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We have launched our affiliate program which enables you to earn by sharing our products on your website, your social networking pages, etc. Get a massive flat 30% commission on each sale. This is actually a relaunch, our earlier version of the affiliate system is buggy and couldn’t able to track the conversions properly.

At that time we have retired that system and now we are introducing a lot  more better and sophisticated affiliate system with accurate conversion tracking and this time we increased our commission rates as well from 25% to 30%. We request all the old affiliate users to delete your old affiliate tracking code and get your new code after login in to the affiliate system. There is another great news for the webmasters as now all our affiliate links are absolutely search engine friendly URLs. Yes, that is true, new URLs will look like /12451.html etc.Web Hosting Affiliate Program

The affiliate who has pending commissions in their accounts, please read this carefully.

After verifying all the earlier pending commissions we found that all of those pending commissions are fake and never exists. So we have cleaned and cancelled those pending commissions and launched our new powerful affiliate system after a thorough verification and tests.

Top 10 Benefits with our Affiliate Program:

  • Highest Paid Commissions in the Industry.
  • Not Limited to Billing Periods (HOT and HOT)
  • 100% Pure SEO Friendly URLs (Awesome).
  • High Sale amount means higher Payout Commissions.
  • Highest Conversions possibility with stunning features.
  • Best Web Hosting products in terms of features and Price.
  • Payouts Through Paypal (Simple, Reliable)
  • Real-time statistics.
  • IP & cookie-based tracking (Most Effective).
  • Easy-to-Use control panel

3 Easy Steps to Start Earnings:

  1. Signup our affiliate program.
  2. Select your banner and get the HTML code.
  3. Place the banner code in your website and start earning.

So what are you waiting for?, come and join our affiliate program and start your earning immediately.

As you are aware that we have conducted a “free domain giveaway contest” last month, in this contest all the customers had to visit contest page and share our page following the instructions. The contest had run for a period of 22 days and the winner has been selected through a random draw by the select based on several criteria and we have announced winner and issued him free domain.

We have also conducted several contests successfully before this “free domain giveaway contest” and have got great response from customers and visitors. We will conduct several other contests in the coming month.

Stay tuned with us on this link to participate in the upcoming contests and win lots of prizes.

We have introduced SSL Certificates to secure your site and to let your customers know that your site is secure and transactions are safe. The reason customers prefer SSL certified websites is there are many security threats which can result in data loss,previously users were unaware of those issues but now visitors are aware of those threats and demand for a secure site. Therefore, SSL certificate is a best way to show your site is secure.

We are offering Comodo SSL Certificates, Geotrust SSL Certificates, Verisign SSL Certificates, Thawte SSL Certificates at very affordable price.

Key Features:

  • 99.3% browser compatibility
  • Upto 256 bit encrytion
  • Free Site Seal which can be kept anywhere on the site
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Upto $1,500,000 Warranty

Do you think having SSL will increase your visitors trust factor?, let us know in the comments section below.

We have modified our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans based on requests from many customers and our new plans offers more features and apart from this we are offering “Free Plesk Panel” for life.

Our new VPS plans (both windows and linux) are fully featured and you will get more bandwidth, diskspace and RAM when compared to previous plans.

VPS Plans offered by us are most affordable and cheapest on the planet which starts at just $19.95/month

Top Features of VPS Hosting:

  • Affordable Price
  • Host Multiple Sites
  • Excellent Support
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Environment
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Full Root Access for Linux VPS Hosting Customer
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • 24×7 Technical Support

We are pleased to announce changes in our domain names pricing. Due to recent upgradation in domain management services, We have revised our domain name prices to much reliable and best savings. Please find below new pricing and savings to all TLD’s.

Pricing for Registration and Renewals
TLDs Pricing for (.com,.net,.org,.info,.us,,.biz, .co .asia,.me .mobi .in .it .name .ca, .bz, .cc, .ws .tv .nu .gs .pro
1 Year $12.60 $35.00 $27.93 $24.50 $23.80 $41.93 $16.10 $19.53 $34.93 $41.93 N/A $77.00 $27.93
2 Year $25.20 $70.00 $55.86 $49.00 $47.60 N/A $32.20 $39.06 $69.86 $83.86 $153.72 N/A $55.86
3 Year $37.80 $105.00 $83.79 $73.50 $71.40 N/A $48.30 $58.59 $104.79 $125.79 $230.58 N/A $83.79
4 Year $50.40 $140.00 $111.72 $98.00 $95.20 N/A $64.40 $78.12 $139.72 $167.72 $307.44 N/A $111.72
5 Year $60.75 $168.75 $134.66 $118.13 $114.75 N/A $77.63 $94.16 $168.41 $202.16 $370.58 N/A $134.66
6 Year $67.50 N/A $149.63 $131.25 $127.50 N/A $86.25 $104.63 $187.13 $224.63 $411.75 N/A $149.63
7 Year $78.75 N/A $174.56 $153.13 $148.75 N/A $100.63 $122.06 $218.31 $262.06 $480.38 N/A $174.56
8 Year $90.00 N/A $199.50 $175.00 $170.00 N/A $115.00 $139.50 $249.50 $299.50 $549.00 N/A $199.50
9 Year $101.25 N/A $224.44 $196.88 $191.25 N/A $129.38 $156.94 $280.69 $336.94 $617.63 N/A $224.44
10 Year $112.50 N/A $249.38 $218.75 $212.50 N/A $143.75 $174.38 $311.88 $374.38 $686.25 N/A $249.38
For (.com,.net,.org,.info,.us,,.biz, domains transfer fee will be $10. For the rest of the domain it will be as usual
Note: New pricing is applicable for all accounts including reseller customers. New tarrif will be effective from March 25,2013.