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Deciding to expand your business online, you will need to choose the right set of tools. A merchant gateway, solid hosting account, and most of all, an easy to use shopping cart that can handle the massive load without any problems will be significant.

Having existed for almost 8 years, Oscommerce is excellent for online business with its experience plus benefits. Started in March 2000, OsCommerce has a large number of features that can make online business grow well. It has served more than 100,000 members and 12,000 shops, showing that it’s the most powerful, popular, and best known shopping cart.

Why Do You Need OsCommerce?

Numerous payment gateways to choose. It provides not only offline payments like credit cards, checks, money orders (and many more), but also online payments like paypal, ipayment, 2CheckOut, etc. These payment gateways will surely make you not left behind in your online business and customers may choose you more than others since you provide them with many payment gateways they can choose and feel comfortable with.

Not only that, you can use any operating system. No need to bother about whatever operating system you are using since OsCommerce can get along with any operating system whether it is Windows, Linux, or even Macs; very compatible and friendly. This will make things easier for you and your customers. So, why do you reconsider selecting the best shopping cart for your online business?

Sick of complicated steps, you just need very easy and simple set up and installation with OsCommerce. You will find that Oscommerce installation process relieving. Enabling one click installation you can do through cpanel feature and also automatic web browser based installation plus upgrade procedure has made Oscommerce simple and easy to use.

Not convinced yet? Oscommerce also contains some rich features for improving online business. It provides many features that enable you to add unlimited products to your website, provide customizable product catalogues to facilitate you in editing your online store at anytime, let you know if any customer visiting your website, and give you the detail information about orders and shipping.

What’s the Big Deal?

Knowing that online business and shopping cart are inseparable, a beneficial shopping cart like Oscommerce will be a great major influence upon your success and you can attract more customers plus spending your money less. Making it more special, Oscommerce also includes customer/frontend functionality and tax functionality, showing that it’s easier, simpler, and richer.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

It’s been a while since there’s any updates here. I wouldn’t want you to think that Host Department is losing our touches with you and ourselves.

First of all, thank you for your confidence and support. So many of you have written in, giving feedbacks on what we can and should do to further improve our service. We know that to have reliable support in times when you needed it the most can be critical and nothing is really worth their weight in gold compared to quality customer service.

Two months is indeed a short time in terms of improving that synergy. Even successful football teams takes years to build upon their reputation. Yet today, we can stand proud to say that, “Host Department provides passionate, positive, proactive, understanding and focused support.”

Secondly, our Chairman, Jimmy R Tanzil, will be delegating this blog to me to continue from now onwards.

Upon saying that, I am sure you will wonder where’s Jimmy? I like to reassure you that he is still around, except that he’s going to be focusing on other issues. With his current schedule, he’s having lesser and lesser time to blog. And having a blog without any updates will not serve the purpose of having it, isn’t it? You will still be able to catch him for questions if you like.

I like to make this blog into an all-purpose blog. Not just a place where you get to interact with us, but also enable you to get updates regarding what’s happening here in Host Department.

– Bun Sentoso

Customer Support: It’s been a while since I post my last entry. There has been quite a significant improvement in our service levels now, I can proudly say that. From hundreds of tickets queues a day, we are down to below 30 ticket queues a day now. Two thumbs up for our management team! The same thing with Live Chat service, the waiting time and service level has improved significantly.

I’d like to say thanks for all the customers who had been giving us feedback and encouragement on our improvement. Your positive feedbacks really lift up the spirits of our entire team! Thanks!

I found out about one interesting online service in the last couple of weeks. It’s called Prosper. I have to say, it’s a brilliant idea. Through prosper, people can get loans from other ordinary people. So rather than having your loan from banks or other financial institution, you can present your case to actual people.

I believe every person has a divine gift, given enough chance, encouragement, and faith, I truly believe every person has a very good potential to become successful. Through prosper, other people can invest on other people’s dreams, make them come true. We would like to be a part of that as well.

Host Department is the only web host that is actually helping its customer to actually realize their dreams, through Prosper. We just launch the program a few weeks now, and one customer is going to get his $22,000 USD worth of loan to expand his tanning salon business. Which is great and I believe he would become successful.

You can see the listing this gentleman has at and it’s almost fully funded!

The advantage of getting the loan through Host Department group is that we will be endorsing our customers to earn a bit more of credibility, plus we would love to invest into our own customer’s dreams and passions! Yes, when our customers are listing their loan request at Prosper, we will probably the first people who would put our money down on the loan.

I truly think the idea is a great idea, I myself will be regularly checking our prosper group listing to endorse and invest into our customers dreams.

Back to hosting, we are in the process of consolidating our data center into one facility and network provider; this will ensure faster recovery operations and overall service speed. Additionally we will be enforcing our network security by upgrading our firewall and network security appliances to the latest technology available to date.

Stay tune for further update and God bless!

Jimmy R Tanzil

I came from a technical background, was a programmer, then become interested in unix operating systems, before I know it I have started my own small web hosting company. As time passed by, I learned that my “hobby” alone is far from sufficient to provide “services” to “customers”. Then I started to setup a small office, hired some of my own friends from college and co-workers when I was a programmer to help me in customer service and support. It worked pretty well, we were able to service our little customer base.

As time pass by, even that is not sufficient. Things gets much more serious, it’s more than a hobby and “fun” now, it’s business, and people’s businesses is also “on the line”, they count on our services to provide really good “corporate” services. Then I started to assemble our team of “management” which over the years has evolved quite significantly. I did not immediately hired some “top notch hot shots management people”, but it started from people I know, people of “good integrity”, who are my friends. We “were” all lack of experience in management, but the way it came out now, they are all became a really good high quality managers and leaders. Just amazing.

Working with “people” if I might say is 100 times harder than working with “machines”. That goes internally – working with our own team, and externally – working with customers. You can not “predict” people; they’re just “people” – created in the image of God – Himself. Oops I’m starting to get deep now haha. Back to the topic. So, when it comes to working with people it takes a lot of factor if you want to us together to “flourish”. We have to be able to “get to them”. So we can “click”. What are their concerns, what things they value most, and so many factor. When we can really relate to them, understand how they are feeling and simply be able to put our self in their shoes, and then people will be able to appreciate you and actually be able to work together with a team. It’s a very complex and delicate situation when we are in the people’s business or in other words customer service business. We have to be able to work both internally with our entire team, and externally with the customers it self.

We have already started to implement so many things to improve our customer service level. As I said above, it is not easy, because what I want is “excellence”, not just average. We have begun compiling classes or courses for our entire team to enroll; it’s like back in college. Our team is required to enroll every class available and have to pass the various exams which we compile ourselves. Starting from the basic subjects such as how to interact with various customers attitudes to how to solve or troubleshoot complex server issues. The very main point is, whatever the customer issues are, our staff has to be able to “know in their head”, what they have to do to fix the issue. Even if the operator does not have access to fix it on the spot, but at least he/she knows who exactly can fix it on the spot. So there will be only one time escalation within the team, and when it got escalated, it will get escalated to the right person, and that person has to be able to fix the issue right on the spot.

That’s just one factor, we have so many other things going on, which I can not lay it out here, it’ll become a book if I do Okay, it is an on-going effort, but I can assure you Host Department is not all about “machines”, we are all about people now. Behind the name Host Department are so many people which over the period of time – which I hope by this year, we will be a people of integrity and totally professional. What I simply want to achieve is whenever “we” say something, you can count on it that we will deliver.

This will be implemented into the hearts of our entire team – “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes,’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one” – Matthew 5:37. When our staff say “yes” but it is not being done, our customers have the right to report this directly to his/her supervisor (you will have access to this), and immediately this staff will get a formal written warning. If he/she gets three warnings, the fourth one will be a letter of termination from our management. That’s how serious we are in implementing and improving our customer service. Without you our customers, we simply do not exist.

When we have achieved total satisfaction in our customer service deliverance, and can put a big smile to it, we are going to the next level. That is to provide even more superb customer service levels for customers who needs it, business critical customers. We will provide an option for business critical customers to “purchase” a new level of customer support. With this support level, customers will not be in a queue when they are chatting, submitting tickets, or calling. They will be put on a special line so their queue time will not exceed more than 1 minute. But the down side is they have to buy this kind of service level, because we can not simply provide this kind of service level to our entire customer base with the price we have now. The price for the support is not determined yet, but it “may” even exceed the price of the hosting plan itself. But we’re still calculating what the reasonable price is.

Exciting news for our resellers, we will be opening a system where our entire team will be able to service our reseller’s end customers directly. Reseller’s customers will not know that they are being serviced by us, they will see that they are being serviced by the reseller company. It will be totally branded by the reseller’s company. Now of course, this won’t be suitable for all resellers. If you are a reseller and only have 2 customers at the moment, it does not even make sense to purchase this, yes resellers have to purchase the “support”. It will be a “flat per month rate – per customer”. We are thinking of $1/Month per number of account resellers have under their account. So, for example if a reseller has 50 accounts, and they want to opt in to this system, where we totally support their end customers, this reseller will get another billing of $50/Month – that is $1/Month for each account under the main reseller. These way bigger resellers can focus on marketing their business and growth, while we focus on providing support to their end customers.

Of course we can launch the two type of paid support when we are 1000% confident that we won’t be overwhelmed and we can surely deliver them. If we have even 1% of hesitation, I will not launch it just yet.

In the long run – now this is exciting! When we get the hang of it, my “dream” which I hopefully accomplish not so long from now, that we will support multiple languages to our customer service support line. So, non English speaker can feel comfortable in contacting us, knowing that we will work with them in their native language!

That’s the update for now – thanks for dropping by!

-Jimmy R Tanzil

There is no other way to express it, we are simply growing too fast. I have decided to pull out most of our aggressive marketing campaigns. The core value I set for this company is purely “customer satisfaction“. Growing fast is good, everybody wants growth, but one must also be prepared for it, right? Our growth in this past several months are so overwhelming that our recruitment and training for new hires/staff can not keep up with the growth. Customer queues are getting longer, service level are not as I expected anymore, it’s not actually a good sight. So the decision has been made. I am pulling the plug on all the funds we spend for aggressive marketing until we can get enough manpower to sustain and deliver excellent customer service back on the line. That being said, I would like to also apologize to our customers if you recently received a service level that is below your expectation. Hopefully by pulling the plug on aggressive marketing, our team will not be too overwhelmed by having to service both new and existing customers, because servicing new customers takes much more time than existing ones, simply because they don’t know their way around yet. I hope to restore excellent level of service very soon as I expect a huge drop on new customers coming in starting today. We are preparing many new staff to handle both existing and new customers in the future, please bare with these new guys if they somehow takes longer to service you than our senior staffs. Thanks again for choosing Host Department! I’ll make sure we all do our best to always have your favor upon our services. Have a blessed day! -Jimmy R Tanzil