Twitter has become a more and more popular social networking site for a company or organization. Many businesses now use twitter to provide updates and drive more traffic to their website. They create their Twitter acount and start their strategies. But how can you possibly gain traffic from Twitter?

Gain Your Followers

Before you can gain traffic to your site with Twitter, you should gain your followers first. There are following and follower in twitter. Following is when you follow people and then you can see their updates everytime they update the 140 character update box.

Followers are those following you in Twitter and seeing your updates everytime you provide updates with what’s going on with your company or organization. The more followers you get, the more people will see what’s going on with you and when they are curious, they will visit your website.

You can get followers by first inviting your own friends to follow you. Besides, you can follow people first, like those with the same similar nature as your organization or industry, or your friends. When you follow them, they’ll have a look at your profile and if they are interested, they’ll follow you back.

Provide Updates Regularly

This is the next step you should do to drive more traffic to your website with Twitter. In the update box, never forget to provide updates about what you’d like others to know so that your followers or other users visiting your profile.

Provide any updates about anything new in your company or organization. It can be new products, new services, new events, new promotion, or anything. Just ensure that your Twitter account is updated routinely with interesting stuffs because this is how you will attract people to visit your site.

When you have done these two steps properly, I am sure that traffic will flow like water to your website from Twitter. So, do your best and have fun twittering now.


Control Panel is the most important tool in web hosting service. Earlier, I wrote about how H-SPHERE defeats all Control Panels with its complete features. However, I realize that still many users look for CPanel. They say that CPanel is more suitable for them to use. What do they look for in CPanel?

Simpler User Interface (User Friendly)
This is the first that people look for in Cpanel, user friendly interface. People say that Cpanel has very easy to use features that make web hosting service worth its price. You get to use friendly web based interface that is suitable for beginners to professionals. You don’t have to worry about complicated Control Panel. Even that you still begin to learn about web hosting, you can manage your web hosting account without any hassle (hassle-free).

Fantastico Scripts

Fantastico is the other feature that users must want so much when they use CPanel, Fantastico. This feature offers you numerous ready to use scripts that you can install within minutes, with few clicks of your mouse only. The scripts are various – blog, forum, content management, etc. There is no worry for complicated installations. Even, the blindest person in web hosting can install fantastico scripts easily. In H-SPHERE, you will find the scripts in EasyApps, different name but the same feature.

With these two helpful abilities that CPanel offers to web hosting users, who will not look for them. Everybody looks for simplicity, everybody looks for no hassle, and everybody looks for easiness. The only minus that CPanel has might be only that it can only offer UNIX web hosting plans and still not available for Windows. However, being simple and easy to use are still a good offer.


Now Host Department is offering cPanel Control Panel to Linux Shared Hosting Plans at affordable prices starting from $2.95/ per month

As it has been mentioned for so many uncountable times, SEO is something you can’t miss when you have a website. Every website owners must maximize their SEO strategy to succeed in online world. Unfortunately some still do not really care too much about this issue.

Some others put their own efforts to succeed their SEO strategies. And some others are sure that SEO is  too deep and complicated to do by their own. They prefer to either hire their own SEO consultant or use an SEO company service. But what’s the importance of using a third party SEO service?

The Difference when You Use an SEO Service Provider

Using an SEO service provider or SEO company or SEO consultant, they will ensure to keep updated with the latest trends in search engine industry. They will optimize your web pages or your campaign with the right strategies so you won’t lose rankings. This is an everlasting process that has no ending. It is a full time occupation that will always need their focus to work on.

Besides, with an SEO service provider, your site will be submitted wisely. There will be reports on ranking to show you site position in various search engine. If you have bad ranking or even no ranking at all, an SEO company will know how to adjust and resubmit your website. This submission is not just a blind submission. Instead, they will submit manually without automated softwares as many top search engines don’t like automated submission.

Even better, using an SEO service provider, you will have not only detailed ranking reports but also  web site traffic reporting to keep you updated with your website traffic. This helps you to see the traffic you receive and where they come from. It is really important for your website growth and profit measurement.

Additionally, they let you know the whole process during the entire process. This means they will explain the steps to you with the proper understandable terms. They will not only work for you to reach the success of your website SEO but also make you understand on how you get there.

And now, whether to use an SEO company/consultant or not is fully your own decision. You can either use any of them or do it yourself.

I know that most web hosting companies nowadays offer discount and discount, or coupon and coupon for subscribing their web hosting packages. That is a good idea to help clients to get what they need at an even more affordable price.

However, sometimes I am sure you all must question, “Why is it always like that? Is there no other idea for promo to offer to me?”. And to answer your confusion, here I am to inform you that we have a new offer excluding the discount coupons, special for our glorious 4th of July.

Four Different Coupons

Different than before when we just gave you one coupon to use in our hosting plans, we now offer you four different coupons! Yes, four, just as you read. Four coupons with various of discounts up to 40%.

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Is It just All That?

Well, if it is only that, then what is our difference with others? YOU get more from us. When you subscribe any of our shared hosting plans with one year or more than a year subscribtion, you’ll get 10% cashback for the domain registration fee you purchase.

When you buy our hosting plans for at least a year, you’ll get a free domain of your own. After a free domain you get, you can earn hassle free 10% cashback from the 2nd to 5th domain you register with us, directly transferred to your Credit Card or PayPal account.

Even better, it includes six most wanted domain TLDs such as .com, org, us, info, biz, and net. After you have signed up for a hosting account and purchase a domain, just send an e-mail request to within the first 2 weeks of your hosting sign up date and we’ll cashback 10% from your domain registration fee.

Still think we are the same like others? It is now time for you to prove we are not.


Terms of Services, as I keep restating, are very important for you to pay attention to. They are the connection between internet businesses and you when you choose to use their services and  they are also the rules how they are gonna use your information.

Unfortunately, we all know we don’t really bother to read carefully and thoroughly the whole sentences in the Terms of Services, which might put us into difficulty with the service provider in further future. That is why Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) now tries to provide a way to solve the issue.

What is Electronic Frontier Foundation and Its Project?

EFF is an international non-profit advocacy and legal organization in the United States with the  purpose of being dedicated to preserving the right to freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, in the context of digital rights.

But what do they have to do with this TOS stuff? Well, for your information, they now provide you with  a tracker for updates of what’s happening in some organizations or companies’ TOS, either there is a change or not.

TOSBack (Terms of Service Tracker)

What is it? TOSBack is a tracker who keeps an eye on tens of website policies. Whenever there are changes in any of their policies, you will get the update in here so you will know when the time is to check out the policies.

With this new tool, you will not be left behind in getting the updates of TOS of the websites you join. This tracker will help you to know anything new with their TOS. So, get yourselves updated with what you’ve joined!