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Search engine is the savior for internet browsers. We use it to find anything we need in the internet – information, pictures, anything you need. If you are a real internet browser, you won’t be able to live without search engine.

And as everybody knows, Google is the king of search engines. When you are looking for something in the internet, people would rather say to you “google it” than “msn it or yahoo it”. However, have you heard that people are questioning if there’s gonna be another search engine to compete Google?

What’s New?

When people are now questioning if there will be a new search engine to compete google, Microsoft is going to update Live Search into Bing. They say it will bring you a better searching experience, including the ability to provide instant answers and a simpler but more colorful interface.

But with those new tools, I guess we all will say, Google has provided us with those. So, what do we actually really need in a perfect and complete search engine?

Perfect and Complete Search Engine

As far as I have experienced and concluded, a great search engine should be:

Complete: this means you can find everything you need here, any information or any picture.

Updated: this means when there are any new information or new websites, they will be indexed quickly.

Quick: this means results are given quickly and fast.

Relevant: this means it gives relevant results based on the keywords we type.

When a search engine is able to do all these, they are perfect for me.

Words and contents are important aspect when you are writing something; articles, website contents, blogs, newsletters, or even legal documents. You don’t just write anything you want without considering the proper words and the right contents to put in.

However, sometimes some writers or people just find the easiest way to get their job done. There have been many cases of “copying and pasting” habit as it seems to be the easiest way to do. Actually, you should not copy and paste others’ work with the exact same words or contents without paraphrasing it or quoting the original source or author. However, the fact shows that copying and pasting articles writing, website contents, or even legal documents has been common phenomena.

There have been many writers copying and pasting others’ articles to be put in their website without stating the original author or source. There are also website content updaters who just copy and paste others’ websites contents into theirs by searching for similar websites with similar natural ideas, and copying any information they need.

How Worse Can Copying and Pasting Habit Lead to?

For you who still think that there are no bad consequences from this common habit, I will say you are definitely wrong. When the original owners of the contents realize what you have done, they will take necessary action to protect their copyright.

As a start, they might report it to the web host you use or the articles submission websites where it is published that you are taking their copyright without any permission. They have full right to do it as it is theirs and you have done copyright infringement to their work. And then,your accounts or your contents or your articles will be removed permanently and you may get banned too.

Additionally, they can even sue you with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) law or other applicable law over what you’ve done. By that time, you’ll have none to blame for your own fault. So, from now on, consider for thousand times first before deciding to copy and paste anything.


When you own a website, you don’t just build and develop it the way you want without some good knowledge, especially when it is not just a personal website. Search Engine Optimization is all you need to have a successful online home.

But wait, there are two SEOs that you need to achieve, on page and off page. Before your website is fully furnished, start with on page SEO. Maybe some of you question what the difference between those SEOs are. Well, here they are.

On Page SEO
On page means that you need to do the SEO on your pages in your websites. How? Optimize your keywords, web contents, designs, title tags, meta tags. After you have decided your what your website is all about, you need to arrange those stuffs properly on your website.

At the main page, it is better to target and put the proper and strong keywords.  Put the proper heading tags from h1 to h7, commonly used in most web pages to emphasize on key points. And on these heading tags, include your key phrases to grab search engines’ attention. You can add some formats to the tags too such as bold or italics, that helps to strengthen the key phrases.

If you use images in your website, make sure that you include img alt tags to include keyword phrases. It is used along with image tag to inform the visitors about the image when the website is used in non-compatible browsers. This is an important tip for on page SEO.

File names and folders used in your website are also crawled by search engine robots. Using keyword rich folder names and file names will greatly help search engines to index your website for those specific keywords. By optimizing on page strategies, it is an efficient start up to succeed your SEO strategies.

Off Page SEO
Off page means that you do all you can to optimize your website outside the web pages element (off page). And this can be done through the right set of strategies as I once wrote in my blog earlier.

Simply, you have to promote your sites in other websites or build your credibility in online world. Try to write good content articles and submit them to articles websites with back links to your own websites. When readers like what you write and feel helped, they will be curious to visit your website.

Also, try to join forum websites suitable to your website. Do some helpful postings and provide the right answers or solutions to people participating there. Publish your signature with backlinks to your sites will gain you traffic to your website and help your SEO off the page.

Additionally, you can include your website to some directory websites or do social bookmarking and social networking as the publicity of your online existence. All of these are simple but effective strategies for off page SEO.

Both on page and off page strategies are very significant in succeeding your SEO. To exist successfully in online world, you must do these two steps. First is on page. Then, you  perfect it with the off page SEO.


No company can survive without marketing. It is one of the most important path to success. Every company spends some budget for their marketing campaign, either small or big amount. However, no matter how small or big your marketing budget is, you need to learn how to optimize every penny of your marketing budget so that it will not be a waste of money.

Apply Low Cost but High Impact Marketing

Try to estimate and calculate properly your marketing budget. Think of how much do you have to spend in advertising when you want to achieve for like 1000 impressions so that people see or hear about you before they buy your product. Implement Low Cost with High Impact Marketing! With exact calculation and estimation, you can reach it.

Target Your Market Segments

Big marketing budget doesn’t always mean it will be successful. Sometimes, more could be less. It is better to emphasize on potential target segments with solutions that your products offer. Don’t extend your marketing campaign when it cannot attract all viewers or readers. It is better with less but more appealing marketing to potential targets. Selling to the right groups is more effective.

Build Collaboration than competition

When you run and just start a small business with limited physical and financial resources, it is better if you build good alliances with other small businesses in the similar industry with the same nature. This helps you gain strong offering power and potentially opens new distribution chances for you. As everybody knows, two working is better than only one working.

Offer Affiliate or Refferal Program (Word-of-mouth marketing)

People tend to believe people we know, who might have tried the product and are satisfied. These people can recommend to others they know about your product. That’s why you should offer affiliate program and invite all to join as word-of-mouth rarely fails.

Offering some amount of commission to refferal who put their effort on advertising your product won’t hurt your profit. Just remember, the more help you get, the more result you get too. Usual affiliate commission nowadays is between 20% to 40% of total sales your affiliates can get for you.

We all know that crisis is now happening all over the world. Due to that fact, being wise in spending our financial resources is necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be stingy. Just be practical and efficient. This is the right time for you to learn how to optimize the budget you have for marketing.


We often hear the term No Follow and Do Follow when it is related to Page Rank increase purposes as there are some websites that allow Do Follow while others do not and choose to remain No Follow. However, what do the terms mean and how do they affect the Page Rank?

Do Follow

Do Follow websites mean that the websites are passing page rank when there are people do some activities in them such as like forum postings or blog comments. So, when you post any to these Do Follow websites with back links to your website, you are able to increase your own website page rank as the websites allow it by removing the No Follow Tags.

As the Do Follow website owners, this will result on you having to pass and share page rank to those who post in your website. There will be no bad effect if those posters do not have bad credibility and are not spammers. However, what if they are? If they are; consequently, your website page rank will decrease as search engines surely do not like spammers.

Furthermore, as the ones who post in the Do Follow websites, it enables you to gain higher page rank by posting to these websites as they are passing page rank when there are links back to your own websites. But it is better that you do not misuse this chance to do spamming activities.

No Follow

No Follow websites mean they have insert No Follow tags in their websites so they do not pass page rank when there are somebody posting anything to their websites with back links. With the No Follow tags activated, there are effects for both the websites owners and the visitors who post.

For the No Follow website owners, they do this so it doesn’t attract spammers or page rank hunters to post there as I believe you will not be attracted to post in No Follow websites when you are in the need to increase page rank. Additionally, by using No Follow tags, they don’t lose their precious Page Rank to others as they can keep it all for them.

For those who post, as it has been mentioned just now, No Follow websites will not help you at all to gain page rank as they are not sharing it. If you are willing to gain page rank, it is better to find Do Follow blogs or forums websites so you are not wasting your time. However, if you are just looking for traffic or having any no intention at all, then you can keep on posting in No Follow websites.

So, what I will ask now is, which one will be your choice and what will be your purposes?