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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the important topics for every blogger to keep in mind. Most bloggers struggle to get more traffic to their blog from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.  WordPress is one of the most powerful open source content management system (CMS) that helps you to create a website or a blog. Many of the blogs now-a-days are created using WordPress because it is easy to update your posts in WordPress site and it is extremely famous, truly capable and adaptable for many bloggers and WordPress plugin community provides many SEO plugins for the WordPress users to fulfill their SEO needs so that you can increase the traffic from the search engines. Below you will find top 10 SEO plugins for WordPress that you can use to make your blog SEO friendly.

1. All in one SEO Pack

all in one seo pack

All in one SEO Pack is one of the most popular and commonly used plugin by the bloggers with more that 14 million downloads. Many SEO professionals use or recommend this plugin because it includes many great features. It helps you to avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blog and even generates meta tags and optimizes titles for search engines automatically. Some of the key features of All in one SEO pack are mentioned below

  • This plugin supports Google Analytics
  • It also supports Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Canonical URLs for your posts
  • Fine tune Page Navigational Links
  • Built-in API so other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality
  • ONLY plugin to provide SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites

2. HeadSpace2 SEO


HeadSpace2 is another WordPress Seo Plugin that controls almost every aspect of your sites meta data including advanced tagging and it also allows you to add Google analytics to WordPress website. With this plugin you can manage all page titles, meta-data, meta-descriptions, keywords and tags at one place. Some of the key features of this plugin are

  • You can configure meta-data for all posts and pages.
  • You can define tags, with suggested keywords
  • It also allows you to add Google section targeting
  • You can also Configure first-time visitor messages
  • You can Follow on archive, category, page, tag, and comment links
  • You can also define additional CSS and JavaScript files

3. Google XML Sitemaps

google XML sitemap

This plugin will help you to generate an XML sitemap that will help the search engines like (google,Bing.Yahoo,Ask) to make better index of your blog.When you have a structured sitemap,  search engines will find much easier to crawl and retrieve it more efficiently.The best part of this plugin is when you create a new blog post it will automatically notify to all the major search engines.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress seo by yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is extremely easy to use SEO plugin so that new bloggers can easily understand. This plugin includes with snippet preview and page analysis functionality  which helps you to optimize your pages,images and meta tags. It helps you create better titles and even you can block duplicate pages from search bots. This plugin will also help you to create fully customize breadcrumbs so that users can navigate from one page to another page easily.

5. SEO Friendly Images

seo friendly images

This plugin will help you to add alt and titles attributes to images automatically so that you can improve images search traffic for your blog. With this SEO friendly images plugin it will automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes. ALT attribute will tell search engines about the image description  and TITLE attribute is a tooltip text displayed when the mouse is over the image

6. Automatic SEO links


With this Automatic SEO Links plugin it will automatically link to this plugin and will replace all matches in the posts of your weblog.It also allows you to set the title, target and rel for each link.This plugin also changes the words in plain text, if it finds a word in a link, title, header.

7. 404 SEO plugin


This plugin will replace Page Not Found(404) error with suggestions of the related links on your site with the help of  the words in the URL.With this plugin you can have full control on dead links and redirects .

8.Nofollow Case by Case

nofollow by case by case

Nofollow case by case allows you to where to add or remove nofollow attributes for the comment links. It also helps you to open the comment links in a new window.In case if you are not configured it automatically puts nofollow attributes from all your comment links and comment author links.

9.SEO Rank Reporter

seo rank report

This SEO Rank Reporter plugin will track google ranking based on your keywords that you enter and displays user friendly graph so that you can understand easily and make necessary changes to improve traffic. Below you can find main features of this plugin.

  • Add keywords to the reporter and let the reporter track your website’s (or other websites’) ranking changes.
  • View a historical graph of rankings.
  • Visually compare how your website is ranking compared to competitors.
  • Watch how traffic fluctuates based on ranking changes.

10.SEO Ultimate

seo ultimate

SEO Ultimate is an all in one plugin where you can manage all your title tags, nofollow, meta tags, Open Graph, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors etc. In this plugin all the modules are managed individually so that you can disable the module which you don’t want.The main features of this plugin are

  • Title Tag Rewriter
  • Meta Description Editor
  • Deeplink Juggernaut
  • Open Graph Integrator
  • Author Highlighter

There are many other plugins in WordPress which can be used for SEO purpose. We have shared only top 10 SEO plugins. If you want to know more about WordPress Plugins or any particular one, please contact me by commenting on this blog post. If you find this informative, consider sharing with others.

Note: The above images are copyrighted to the owners of the respective plugins developers.

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Guest Blogging is the most effective way to increase your site’s traffic, popular way to link building and to reach new audience.  Many online businesses try various methods like Adwords campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, etc but the most easiest and result oriented way by which popularity can be gained and can do wonders for SEO (i.e. Guest Blogging) is often ignored, even if people post guest blogs then they don’t follow the proper strategy, most people often commit mistakes here like choosing site with low traffic, selecting/posting in irrelevant sites and posting low quality posts.

Does Guest Blogging Works?

Most people (due to lack of knowledge) thinks that guest blogging is just a waste of time and it doesn’t benefit them. If you are one of them then you are going in a wrong direction and missing something great in the blogging field. Most bloggers submit their best posts to guest blogs instead of posting this on their own blog, I know its surprising, but its true.

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

Increases Traffic: 

Guest Blogging brings new visitors to your site. It is not a back linking tactics which anyone can do easily instead it requires very hard work and if your post is submitted in a reputed blog then

increases traffic

you can get around 500 – 1000 visitors by just a single post. By guest blogging, your site will get more targeted traffic when compared to organic or social media traffic. My average bounce rate for organic traffic  was 71% with the average time spend of 20 seconds where as average bounce rate for the visitors coming through guest posts is 19% and the average time spent on my blog is 5 minutes.

More Email/Newsletter Subscribers:


If users like your post then definitely they would like to read all your posts. Therefore, guest blogging not only brings traffic but it also increases your newsletter subscribers.

Good Relationship with Other Bloggers:

maintain relationship with fellow bloggers

It is very crucial for the people in the blogging field to maintain good relationship with the fellow bloggers in order to get benefited. It increases your chances to get good referrals and besides potential sales, you may come across several bloggers, industry experts, etc. This will also increase your future guest posting opportunities. If you build relationship with bloggers then you will get lots of support from them, you will find a reason to motivate yourself, they will share interested information related to your niche and they will try to solve your website’s problems.

It Improves Writing Skills:

You might be thinking why should I write  “guest posts” to improve my writing skills though I can improve by writing on my own blog. Research says that many famous bloggers have improved their writing skills by posting guest blogs. The reason is you take your own blog for granted and post as you write but when it comes to guest posts you immediately start paying

improves writing skills

attention towards your writing and will proof read your content because it doesn’t matter how informative your post is or how much expert you are in a particular field if the visitors cannot understand your posts. Therefore, you will start proof reading your content before posting which will be benefited to you in long term.

Social Media Popularity:

You have to be famous among Social Media users, but how? To be popular on social media sites your posts must get large numbers of Facebook likes, twitter followers, Google plus likes, etc. If visitors on guest blogs like your posts then surely they will share your posts which will pull up your reach and surely your site will get popular on social media too.

Steps for Effective Guest Blogging

Get Ready before you start:

To get best results out of guest posts one must take certain points into consideration because if a guest post is accepted in a reputed blog then surely traffic boosts up but to convert those new visitors into regular readers we have to concentrate on some basic protocols which is necessary in order to convert your new visitors to regular ones.  New users will notice design before they look into text and if they find it poor and disorganized then they will directly leave your site without reading the content. Therefore, design is important and apart from design work on tag lines, header and  make best usage of colors.

Write in Relevant Blogs:

Always try to write in blogs of your niche like if you deal in web hosting then you have to find recognized blogs under this topic like you can write for hosting, seo, online marketing,etc.  Once a blog is selected write quality content and always remember that you are an authorized blogger and your post should be problem solving. It will rise the opportunity to get your post accepted and once it is published you will surely get targeted traffic to your blog.

Research about Guest Blogging Site:

Analyze guest blogging site on various factors like:

Active Visitors: Selecting a site with good active member count will help you to get more social recognition through shares on social networking sites and referrals.

research your host

Page Rank: Choose a site with a high page rank because Google rates page rank between 0 to 10 where 10 is highest page rank.

Alexa Rank: It is calculated based on website’s performance in the last 3 months. They calculate rankings based on estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of pageviews on the site.

Get Familiar:

Blog owners get plenty of requests from bloggers to write guest post, they cannot allow everyone to write a post, you can maintain good relationship with them and get your posts accepted. To get noticed, comment on their articles, like their quality posts, raise questions if you have, reply to the comments, give suggestions,etc. If you do so, admin will notice you and accept your guest blog posts whenever you want to write a post.

Make your offer interesting:

If you are interested to write in a particular blog, then you must include the following details in your request to get accepted as a guest blogger.

  • Why have you chosen that particular blog?
  • Who are you and your blogging experience?
  • What topic are you going to post?
  • How will it be benefited to the users?

If you answer the above questions then blog owner will get convinced and give you an opportunity to post in his/her blog.

Don’t be Impatient:

Owners/admins of renowned blogs take time to respond. Just few comments and social media shares are not going to work in all scenarios. If the admin don’t reply your first mail then politely remind him after few days, but don’t lose your patience as it takes few weeks to reply.

Write According to the Blog:

Try to get as much knowledge as you can about the blog you are writing for in order to write an adequate post and also to get your post accepted. Following are the few things that should be kept in mind before writing guest blog post.

Research: You should have complete knowledge about the topic you are writing, try to give something extra to grab readers attention towards you.

Slow and Steady wins the Race: Always remember that you are not just writing a guest post instead your article will reflect your personality and business. Take your own time to write, cover all important points and consolidate what you write.

Manage Word Count: Every blog follow their rules for word count, to write adequate post for a particular blog research about that blog and check what is the usual word count and write similar size posts.

Check Your Post: It doesn’t matter how many posts you have posted, always proof-read your post before submitting. Readers don’t like posts with spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes or if it is unstructured. Give more stress on proof reading because your post might got rejected even after giving useful info if it is messy.

Share Useful information: Users visit blogs to find out solution to their problems, they don’t want their time to be wasted, always write solutions pertaining to the issues and share useful and interesting stuff.

Never Focus Too Much on Self – Promotion:

Few new bies  try to make much out of their guest posts and due to this they concentrate on self promotion rather than providing quality content. It might lead to rejection of your posts, focus on quality of the content your submit to other’s blog, you need not worry about traffic because if your post is accepted then you will get targeted traffic from the link posted.

Your Job is Not Yet Over:

If your first guest post is accepted then it doesn’t mean that you have done your job instead your work has just started, you have to get involved into several other things to get succeeded into blogsphere. Make sure you follow the below points:

Share Your Guest Post:

If your post is published then do share it on your social profiles and your blog. This will bring instant traffic to your guest post and its the best way to impress blog owner and also to get a chance to publish more posts on his blog.

Be Interactive:


Your active contribution in comment section is must, always be ready to answer questions by the reader, give explanation if someone criticizes or disagree to some of your points and reply to the suggestions. If you do follow this then you will get fame in no time, it will also drag traffic to your own blog and if you interact and provide answer to the questions of the readers then you will be recognized as expert blogger of your niche.

Be Ready with more posts:

After successful submission of guest post, be ready with more posts for submitting in guest blogs as well as on your own blogs because if readers come to your blog then they should find enough posts on your blog which drags them to your blog regularly, if you don’t have sufficient content then you might lose visitors. When traffic increases post regularly on your blog and make your blog more interactive. If users find something new and informative regularly then they will definitely visit your site.

This is all about “Best Way to do Effective Guest Blogging”, please do drop your comments, questions and suggestions in the below section. If you like this post, please consider sharing it with others.

Talking about the use of No Follow tag in your site, that is actually one of PageRank sculpting strategies, which is an effort to try changing on how the page rank flow within a website with various methods – one of which is adding No Follow tag.

Unfortunately, even though you add no follow tag to the links, sometimes it is still not effective and it can still leak page rank. And this means you should do PageRank Sculpting properly, more than just adding No Follow tag.

More about Page Rank Sculpting

Maybe some of you are still confused on how PageRank Sculpting works, I was too. Let’s have a look on how it goes. For example, your website page rank in Google is 6.

If later this website links to 3 other pages inside the website, it will share equal amounts of its PageRank to the destinations pages or links. So, each page will get 2 of its 6 PageRank points. However, if you do PageRank sculpting with No Follow tags, the result will be different.

PageRank Sculpting uses nofollow tags on the links to control where the PageRank value flows within a site. So if two of the links above had nofollow tags added, then the other page would get bigger points than when it was shared for three links.

With this strategy, you can manage the PageRank of your certain web pages in your website by controlling the PageRank flow.

This PageRank Sculpting idea will enable you to decide on what to do with your Page Rank wisely.

For more info on Page Rank Sculpting, visit here


Twitter has become a more and more popular social networking site for a company or organization. Many businesses now use twitter to provide updates and drive more traffic to their website. They create their Twitter acount and start their strategies. But how can you possibly gain traffic from Twitter?

Gain Your Followers

Before you can gain traffic to your site with Twitter, you should gain your followers first. There are following and follower in twitter. Following is when you follow people and then you can see their updates everytime they update the 140 character update box.

Followers are those following you in Twitter and seeing your updates everytime you provide updates with what’s going on with your company or organization. The more followers you get, the more people will see what’s going on with you and when they are curious, they will visit your website.

You can get followers by first inviting your own friends to follow you. Besides, you can follow people first, like those with the same similar nature as your organization or industry, or your friends. When you follow them, they’ll have a look at your profile and if they are interested, they’ll follow you back.

Provide Updates Regularly

This is the next step you should do to drive more traffic to your website with Twitter. In the update box, never forget to provide updates about what you’d like others to know so that your followers or other users visiting your profile.

Provide any updates about anything new in your company or organization. It can be new products, new services, new events, new promotion, or anything. Just ensure that your Twitter account is updated routinely with interesting stuffs because this is how you will attract people to visit your site.

When you have done these two steps properly, I am sure that traffic will flow like water to your website from Twitter. So, do your best and have fun twittering now.


As it has been mentioned for so many uncountable times, SEO is something you can’t miss when you have a website. Every website owners must maximize their SEO strategy to succeed in online world. Unfortunately some still do not really care too much about this issue.

Some others put their own efforts to succeed their SEO strategies. And some others are sure that SEO is  too deep and complicated to do by their own. They prefer to either hire their own SEO consultant or use an SEO company service. But what’s the importance of using a third party SEO service?

The Difference when You Use an SEO Service Provider

Using an SEO service provider or SEO company or SEO consultant, they will ensure to keep updated with the latest trends in search engine industry. They will optimize your web pages or your campaign with the right strategies so you won’t lose rankings. This is an everlasting process that has no ending. It is a full time occupation that will always need their focus to work on.

Besides, with an SEO service provider, your site will be submitted wisely. There will be reports on ranking to show you site position in various search engine. If you have bad ranking or even no ranking at all, an SEO company will know how to adjust and resubmit your website. This submission is not just a blind submission. Instead, they will submit manually without automated softwares as many top search engines don’t like automated submission.

Even better, using an SEO service provider, you will have not only detailed ranking reports but also  web site traffic reporting to keep you updated with your website traffic. This helps you to see the traffic you receive and where they come from. It is really important for your website growth and profit measurement.

Additionally, they let you know the whole process during the entire process. This means they will explain the steps to you with the proper understandable terms. They will not only work for you to reach the success of your website SEO but also make you understand on how you get there.

And now, whether to use an SEO company/consultant or not is fully your own decision. You can either use any of them or do it yourself.