers:

4. OpenDNS

Why is it important?

Generally it is really hard to remember numbers than names, remembering IP addresses of all the sites is highly impossible. This DNS server helps you in connecting the site’s domain name with its IP address.

For instance you want to open host department site, you don’t have to know its IP address you can just type host department in the browser and it will automatically get connected to its IP address It is not at all possible to open a website with its name without DNS technology unless you know its IP address.

How does it work?

DNS Servers are arranged in hierarchy and they communicate with the help of a private network protocol. The servers that are placed at the top level are called as root servers. There are 13 root servers, these store all the internet domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. These severs are maintained by different agencies. Out of these 13 root servers 10 are situated in United States, 1 in Japan , 1 in Sweden and 1 in United Kingdom. Only these 13 servers store all the information and other servers which are at the low level of hierarchy,store information of certain departments or pieces of the whole existing database. These servers are maintained by Internet Service Providers. In DNS networking your web browser acts as a client and sends a request to your ISP’s DNS server and then the following process is followed.

  • First when a user types a domain name in the browser say, the computer first checks the local DNS cache if it already has the website’s IP address (if already that website has been visited by the computer). If the name doesn’t match with the name then it performs a DNS query to get the IP address.
  • If the information is not available locally then your computer sends a request to your ISP’s DNS server. These servers are recursive DNS servers and they are provided with their own caches and mostly the process end here and the information is received by the browser.
  • In case if the information is not available then the request is sent to the next level servers that is to root name servers. These root servers don’t have the answer but they can direct you in a way where you can find the IP address of the domain name.
  • The root servers reads the domain name and direct you to the TLD servers(Top Level Domain) for .com. Each TLD .com, .net, .org and so on has their own servers. These severs will not have the information but they directly direct us to the server which contains the information.
  • The TLD servers checks the domain name and directs you to the .com specific server called authoritative servers. These servers will have all the information about the domain with .com, these information are stored in records. There are different types of records each record consists of different information. For instance if you want to know the address of a particular domain then it will check for the address record.
  • The ISP’s recursive DNS server retrieves the information from the authoritative server and stores in the local DNS cache. When someone else requests for the same site then it directly checks in cache and send the information to the browser instead of going through all the process again.
  • The record stored in cache have an expiry time, if the domain record expires then recursive DNS server requests for a copy so that the information is not out-dated.The recursive then sends the information to the computer, the computer stores the address in its cache and then sends address to the browser which makes a connection to the web server and opens the website. All these steps takes place in just milliseconds of time.

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DDOS is nothing but distributed denial of service , this attack is very well trained and uses internet to get into a system and attack the network . Many computers using internet can also be used to attack other systems. If a denial of service attacks a computer or network then the user will not be able to access emails or the internet, These attacks can be directed towards an operating system (OS) or a network.

How did DDOS attacks start?

shared hosting from host department

DDOS attacks started in late 90’s, initially the attackers used to make full use of victim’s bandwidth and not letting others to get the service. To make these attacks more damageable many attackers should manually synchronize. This type of attack has become public in the year 1997, when a DDoS attack tool called as “Trinoo” was released and was available publicly.

Types of DoS attacks:

Dos attacks are classified into three different types based on the method of attacks. They are:

1.Bandwidth/Throughput Attacks:

These type of attacks are again classified into different types:

Ping Flood Attack: This is a kind of attack by which an attacker attacks on the bandwidth connection so that a network is saturated with an ICMP echo request packets so as to slow or stop the traffic which is going through the network.

Distributed SYN Flood: The attack focuses on the bandwidth of many machines and by doing so, it
is possible to use more number of weakly distributed computers and a big flood attack is created.

UDP Flood Attacks: In UDP protocol it is very easy to use interface to produce large quantity of packets . Hence it is very easy for an attacker to produce large packets with little effort and this is how a victim’s network is flooded with UDP packets and is attacked.

2. Protocol Attacks:

These type of attacks are divided into two types:

Smurf Attack: Here a spoof IP packet with ICMP echo -request with an address of victim’s system and a destination address are sent to an intermediate network. By sending an ICMP echo request to destination address , it triggers all the host that are included in the network and thus leading to production of large number of packets that are routed to that spoof IP address.

DNS name server Attack: his is one of the most common method for attacks, mainly by sending a high number of UDP based DNS requests to a nameserver using a spoof IP address, now any nameserver response is sent back to the destination i.e., to the spoofed IP address and here this IP address is the victim of the DoS attack. So, it is difficult for a nameserver or the victim to determine the true source of the attack.

3. Software Vulnerability Attacks:

These attacks are again divided into 3 types:

Land Attack: This kind of attack uses TCP/IP, here attacker sends a TCP SYN packets with source and destination address same i.e., same as the victim’s host address. The TCP/IP stack implements those kind of packets which leads to victim’s host to crush or hang. You can reduce the possibilities of your network being used as an initiate forged packets by filtering the out going packets that are having different source address from your internal network.

Ping of Death Attack: This is a method by which an attacker tries to crash , hang or reboot a system by sending illegal ICMP packet to the victim who is going to he attacked. Generally a TCP/IP allows a maximum packet size till 65536 octets, if the packets encountered are greater in size then victim’s host may crash. Usually the ICMP uses packets of header size of 8 octets by allows the user to specify even larger sizes. Here in Ping Death of attack ICMP packets are sent in the form of small parts of messages , when these are reorganized it turns out to be large packet size.

Teardrop Attack: In this type of attack first a packet of small size is sent. Then another packet said to be the part of the first packet sent. The second packet sent is very small to pick it from the first packet, this causes an error is assembling and the system may crash or hang. Generally fragmentation is very necessary if the message size is large , at the receiving end all the fragmented packets are reassembled to complete it, teardrop attacks concentrate here and sends unrelated fragment packets, which leads to system crash or hang when trying to assemble them.

Effects of DDoS:


1. An DDoS attack on a site not only affects that site but also other site which relate to the same network and the server.

2.The bandwidth that is provided is attacked it not only affects the victim host but also the bandwidth provider and others who share bandwidth with the service provider.

3. When DoS attack it already increases the traffic to the site that the whole system crashes , in addition to that customers logging add more traffic to the site, this definitely leads to site crash .

4. Due to highly increased bandwidth by the attack you need pay extra to that highly increased bandwidth.

How to Handle DoS attacks:

VPS Hosting From Host Department

1. Initially before they attack you need to take preventions like separate client and server addresses, using path based client addresses strictly avoids spoof addressing, RPF checking of server addresses and also by using midwalls.

2. Detection is very important, as early you detect it you can lessen the damage. By using automated intrusion detecting system you can detect the attacks at an early stage and take necessary action.

3. What we do after the attack is very important, based on the attack try to follow the procedures and taking back up so as to avoid huge loss. Try to maintain the traffic and also for a while blocking the traffic and filtering is also important.

It is always better to take precautionary steps to avoid DDoS attack as it causes a lot of damage not only to the victim host but also to the entire network that is connected to that host.

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Starting an online E-Commerce Business is very easy, you just need a website, a merchant account and a payment gateway. Definitely by this you will own an online business but there is lot of home work you need to do for a successful eCommerce business. An Ecommerce(electronic commerce) is a technology where buying and selling of products is done through internet or online.

You need to check for these 5 main points when you want to run a successful eCommerce business.

1. Research on your product:


The very first thing you should do when you want to start an E-Commerce Business is make a research on the product that you are going to launch. Know the demand of the product, know your competitors in this field, know the market value of the product, know the raw material or other materials which are required to start your business. Make an estimation of the amount you have to invest in this business and how much profit you may get. You also need to check the negative side of this so that you can deal with it.

2. Make a Website:


You should be very careful when designing your website because it is that which creates interest in the visitors to know more about your website. Make your website user friendly, Have a responsive web design because due to growing technology most of the people are preferring to browse sites on their tablets and mobiles. Design your website such a way that it supports all most all the web browsers and mobile devices.

Ecommerce Software:

By using E-Commerce software you can directly start your business just by adding your products, each ecommerce has a different theme and different web design. You can choose softwares that suits your field. Some of them are zen-cart, oscommerce, cubecart, prestashop, opencart etc.

3. Merchant account and payment gateway:


When a customer is purchasing a product online then the first thing he will be looking for is a secure transaction. A merchant account is an account where a customer makes a payment to an account (i.e, the merchant from whom he is purchasing the product) and there will an agreement between the merchant account and the bank. Every bank has its own terms and conditions regarding merchant account. Choosing a payment gateway is also very important , it is an ecommerce application which provides service for payments through cards. When a product is purchased the buyer types his payment card information and the payment gateway using SSL encrypts the data, making a secure payment. There are many types of payment gateways each with a level of security, You need to choose that gateway which suits for your business.

4. Drive Traffic to your website:

SEO Process Diagram

This provides a vital role in SEO, you should know how to drive more traffic to your site as it increases your site ranking. Site ranking is very important because based on that ranking visitors think about trusting your website. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website by blogging, advertising, offers and many more. You need an experienced SEO to direct and help you in increasing traffic to your website. In the same way you need a writer to maintain and write articles in your blog regarding the type of business you are doing. Know more about On page and Off page optimization.  

5. Marketing :


After you setup your website and making all the preparations to launch your website, you need to do a little bit of marketing. Make your brand page in facebook, create an account in twitter and other social media networks. Just don’t sit and expect people to come and buy your product, go online and try to sell them in all possible ways. Give advertisements in youtube and other sites, link up with other sites, let people know that there is a brand. There may be many competitors you should do anything unique so that it attracts more customers. If your product is unique or new in the market give people a reason to buy your product.

You should also be updated with the new technologies, marketing strategies and advancement in the products in your field. These are the five basic things you need to keep in mind while starting a eCommerce business.

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Someday when your business extends from smaller region to all over the world then your business website will be viewed by people all over the world. When you had a small business and your site was hosted at only one place that was fine but now, when it is viewed by people across seas do you think your site will be fast? The answer is NO, because as area increases the distance to be traveled by the files and folders of your site increases which obviously increases the page loading time,latency and sometimes due to routing issues those files may not reach its point and your website may not be displayed. For this there is a solution too and it is CDN(Content Delivery Network).

What is CDN?

CDN(Content Delivery Network) is a network placed in different parts of the world which contains files of the website. When a website is requested instead of travelling miles, nearest network would be approached and website will be loaded fast and also routing issues will be avoided. For example an Indian based website is accessed some where in new york and the site is also hosted in New Jersey, instead of travelling all the distance from India to new york, the site’s file will be transferred from new jersey to new york avoiding all the routing and other issues. It is like servers holding your files across the globe , reachable to all the people around the world and makes sure that your website is loaded fast and these servers are called “edge servers”.

How it works?

The working of a CDN under goes following steps:

  1. When a browser sends a request for a domain name, that is a DNS request is made.
  2. The server which is handling DNS requests will check for the domain name and sends back the IP address for the edge server which is closer to the area from where the request has been made.
  3. These Edge Servers are proxy caches similar to browser caches. When a request comes to the edge server it checks for the cache and see if the content is present or not.
  4. If the content is present and cache is not expired, the content will be displayed directly from the edge server.
  5. If the content is not present then the edge server makes a request to the origin server. The origin server is the true server of the website and is capable of providing the information available in CDN.
  6. As soon as the origin server sends the content, the edge server stores info in a cache based http header of response and also display the information to the browser.
  7. Once again when your request, if the cache is not expired the content will be directly displayed from edge servers rather than fetching content from origin server.

Origin Server and Edge Server:

The Edge servers just responds to the request and displays accordingly but the origin servers are being runned by technologies like java, .net or any other and hence any changes can be done in the origin server unlike edge servers are just having a copy of data present it origin server and cannot be changed. CDN is just a cache, if the data is always fetched from the origin server then there is no value for CDN. When an edge server makes a request to origin server then there is no value of CDN there and instead it costs more and takes longer time.This is the reason why all the java script,CSS, image files are served from data as they don’t change frequently.

How to setup?

No matter what ever CDN you are looking for, there are mainly 5steps common in setting up CDN. They are:

  • Sign Up:
    If you have been recommended some site for CDN, just go to that site and sign up for their service. In our case we prefer and suggest Cloudflare, so just get into its site and sign up.
  • Getting Files into the CDN:

Mostly all the web page assets like JavaScript,CSS,images should come from CDN as they are not changed frequently, only HTML pages come from your web host, that is origin server. It is not that easy to to get files into CDN but cloudflare makes it easy,just you need to give your urls and you will have an option to choose that description that describes your site and it will be done automatically.

  • Decide your url names:

When we provide the url names at the time of entering file to CDN they change once added in CDN. For example if was you css file name, after adding in CDN it will change to gf455633jhk/home.css and this doesn’t look nice. So you can change them to

  • Make sure that right files are called:

You can check this through wordpress or CMS. You can just ask the CMS to swap the files using caching systems.

  • Testing:

You can test your site fro different locations by using .

Why CloudFlare?


Cloudflare helps in protecting and acceleration your online website. It automatically optimizes the delivery of web page and helps your site to load faster. Before your page displays, the cloufare filters bots and other atackers before they attack your website. It is also very user friendly i.e., comfortable in changing the settings and easy to understand. It also provides many other features. To know more about Cloudflare Click Here: CloudFlare Overview

Benefits of CDN:

  • Loading time is faster.
  • Gives better performance.
  • Gives a better user experience.
  • Improves site ranking.
  • Protection against surge in traffic.
  • Protection against Dos.


The importance of CDN will grow day by day as it plays a vital part in the internet. Even now many companies are trying to make advancement in the edge servers and provide the users fastest loading experience.Having a good knowledge about CDN and how they work helps in giving users a better experience of the website.

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Social media is a way to interact and communicate online among people. It is called social media because here users interact in social context like conversations, comments and other involvement interactions. Social media has made it simpler to publish content , share views and opinions, ideas etc. Since several years many social media have come into existence like Facebook, Twitter, yahoo and so on where you can see millions to billions people interacting from all over the world.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is nothing but a form of internet marketing which includes various social medias like facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc in order to achieve various branding goals and popularity . This kind of marketing results in “Earned Media” rather than “Paid Media”.

What is the importance of social media marketing?

This form of online marketing helps in building and engaging a community. The engagement of people in your community is very important, without it you are just like a speaker with no one hearing you. By Social Media Marketing you have an opportunity to reach and interact with customers from all over the world. By doing this you build a very good relation with customers than with normal transactions. These relationships are what that keep customers coming back. As the engagement of customers increases, you are building a value for your brand in the industry where you lead to find more customer who trust you and come to you for more resources.

Social Media Marketing and Facebook

facebook logo

Facebook is the most used social networking site with more than a billion users. If it was a country then it would called a populated country after India and china. Facebook can be a media for marketing your brand. These are the main points you need to consider while marketing.

Content and Post timing: The content you post is very important. Use proper language and if possible try to add some pictures that would attract people to read it. Posts with photos, tags are very effective on facebook. The timing you post the content is also very important. Most of the people check in lunch breaks or after dinner. Do check you post frequently and its responses.

Moderation: Brands have high level of responsibilities to user generated posts. Social networking sites is such a place where anyone can post anything which may be positive, negative, customer complaints and so on. You cant avoid them or remove them but try to address to address them. In this social media you have to listen even if you like or not.

Community and Engagement: To build a community you need to make your audience’s share their experience on facebook. Encourage these audience and you can see that a stronger community is built by supporting each other. Engagement is also very important you need to engage yourself in the customers conversations and try to interact with them as much as possible. In the beginning at least there should always be a quick response.

User flow and Credibility: As the page environment of facebook gives a brand, but you should know what you want to show the audience when they visit your page. You need to lead them the places which describe your product and company and other important fields. A brand usually is built on trust and it comes from the language , grammar that you use in your content and page.

Page Favorites: Add other brand pages as your favorite page, it will help in supporting good causes, promote partners and in connecting business with others and so on.

Messages: Most of your customers or audience may send you private messages, mostly they may be related to customer support and other queries. So check them time to time.

Notifications: As facebook focuses on recent activities it will show only recent likes and comments on the posts. But notifications will help you in tracking the older posts which is helpful when tracking by your community.

Response and addressing: In social Media expects quick response to the queries n posts that is munch faster than usual process on non social sites like forums etc. When replying a to a post that is posted by say XYZ reply as @XYZ and then your reply.

Social Media Marketing and Twitter

twitter logo for social media marketing

Twitter is again most used social networking site used widely after face book. It is also a microblogging service where people are allowed to post about 140 words text which are also called as “tweets” posted by registered members and unregistered can only view them. This can be another way to do promote your brand. Some of the points you need to concentrate are:

Direct Messages: You can send or receive direct messages on it they follow you or viceversa. Direct messages are very useful if you want some private information, there is a setting where all can send you DMs but you cannot reply them directly unless they follow you.

Tweets: When you tweet to some person say @XYZ only you and XYZ can see the tweet, if you want other people to see then you can just put a period or other marker infront of XYZ.

Hashtags: By using # tag you are exposing yourself to many audience. People following conversations use # tag , this does not mean that they follow you. #tags shortcut your post and explains and says what your tweet is about. It is a beneficial way to put your ideas and if you are using # tag for business then try to add valuable information not just promoting your business.

Schedule Updates: There is a special setting in Twitter called Schedule updates. As you cannot be online round the clock , you just have to type the information and set the date and time that is when to be posted, it will automatically post it at that time. By this you can easily update posts frequently.

Shortening Links: Twitter also offers automatic shortening link but its better to use separate services such as, Buffer and Hootsuite as they track the content and don’t point to your own web properties.

Twitter Lists: By making list of users you can concentrate on those conversations which are related to your industry. Always avoid and stay away from the lists that rate people or their services. You can avoid those my making your list private.

Social Media Marketing and LinkedIn

linkedin logo for social media marketing

LinkedIn unlike facebook and twitter , it is a business oriented social networking site , mainly used for professional networking. This is the worlds largest professional networking site that male connections to the colleagues and business with current and potential employees. Here are some tips that would help you in promoting your business.

Discussions: LinkedIn’s activities can be be viewed in many ways. In order to get into discussions, in “choose your view: Latest discussions” and “ whats happening” and whats happening shows the most recent discussions happened or happening, so you can keep tabs on current conversations.

Be Genuine: When interacting with people on LinkedIn try to be yourself as much as possible. When contacting new person try to make them feel that you actually value them and take interest in them. Otherwise your mail be taken as spam if you generally put a formal mail like “ I would like to add you “ or something like that, try to genuine as much as possible and try to make it a personalized interaction.

Share Content: As connections are very important you need to be conscious about what content you share, all your contents need not be shared just try to share only few contents which you think are important and people would like to know about , as what you share here easy reflects on your brand. One main point is try to avoid the tools which automatically transfer posts from other platforms.

Recommendations: Recommendations from LinkedIn are powerful , but should be accepted only if you know them very well or if they know about your work. When you are requesting someone try to be specific and talk about a certain topic that you may have for recommendation. This makes easier in reaching your goal as you are focusing on a particular goal.

Emails: If you find someone on linkedIn and you want to get in contact with them and be in touch then send an Email, in that mention who you are? and why did you mail?. Why is very important because no one mails without any reason, always try to be specific.

Social Media Marketing and Google+

google plus logo for social media marketing

Google+ is a social networking and identity service. It initially adopted features from facebook and twitter, but differs a little from other social sites. Google described it to be a social layer across Google’s properties connecting a million sites. Following are some of the guidelines that will help you in marketing your product.

Add Value: If you wanna grow your community then be creative. All you have to do is add good stuff that makes people excited and create interest in them to know more. Google+ allows you to share you the content to whom you want to show , use its tool to show your best creativity and give people a reason to follow you, this is what helps in growing your community and here, sky is the limit for you creativity.

Engage and Respond: If you share good content and give a reason to follow you, then try to engage yourself in the conversation. When people take time to read your content and post queries or as for any help or guidance or may be just share something about you brand,the right thing to do is engage and respond to their posts. If you are around and ignoring their posts and leave them hanging to their question that would be the worst thing.

Frequent Updates: If there are any offers, try to update them. Share new content of upcoming technologies, interesting topics on a frequent note by this people get into conversation and the interaction between you and the audience increases. Currently there is no scheduling updates facility in Google+ but you can use other third parties for this.

Notifications: Google+’s notifications shows you all the mentions of your brand on Google+ may be in content, conversations, new circles or communities invites. You can also keep track to the posts that you paid attention to and got engaged in the conversations.

Don’t Spam: When you create an event and post it, some times users may feel they have been spammed when trying that feature. So try to avoid that kind of features as people can directly post, email and oppose you as a spammer. For such kind of feature surely Google+ will find a way to solve them but till then try to avoid those for your company’s authority and respect.

Social Media Marketing and Blogging

blogging for social media marketing

According to wordpress more than 33 million articles are posted every day alone in wordpress, it is difficult to find the exact count of articles posted on internet per month. Most of the people now read articles for learning new technologies and interestingtopics than in previous days. Here are some of the tips and guidelines that helps you in maintaining a blog.

Content: The content you publish is very important. Choosing a topic to publish is very important, you need to be careful about it . Mostly try and choose the topics which are related to your industry and sometimes you can also take over the topics of upcoming technologies regarding your field, interesting topics which may be useful to your customers of that industry. You can also choose the topics which entertain people, topics which they would be attracted which are not a part of your industry.

Timing: The time when you post the content is very important. You need to estimate and analyze the time when most of the users are active. As when users are active t, the content you post will be read by them and they can express their views and queries on your posts. Time is not very important but it is one the aspects to be considered as you do not want your content to be ignored or lost among many posts.

Engagement: This is again one of the important things to be considered, when you post a content it is read many people and you get many responses, that may be queries, comments and audience thanking for the information if it was useful, Do not ignore those posts try n attend those posts and reply them, if a post is thanking for the information then respond as hope you got the information in a polite manner. This engagement and interaction in the posts helps in growing your community.

Frequency: Once the blog is started try to update your articles frequently. Now a days when I visit some company blogs its very disappointing to see that the recent posts in the blog are posted several months ago and there are no frequent updates, try to put effort in maintaining the blogs by posting articles frequently.

Style: Blogs are the place where you can raise your voice and speak about your brand fearlessly. Try to put your words in such a way that people should be convinced to what you want to say and what people need to understand. Make sure the content you posts regarding your industry should show up the best qualities that exist in your brand, make the people feel that you know, what they actually want and you can provide it to them and give the best service.

YouTube – Optimization Tips:

youtube logo for social media marketing

YouTube has been most widely used site for watching videos and uploading them. You can use this site by uploading your brand’s content and which will commented, liked, subscribed and discussed about your brand videos. This is one of the kind of marketing but some of the points should be considered and they are

Engagement: Now the comments to the videos are directly connected to Google+. As YouTube is prone to spamming comments , try to moderate them. Now when you reply to some comment try to be polite as you are representing your brand and take care that your brand maintains to add value.

Comment: There may be situations where you need to comment on other videos representing your brand, there again you cannot degrade any brand , you are supposed to comment wisely and watch out each and every word you comment. Try to comment in well mannered , proper language and avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

Uploading videos: Uploading videos in YouTube is very easy as it accepts any format. Fill out the details which describe your video and be very careful while choosing keywords as they are very important because that helps in showing your video o people. If possible provide transcripts of your video and information that you add your video gives more chances to people in finding your video.

Subscribing: This is similar to following on twitter, here when someone subscribes you, he can see all your recent updates and feeds on your page. If you favorite a video , it will be shared among all the people who subscribed your page.


In Social Media Marketing sky is the limit, there are many other ways such as forums- post queries, tumbler-post articles, reddit and so which are also helpful in marketing your brand. There are more than 50-60 social networking sites where you can interact with people and different communities of the same industry. Whichever may be the networking site be, try to raise your voice for your brand and try to use it tools for the growth of your company and increase value of your brand.


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