We are proud to announce that Host Department LLC. Team is working on the most awaited feature for which our thousands of customers have asked us millions of times, Data BackUP’s. We are planning to provide data backups for all the customers and we are delighted to say that we will be the first web hosting company in the world to provide it even to the shared hosting customers.

Backup's from host department

We have thousands of shared hosting customers and they are always worried of the their data. But now you don’t have to worry as we will take daily backups. It would be a great boon in the hosting world as no one will provide back ups and even if they provide they will do it only for dedicated hosting customers or Virtual Private Hosting customers (for a price) but we do provide it for even shared hosting customers for free.

It’s been years asked by our customer to introduce the VPS hosting solutions, but we are in the process of making our existing hosting products more stronger and secure. At last we are ready to introduce you, the most awaiting and exciting product of this year. Yes, we are introducing you our VPS hosting solutions powered with the Virtuozzo and Xen support.

Most of you may aware that VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is nothing but having several virtual servers in one single high powered physical server. The Xen technology divides all the servers resources equally to the virtual servers, we created our plans very affordable, our plans are as much cheap as like shared web hosting. It means you can get VPS server just for a shared hosting price. Still have any doubts ? come and chat with us, or call us at 1866-887-HOST(4678).

We are offering both Windows VPS and Linux VPS plans, and our plans starts from 13.95/Month. After reviewing lots of hosts, we have decided to provide the VPS hosting at very cheap prices, for further details please contact our Live Chat support or Call us at our toll free number (1866-887-HOST(4678)).

A happy news for all our new customers, now you can have a huge discounts on all our major plans ( Except Reseller Hosting ). We are introducing 30% OFF on all web hosting plans for the month of August 2011, this promotion is only applicable for the below plans.

To avail this offer, you have to place a promo code MAX30 while signing up for the above plans, if you want promo codes for other plans please logon to our Live-chat.

Promo Code : MAX30

Host Department has introduced Daily BackUps – a feature for which we have been waiting for years. Many customers, specially shared hosting customers were worried about their data and many of them have asked us millions of times about data back up.

We could not provide it previously as we were working on it and now we have overcome that issue and are in a position to provide Daily Back Ups to all Customers.

Data backup's

We are also taking this oppurtunity to re assure about our security and stability. From now onward
don't worry about your data as it is secured with us and we are also proud to say that we are the
first web hosting company in the world to offer Data Backups for even shared hosting customers.

Search engines are the huge traffic source for your Website,majorly you will get traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing. These all Search engines now following one rule,which is nothing but “Faster Loading Websites are Top on Search index”.Google clearly stated that, it will not going tolerate any slow loading websites.Reason behind this decision is,to give a good website experience to their Search Visitors.So if you really want to increase your Search engines ranking in Google,Yahoo and Bing,you must reduce your Website Load time.

But you have an exception in this, you don’t have to worry about the Website load time when your are in Hostdepartment.com, Because Hostdepartment is having a high perfomance servers and Server Processing time is less than a half second.Don’t you believe it, have a look at this bellow report generated by  Aptimize Website Accelerator which is very famous company for Website Optimization.Here we are taking an example of our clients website  which hosted under No Limit Hosting Plan.This is a Blog which is hosted on WordPress platform,this is a famous blog and having huge number of Visitors everyday.

Please see the complete website load time details screen-shot…..

Hostdepartment Server response and Processing Time

Hostdepartment  Server response and Processing Time

You can see the time under green marking,our Server takes 0.3 seconds to process the entire web page.Now just imagine how fast our servers are,even this website is under Shared Hosting Plan,but still this an example that we never compromise in quality and speed.Apart from Server side,if you want to increase your website load speed follow these bellow instructions.It will definitely improve your rankings in Search engines.

Steps To Increase Website Speed :

  1. Images are very important for Websites,without images website doesn’t look good.But don’t use large file size images,it takes long time to download in a slow internet connection,Use Smushit its a image compression utility provided by Yahoo for free.This will compress your image without disturbing its quality.
  2. Try to use Java-scripts in the Footer Place,exactly bellow to the Body Tag.And also compress your Java-scripts by JavaScripts Compressor.This will decrease the Script execution time.
  3. Try to use Content Delivery Network (CDN),which is used to Parallelize the Downloads across Hostname.Using CDN will increase your website ranking and Load speed.Want to know more about CDN read this Tutorial.
  4. Use external Javascripts,so it will download parallel with the Website from the other network (Just like the CDN).
  5. Compress Style.css or any CSS file using any CSS compressor utility.I recommend this CSS Compressor.This will increase the Design loading time.
  6. Avoid video streaming,always use external video sharing sites like Youtube,Vimeo etc.Use the embed code instead of uploading the

These steps will definitely improve your website Rankings in the Search engines.Additionally if you want to know more about Website Optimization Please see this  Search Engine Optimization Tutorials.